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Dogo argentino :Do Dogo Argentino Dogs Pose a Threat to Humans?

You must select a dog that is ideal for you and your way of life, which entails thinking about the dog’s temperament. There are things to be aware of while considering getting a Dogo Argentino.

When selecting a dog, you must consider Are Dogo Argentino Dogs are Dangerous And Aggressive?
Despite being among the world’s most aggressive canines, on the whole, Dogo Argentinos are typically not a threat to humans. They were created as combat dogs, therefore if they aren’t adequately taught, they can be harmful.

There are several factors to think about if you desire a Dogo Argentino. Consider your family’s and your dogs’ past relationships. Find out if a Dogo Argentino is right for you by reading on. Teach More The one that’s right for you and your lifestyle requires that you examine its temperament, as shown below. There are things to be aware of while considering getting a Dogo Argentino.

Ever try lifting an Argentine dogo? When they jump down from automobiles, sofas, or even your bed, their weight can injure both their joints and your back. Check out the top Mastiff ramps on right away to protect your back and theirs.

Overview of Dogo Argentino

Dogo Argentinos make excellent pets, but you must take into account their breeding and intended use. The Old Fighting Dog of Cordoba and other breeds, including Mastiffs and Bull Terriers, were mixed to create the breed.

Dogo argentino

This dog is a fighting breed that can aid with both hunting and territorial protection. They can go for a huge game like wild boars and pumas.

The breed is a wonderful working dog because of the dog’s strong muscles. They can, however, make an excellent family companion, but you must use caution. Dogo Argentinos can get along well with people, but it could require some additional training.

Argentine Dogo Temperament

Dogo Argentinos are upbeat, sociable, and somewhat modest. That suggests that you shouldn’t encounter any obstacles to owning one. However, not every Dogo Argentino lives up to the stereotype of being a lovely person.

A Dogo Argentino might become violent if it doesn’t receive much or any training. They are powerful dogs that are used for both hunting and fighting. Despite being able to coexist with other dogs, the dog may be dangerous to other animals.

Although it is rare, dogo Argentinos can be aggressive against people. You might not want to take that chance, though, as some dogs have injured their owners. You’ll need to put in a lot of effort and training to raise your Dogo Argentino to be on the sweeter side.

Breed Ban

The Dogo Argentino poses a greater risk because of its hazardous and aggressive habits. If you want to relocate to one of the following nations, you cannot bring your dog with you:

  • Denmark
  • Iceland
  • Israel
  • New Zealand
  • Ukraine
  • United Kingdom

Training a Dogo Argentino to Be More Friendly

You must teach your dog if you decide to get a Dogo Argentino. Of course, you’ll need to teach your dog to relieve itself outside, and you’ll need to establish a regular meal schedule for them. The training doesn’t end there, though.

Dogo argentino (3)

You’ll have to teach your dog not to bite you, your family, or other people. This instruction may last a lifetime. By doing this, you can prevent your dog from being hostile in the future.

Here’s How to Train Your Dogo Argentino to Be Friendlier and Less Aggressive

Training a Dogo Argentino young is best. You’ll have full control over the dog’s training if you get it as a puppy. You won’t have to worry about the dog’s past or puppy training.

Exposure training your dog. Kids, adults, and animals should see them. If your dog behaves, give it a treat.

Use stern commands to curb hostile behavior. Distract until they settle down. Then treat them.

Later Dogo Argentino training can be difficult. You must undo unfavorable associations with people or animals. You and your dog will need extra training.


Dogo Argentinos that don’t respond to their name or other sounds may be deaf. One in four Dogo Argentinos is deaf. 20% suffer from one-sided hearing loss.

Even if your dog does come when called, you should still check their hearing. Deafness is not rare and is not in and of itself an issue. It will be simpler f

or you to startle your dog if they are unable to hear, though.

Your dog may become aggressive if you startle them, which can lead to issues. To avoid frightening your dog, you must slowly approach. In order to prevent them from being hostile when someone approaches them, you might need to give them more intensive training.

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