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Dead End: Paranormal Park Season 2 Release Date, Trailer, Cast and Plot!

Dead End: Netflix is currently offering the second season of Paranormal Park. In this much-awaited series, two adolescents named Barney and Norma battle demons, zombies, and their crushes while working as security guards in a haunted theme park.

Due to its captivating plot lines and LGBTQ+ representation, Dead End: Paranormal Park, the film adaptation of Hamish Steele’s graphic novel DeadEndia, has established itself as a fan favorite.

What can we thus anticipate from season 2? Here is all the information you require regarding how to view the Netflix animated series.

When Will Dead End: Paranormal Park Be Available on Netflix?

Dead End: Season 2 of Paranormal Park is now available on Netflix as of October 13.

What is Dead End: Paranormal Park’s Storyline?

Dead End: Paranormal Park, which is based on Steele’s comic novel DeadEndia and stars art director Dommi Fox, tells the story of transgender kid Barney, who accepts a job at a haunted amusement park and finds himself fighting demons alongside their companion Norma and pet pug Pugsley.

Dead End Paranormal Park Season 2 (1)

The following is a summary of Netflix’s Dead End: Paranormal Park: Two teenagers, a talking pug, and a haunted theme park battle demons together, perhaps saving the world from a horrific Armageddon.

What Will Be Covered in Season 2?

Barney, Norma, and Pugsley, three of our favorite characters from Season 1, will all return for the start of Season 2. Steele discussed the forthcoming season’s expectations in an interview with Gaming Magazine.
As the official Demon Clean-Up Crew for Phoenix Park, Barney, Norma, Pugsley, and Courtney resume their exploits in Season 2, according to Steele. But when they encounter the enigmatic Angels, the gang will discover that demons aren’t the only thing waiting beyond Dead End’s elevator.

Dead End Paranormal Park Season 2

They will battle both old and new foes, like fire-breathing wrestlers, wicked twins, and Pauline Phoenix’s retaliation, over the course of 10 all-new episodes. More turns, more sobs, more love, and more humor… Moreover, not everyone might survive this time.

While speaking with the Hollywood Reporter, he also provided some background on Barney’s tale. I definitely think of season one as Barney’s tale, where Norma’s kind of creeps up on you and then oddly also becomes Courtney’s at the end, said Steele. I believe that Norma would become more prominent in a potential season two to balance that out.

Is a Trailer Available?

Yes, on September 15, Netflix released a preview of the new season. You can view it here.

Dead End: Paranormal Park Cast

The main character Barney is voiced by Zach Barack, Marvel’s first openly transgender actor; Norma is portrayed by Kody Kavitha (Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles); Pugsley is portrayed by Alex Brightman (Helluva Boss), and demon Courtney is portrayed by Emily Osment (Hannah Montana).

Dead End Paranormal Park Season 2 (2)

Here is the Dead End: Paranormal Park cast list in its entirety

  • Barney – Zach Barak
  • Pugsley – Alex Brightman
  • Miss Coco Peru – Pauline Phoenix
  • Norma – Kody Kavitha
  • Courtney – Emily Osment
  • Logs – Kenny Tran
  • Badyah – Kathreen Khavari
  • Josh – Patrick Stump

What is the Age of Barney From Dead End: Paranormal Park?

Barney, a 17-year-old, gets a job as a security guard at a neighboring haunted theme park and decides to move into the haunted house after experiencing problems at home.

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