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Big Shot Season 3: Here Are All the Specifics Regarding the Release Date for Disney Plus!

The launch of the second season of the original series “Big Shot,” which is produced by Disney+ and airs on the streaming service, took place in October of 2022. After the conclusion of the second season of “Big Shot,” many viewers and critics were left wondering about the possibility of the show being renewed for a third season at some point in the future.
Big Shot’s future at Disney, including whether or not it will be renewed for a third season, is still unknown. We believe that Big Shot’s chances of being picked up for the third season are almost even, with the show’s eventual fate ultimately being determined by how well it is doing in its current run.

Big Shot Season 3 Release Date:

The show has been favorably received by critics, and the fact that it is so popular with viewers speaks well for the likelihood that it will be renewed. Disney aired new episodes of Big Shot on a weekly basis during the first season of the show; but, beginning with the second season, the episodes were instead shown all at once.

Big Shot Season 3

After speculating that the show may have had difficulty succeeding with the weekly format, Disney is holding out hope that the “binge” release will help boost interest in the upcoming second season. Approximately five months after the conclusion of the first season, Disney announced that Big Show will be renewed for a second season.


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They will not reveal this information under any circumstances, even if the show’s ratings turn out to be worse than Disney had hoped. It will eventually disappear of its own will as time goes on. Despite the fact that the show has not yet been officially renewed for a third season, it is predicted that the third season of Big Shot will begin airing on Disney+ around November 2023 or January 2024. The exact date for this event has not been determined.

What the Heck is Tcks? John Stamos is Adding Some Warmth to “Big Shot”!

There should be a loosely defined Bad News Bears genre in both cinema and television. A drama or movie that fits that description will always center on a recalcitrant adult who is persuaded, for one reason or another, to coach a team of young athletes. The Mighty Ducks is a fantastic illustration of this new genre we are presently defining. An adorable and humorous new Bad News Bears series has just been added to Disney Plus.


Marvyn Korn (John Stamos) is demoted all the way to the minor leagues in Big Shot after losing his position as an NCAA coach. An elite, all-girls private high school basketball team is what we mean by “minors” in this context. Marvyn is forced to connect with his less aggressive side while being reminded of why he first enjoyed the game while coaching a high school team.

Marvyn is attempting to make TCKS happen in Season 1, Episode 3, but what the hell is that?

What Does TCKS Signify in “Big Shot”?

Marvyn is attempting to mend his relationship with his daughter while simultaneously trying to fumble his way through coaching a girls’ high school basketball team. Sophia Mitri Schloss’s character Emma wants from her parents what every child needs: their presence. Long before he lost his position as a college coach, Marvyn was a workaholic. He has much less time now that he’s attempting to transform a full club and elevate them to a higher division.

Big Shot Season 3 (2)

Marvyn certainly believes he is doing his best in Season 1, Episode 3, but he is obviously failing at every point. Emma texts him while she is at practice about a nice house she thinks they could rent because they are currently staying in hotels. Although Marvyn’s response to the text is less than thrilled about the residence, the fact that he ends it with “TCKS” is even more puzzling.

He constantly includes TCKS in texts, generally when he has let Emma down. In other words, Marvyn won’t let up on making TCKS a reality. Emma yells at her father, “TCKS is not a thing,” in a frustrated tone. Marvyn’s reply is the standard dad response: “I know because I made it up.” It stands for “Take Care, Keep Safe” and is Marvyn’s personal method of telling his teen daughter—who is understandably disappointed—that he loves her.


The main theme of the show, which is about a father and daughter trying to establish common ground by utilizing any language they can, is TCKS. In Marvyn’s instance, he’s substituting a strange new abbreviation for “I love you.” Finding a place for the two of them to live so they can finally settle down is Emma’s top priority. By the end of this episode, Emma had texted Marvyn TCKS, and he responded by renting the house she mentioned in her text to him. They are looking out for one another and ensuring their safety.

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