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Markiplier Youtube: The Real Reason Markiplier Turned on Youtube After the Game!

When YouTube’s “Game On” event was announced in early August 2022, gaming fans weren’t sure what to expect, but the show seemed like an appropriate time to allow content makers to display what makes YouTube Gaming so appealing to many broadcasters.

The concert was slated to showcase a star-studded guest list that included some of YouTube’s biggest celebrities. Markiplier was featured in “Game On” promotional videos, and many fans were thrilled to see him at an event.

The title “Game On” was designed to allow viewers to vote on the segment they wanted to see next. Despite featuring in the “Game On” advertising trailer, Markiplier’s presence in the show itself looked incredibly limited. Some players were perplexed as to why the company would prominently feature Markiplier in its marketing and then exclude any certain sector from him. Even Markiplier looked perplexed as to why his portion had been trimmed, heading to Twitter shortly after the event to inform supporters of his next plans.

After the premiere of “Game On,” Markiplier and the fan community as a whole blasted YouTube. While Markiplier took immediate action to show followers the video he had made for the occasion, many of the same viewers drew parallels between Markiplier’s “Game On” snub and a wider problem in the YouTube community.

What Did RemoveYoutube?

Markiplier was clearly prepared for his advertisement to air on “Game On,” tweeting that fans weren’t prepared for what he had prepared for the event, but soon after the stream began, Markiplier spotted something odd. On August 27, Markiplier tweeted, “…did YouTube actually cut the rest of my segment?” While Markiplier was still mentioned in the event’s chapter descriptions, his section looked to have been removed, and many of the chapter labels were erroneously identified.

Markiplier Youtube (1)

Markiplier concluded shortly after his initial tweet, “Yes, YouTube cut it. I’m delighted lixian, marcus, rachel, nervly, and I worked so hard to have the part ready for the major Game On event, just to have it cut without notice. That’s fine, I

I’ll post it on my channel tomorrow.”

Markiplier, as promised, posted a video the next day simply titled “YouTube Cut This Content.” Markiplier’s segment, like much of the programming in “Game On,” lets viewers make their own decisions by answering questions and participating in an interactive plot.

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The movie is designed to look like an analog horror game, complete with grainy, VHS-style graphics and distorted noises and sights. Though the films play in the same order regardless of viewer preference, each clip concludes with a question that players must answer in order to move on to the next video.

The videos depict a spoof advertisement for a drink called Burn It, which reportedly eliminates burnout but has horrifying side effects such as a smile that wraps all the way around a person’s skull. Finally, the recordings show that a dimensional hole has opened, allowing doppelgangers from another world to infiltrate our own. Viewers are eventually directed back to the “Game On” program.

Is This All Part of a Larger Problem?

While fans were sad that Markiplier’s section was removed, they had plenty of suggestions as to why it was cut in the first place. Many thought that the entire “Game On” event was staged to divert attention away from other issues on YouTube, notably recent conversations regarding racism and favoritism.

CoryxKenshin, a YouTuber, recently produced a video suggesting that YouTube engages in racist practices or partiality (depending on how much money artists make them) since some creators’ work is removed or age limited while others are permitted to leave similar content online and unconstrained.

Markiplier Youtube (2)

He recounted an example in which he shared a video of the game “Mortuary Assistant,” which became age-restricted. In contrast, Markiplier released a similar replay of the game that was still available. In response, Markiplier created a video with the purpose of being age-restricted, possibly as a criticism of YouTube’s policies. The video was still not age-restricted 24 hours after it was first posted.

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Fans appear to be perplexed about how YouTube can move forward. One user commented that they didn’t see how YouTube could possibly reply by “(a) proving CoryxKenshin’s charges of favoritism and/or racism by not age-restricting Markiplier’s video, and (b) removing Mark’s section from Game On after using his face to promote it. Any repercussions are well-deserved.” Despite fan outrage, Markiplier has not tweeted anything since his initial complaint, nor has YouTube commented on the matter.

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