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Taylor Swift Album Release: What is Currently Known About Her New Album!

It appears that Taylor Swift wasn’t lying when she sang “I want your midnights” on the 2017 album “Reputation.”

Swift made the announcement about her tenth studio album on August 28 at the MTV Video Music Awards as she accepted the prize for Best Long Form Video for the short film “All Too Well (10 Minute Version)”. After praising the music video and thanking her supporters, Swift remarked in her acceptance speech, “I thought it might be a good moment to remind you that my brand new album comes out on October 21.” She said sharply in closing, “I’ll tell you more at midnight.”

The announcement was made almost a month ago. There is a lot of time for hints and revelations of clues. What has Taylor Swift revealed thus far about the album?

What is the Title of Taylor Swift’s Newest Album?

Taylor Swift Album Release (2)

Swift announced part two of the news on Instagram later that evening after the VMAs. She disclosed the album’s title: “Midnights.” For all of us who have “tossed and turned and decided to keep the lanterns lit and go looking — hoping that just maybe, when the clock strikes twelve… we’ll meet ourselves,” Swift wrote in the announcement that the album will be a collection of 13 songs.

What more information do we have regarding Taylor Swift’s upcoming album?

No information has been released on the album’s musical style, which could range from the bubblegum pop of “Lover” to the indie folk of “Folklore” and “Evermore.” The album is listed under Rock on Apple Music, although that only seems to be a placeholder. The record will almost certainly be personal and emotional, it seems.

Swift appears to be somewhat depressed in the album’s promotional images. Swift’s head was in her hands as she sat next to a little table in the Instagram shot, which was dimly illuminated in tones of deep orange and brown.

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Pre-orders for the album may be made through Swift’s official website, and vinyl’s alternate covers have the same dismal color palette and dim lighting. Swift’s hairstyles, bold makeup, and the wood-paneled walls all give the photos a unique 1970s feel. Swift revealed in a Tiktok that when the four vinyl back covers are put together, they create a clock.

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Taylor Swift has been piqueing fans’ interest with videos on Instagram and TikTok. On September 16, Swift shared a video that included a collection of behind-the-scenes videos from the album’s creation. She is seen having fun in a recording studio with co-producer Jack Antonoff, playing the piano, singing into a recording device, and wandering through the snow in a shot that could provide insight into the mood of “Midnights.”

Taylor Swift Album Release (1)

The album will be available for purchase on CD, vinyl, and cassette tape for Swifties and non-fans alike. The vinyl will come with a decorative record jacket, a full-size gatefold photo, and a collectible 8-page photo booklet, according to Billboard. An original cover image and a 24-page photo booklet will be included on the CD.

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Additionally, three limited edition vinyls of “Midnights: Jade Green Edition,” “Midnights: Blood Moon Edition,” and “Midnights: Mahogany Edition” will be accessible for one week, according to Billboard. Each of the casings will have a different cover image and be a distinct shade of marbled green, brown, or orange.

How Taylor Swift is Unveiling the ‘midnights’ Album’s Track Names on Tiktok

Swift started a series of “Midnights Mayhem with Me” TikToks on Wednesday. Swift makes light of her reputation for easter eggs in the first Tiktok, which drops at precisely midnight and reveals the name of a single.

Taylor Swift Album Release (3)

She remarked in the video, “I know that I often leave cryptic hints and easter eggs when telling you about my music, and I am not here to dispute that, but I am here to resist that.

Track 13’s “Mastermind” title, of course, was the first song title to be revealed.

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