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What Time Will Cbs Broadcast Survivor Season 43 Episode 4? One Castaway’s Arrogance Caused a Tribe to Run Into Difficulties!

Show No Mercy, the fourth episode of Season 43 of Survivor,  premiered on CBS on October 12 at 8:00 p.m. ET. Fans can access Paramount+, Fubo TV, and DirecTV Stream to see the episode.

This week, one person will be eliminated via vote after completing a brand-new challenge. A potential edge that could change the outcome of the match will be announced by host Jeff Probst.

What Occurred on Episode 4 of Season 43 of Survivor?


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The winning team in the challenge will be granted permission to steal from the other two tribal camps, Jeff will reveal this to the 15 remaining contestants this week on Survivor. In a promotional video, Lindsay, who wants to form a women’s alliance with Coco, beams while others appear horrified.

Survivor Season 43 Episode 4 (1)

James will exhort Geo and Ryan to engage in combat to meet the challenge. Also heard is Noelle, who now enjoys a vote-stealing edge, saying,

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Coco was also seen becoming agitated due to a lack of food and water. The last two challenges have been lost by his tribe, the Vesi.


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The tribes on Survivor will be given a brand-new task to do this week. There will be a team member from each tribe throwing sandbags onto boxes. To get to their destination, the players would then have to walk on those boxes.

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The work would then be finished by the remaining players by throwing the provided sandbag on the platforms.


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James’ birthday was honored by team Coco last week on Survivor. Among the trees, Karla discovered a wary advantage card. She originally objected to opening it, but she eventually changed her mind. She was requested to make an idol in order to get an advantage in the voting process.

She swapped her earrings for some beads while pretending to build a necklace for her wife’s birthday. Karla made the idol bracelet quickly and without anyone noticing.

Survivor Season 43 Episode 4 (2)

Dwight had Noelle and Jesse in mind for a union. Sami revealed to Gabler that Jeanine and Elie had gone through his suitcases to find the information they needed for his immunity test. When his idol was still intact, he told them a lie that it had passed away. He, therefore, intended to turn it against them.

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Coco and Baka triumphed in the immunity test. Noelle had the chance to gain the steal-a-vote edge as Owen and James were taken on a perilous voyage. Nneka struck Cody and Jesse as being physically frail. In the end, they chose to send her away, sparing Dwight and Noelle from being eliminated.

Every Wednesday at 8 PM ET, Survivor is broadcast on CBS. One day following the television premiere, viewers can watch the episodes on Paramount+.

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