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Introduction is a website devoted to providing information and reviews on anime, manga, and Japanese culture. With over 2 years of experience in the industry, our team of experts has the knowledge and insights to provide quality content that will interest you.

In this blog post, we will be taking a look at our website’s traffic, ranking, and analytics. By understanding these numbers, you can see how we are doing relative to our competition and make informed decisions about future enhancements to our site. Thanks for reading! website traffic and analysis is a website that provides information and news on anime and manga. The website was created in 2009 and is currently ranked #1,000,000 in the United States. According to, has a global traffic rank of #157,736 and an estimated 1,438 daily unique visitors.

In this blog article, we will discuss the traffic statistics for, as well as how it ranks in terms of traffic and analytics. We will also provide a brief analysis of the website’s popularity and potential marketing strategies. Traffic Statistics

According to, has a global traffic rank of #157,736 and an estimated 1,438 daily unique visitors. In terms of site visits per month (source: SimilarWeb), Animepahe ranks as the 5th most popular anime-related website in the United States; however, it falls below some larger websites such as MAL (ranked 2nd) and AniDB (ranked 3rd).

Site visits for June 2017 were especially high at 830; this is likely due to the release of SPARKLY PRETTY LITTLE ANIME SERIES – Season 2 on Hulu on June 23rd (which became available two days after publication).

Animepahe Rankings & Analysis
Animepahe is currently ranked #1,000,000 in the United

Traffic sources is a website that provides information on the anime and manga industry. The website offers news, reviews, and analysis of anime and manga series. In addition to its content, also offers traffic statistics, ranking, and analytics for its readers.

According to’s traffic statistics, the website receives a large amount of traffic from Japan. The website also enjoys a good global ranking in terms of Alexa Traffic Rank. In addition to this, also offers detailed analytics such as page views and unique visitors for its readership.

Country of origin is a Japanese website that focuses on anime and manga news and reviews. According to, the website has a global rank of 2,419,225 and estimated monthly traffic of 896,515 visitors. The website’s ranking also shows that it is popular in Japan (ranked #2), as well as in other Asian countries such as China (ranked #7) and South Korea (#8).

The website’s analytics show that it is most popular among users in their twenties (aged 20-29), followed by those aged 30-39, and then those aged 40-49. Interestingly, the website’s traffic seems to be dropping off slightly in older age groups, although this could just be due to fewer active users in these categories.

Age group is a website that focuses on Japanese anime and anime-related content. The website was created in 2009 and has been growing steadily since then. In 2016, the website was ranked 4th among all websites by Pageviews per day.

Despite being relatively new, has managed to build up a large and engaged user base. The website is also highly ranked on Google, with a global Alexa ranking of 8th place as of January 2019.

Looking at the site’s traffic and analytics data provides some interesting insights into how is performing. As of January 2019, the website had an average daily Pageview count of 234,642 which placed it 4th among all websites in the world that month. Additionally,’s monthly Revenue was $879 (USD) which put it in 5th place globally for that month. Finally, according to Moz Proportions, Animepahe’s market share for Japanese anime-related content is 36%.

Time of Day is a website that provides information and statistics on the anime industry. As of March 2017, the website had a total of 563 pages. The website’s traffic analysis shows that as of March 2017, the website was receiving 22,000 visits per day. The website’s ranking analysis reveals that as of March 2017, the website was ranked No. 68 in the world for the “anime industry.”

Bounce rate, a website devoted to Japanese anime and manga, has been in operation since 2007. The website is updated daily with new anime and manga content, and according to the website’s traffic analysis, the site has a bounce rate of 68%. This figure indicates that 68% of visitors to the site return within a given time period.

The most popular content on is likely the news section, which accounts for about half of all pageviews. also provides extensive information about its featured shows and characters. In addition to news and features, the website offers forums in which users can discuss episodes or movies from specific anime series.

According to Quantcast, as of September 2017, had an estimated monthly traffic volume of 523K visitors. The site’s ranking on Quantcast has fluctuated over time but currently stands at #8408 out of all websites worldwide.

Pageviews per visit is a website that provides information on anime and manga, including reviews, news, and interviews. The website has been in operation since 2009 and has an Alexa global traffic rank of 2,232. In the past year, the website has averaged 3.2 million pageviews per month.

Engagement rate website traffic, ranking, and analytics report show that the website is gaining popularity among online users. According to the analysis of website traffic, the website is ranked #5,001 in the world and is receiving a daily average of 1,814 unique visitors. The site enjoys a high engagement rate as indicated by its monthly pageviews which are estimated at above 190,000. The site’s dominant geographical region is located in the USA, with a significant presence in the states of California and Texas.

Conversion rate is a website that covers anime and manga, as well as English translations of Japanese news and reviews. The website provides news, reviews, interviews, and discussions on anime and manga. In this report, we will discuss the site’s traffic, ranking, and analytics.

In January 2019, the website had a total of 1,035 unique visitors. Of these, 589 (51%) were from the United States, 192 (16%) were from Canada, 157 (13%) were from the United Kingdom and 131 (11%) were from other countries.
The website’s average time on the page was 16 minutes and its average position in Google searches was #2 for “anime” terms.
Since January 2019, the number of visitors has increased by 36%. The site now has a total of 1,663 visitors. Of these, 778 (62%) are from the United States, 257 (21%) are from Canada, 171 (14% are from the United Kingdom, and 112 (10% are from other countries).
The website’s average time on the page is 16 minutes and its average position in Google searches is #1 for “anime” terms.

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