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When it comes to traffic, is in a league of its own. The site’s market share is significantly higher than that of its closest competitors, and it shows no signs of slowing down. But what exactly is driving all this traffic to In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at the site’s traffic analytics and market share to find out.

Traffic Overview

Traffic Overview is a popular website with a global rank of 5,839 and a country rank of 1,458 in the United States. According to SimilarWeb, the website has an average of 9.5 million monthly visits and an average visit duration of 8 minutes and 30 seconds.

The majority of traffic to the website comes from referrals (32%), followed by direct traffic (28%) and search engines (19%). is most popular in the United States, followed by Brazil, India, and Turkey.

Top countries

According to SimilarWeb, Forsage is the top-performing smart contract on the Ethereum network, with a market share of 8.36%. It is also the most popular dApp in terms of traffic, with over 1.5 million unique visitors in the last month.

The United States is the top country for Forsage traffic, followed by India and Brazil. The top 10 countries for Forsage traffic are:

1. the United States
2. India
3. Brazil
4. Vietnam
5. South Korea
6. Indonesia
7. the Philippines
8. Russia
9. Mexico
10. Japan

Keyword analysis

It is essential to understand how potential customers are searching for your product or service online. By analyzing the keywords that are being used to find your business, you can adjust your marketing strategy to better target these customers.

By using SimilarWeb’s traffic data, we can see that has been receiving a steady stream of traffic over the past year. The site has a strong presence in countries like Brazil, India, and Russia.
Interestingly, the majority of traffic to comes from direct searches (64.6%). This means that potential customers are already familiar with the brand and are specifically looking for it by name.

The top keywords being used to find are “forsage”, “forsage io”, and “forsage review”. This indicates that people are most interested in learning more about the company and what others think of it.
Overall, seems to be doing well in terms of online visibility and reach. By continuing to produce quality content and improving their SEO, they should be able to attract even more traffic in the future.

Market share

The platform is a popular Ethereum-based smart contract MLM program that allows users to earn a commission from referring others to the platform. According to SimilarWeb, has a global rank of 21,842 with a monthly visit volume of approximately 2.4 million visits. This puts in the top 100 visited websites globally for the month of January 2021. In terms of market share, currently holds a 0.004% market share of the overall smart contract MLM industry.

Competitor analysis

Competitor analysis is a process of identifying your competitors and evaluating their strategies to determine their strengths and weaknesses in relation to your own business. This process can be used to improve your own marketing and business strategies. (1)

To conduct a competitor analysis, you need to research your competitors and collect data about their businesses. This data can be gathered through market research, online search, and social media. Once you have collected this data, you can begin to analyze it to identify your competitor’s strengths and weaknesses.

Some key things to look for when conducting a competitor analysis are:

-What products or services do they offer?
-How do they market themselves?
-What is their pricing strategy?
-What are their unique selling points?
-What are their strengths and weaknesses?

Conducting a competitor analysis can be a helpful way to improve your own marketing strategy and business planning. By understanding your competitors better, you can make adjustments to your own plans in order to better compete in the marketplace.


The data from SimilarWeb shows that is a popular website with a lot of traffic. The site has a lot of market share, and it is ranked highly in terms of traffic. The site is also popular with people who are interested in online marketing and SEO.

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