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Drag Race Uk Season 4’s Pixie Polite Opens Up About Her Breakup With Tia Kofi!

Pixie Polite sadly opened up on the newest episode of RuPaul‘s Drag Race the UK about her prior relationship with Tia Kofi, saying she’s gone through some really dark moments

Tia Kofi finished seventh in the second season of Drag Race UK on BBC Three. Lawrence Chaney was crowned the winner.

Pixie confessed on tonight’s third season 4 show that she and Tia used to be together but broke up.

Pixie told Danny Beard in the Werk Room that she misses Tia after breaking up a year ago.

The Brighton woman, 29, revealed in a VT that she dated Tia for a number of years, but that she hasn’t yet “processed” their breakup.

“I used to be in a relationship with Tia Kofi from season two; we dated for nearly five years. We are no longer together as a result of mistakes I made, and I still have a lot to process from it,’ she said.

Pixie said, “It went from living together, working together, having the same friends… to go from that to being separated was really, really difficult.” She then opened out more to Danny. This year, I’ve experienced some extremely dark moments.

Pixie was getting ready for the runway that she and Danny would participate in the paired-up fashion challenge when she started getting emotional as she was putting on her makeup.

Danny comforted Pixie after she revealed details about their lover and broke down in tears at their support.

In the VT, Pixie continued by saying that even though her relationship with Tia ended, they remain close.

She remarked with tears in her eyes, “I and Tia are still extremely close, and it’s hard being here, knowing, after all, we’ve been through, that she is truly at home being my biggest supporter.”


I put a lot of pressure on myself to uphold her reputation.

Prior to declaring in their own VT that they think their other contender “has to let go,” Danny encouraged Pixie by reminding her that “this is your opportunity to shine.”

“I’m aware that she is a stunning drag queen both inside and out. She needs to understand her value, Danny continued.

Next Thursday at 9 p.m. on BBC Three and BBC iPlayer, RuPaul’s Drag Race will return.

Drag Race Uk Star Ella Vaday Describes Rupaul’s True Nature on Set!

Ella Vaday, the queen of RuPaul’s Drag Race UK, has revealed what it’s truly like to work with RuPaul on set.

The Drag Race UK star told Digital Spy at the National Television Awards that meeting RuPaul in person was first intimidating.

Ella, who had admired RuPaul on television for years before to her appearance on the programme, described their first meeting as “frightening.”
The only reason he’s frightening at first is that you’ve seen him on television for years, but then it’s as if he’s actually there.

Drag Race Uk Season 4' (3)

Despite their initial terrifying encounter, the Drag Race UK star reported that Ru was “really supportive” and “kind” in person.

Ella explained, “He’s not a scary person, he’s very polite to me, but it was extremely supportive, and there’s a lot you don’t see where he’s incredibly supportive.” Therefore, he is wonderful. Incredible.

The series 3 runner-up described how viewing season 4 is an entirely different experience now that she has participated in the show and seen behind the scenes.

“It’s very bizarre to watch it now, a year later, after having gone through that entire experience,” she added. “Obviously, you can’t watch the show the same way you used to because you’ve been there and done that.

“I’m really incredibly supportive of all the queens who are participating, and they’re all so different from the queens of season 3,” she added.

Ella advised aspiring drag queens that they should not perform for fame, but rather because they enjoy it: “My advice on doing drag is to do it for yourself and not for Drag Race.”

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