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Chicago Med Season 8 Episode 4 Review: Don’t Miss the Imperative Things!

Every medical drama eventually has a high-stakes story in which someone has to conduct life-saving surgery in a perilous environment.

It was Chicago Med Season 8 Episode 4’s turn; this time, Marcel had to labor while stuck underground, with rubble falling all around him.

Everyone survived this time, but was the story worth it?
These stories are dangerous; if you don’t appreciate stories in which doctors are in great danger or have to use non-medical objects to finish an operation, you’ll despise them.

Furthermore, this is not Marcel’s first risky circumstance; he has previously been taken prisoner and performed surgery at gunpoint.

However, this did not feel like a repeat. The notion was plausible and intriguing.

It helped that there weren’t many victims with gruesome injuries, and Marcel didn’t have to deal with risk after danger. These stories frequently fail because they include too many high-stakes incidents, such as doctors nearly drowning or suffocating when trapped.

Chicago Med Season 8 Episode 4 Review (3)

Man: Please. Am I… going… to… die?
Marcel: I’m going to do everything in my power to make sure that doesn’t happen.

This time, the turmoil stemmed from Marcel’s efforts to save a badly injured man.

Nathaniel’s injuries may have easily been fatal, but Chicago Med chose to avoid the awful outcome. Instead, by assisting Marcel in saving his friend, Jack discovered a more significant purpose, while Marcel had plenty of time to own up to his perceived selfishness.

I disagree with the notion that Marcel was to blame for Blake’s injuries or that it was selfish of him to pick the procedure that was in her best interests over the one she would have preferred.

It’s not his fault mom needed rehab and physical therapy, and I’d rather his realization was that no one could have prevented her stroke. However, if this means she and her daughter will be forever removed from our view, I’m fine with it.

Blake was arrogant and condescending most of the time, especially around Marcel, and the rivalry between her and her daughter for Marcel’s heart was cringe-inducing.

If Marcel admitting to guilt that isn’t his is the price of permanently removing those two, so be it.

Will’s refusal to utilize narcotics from the dark market made me proud of him. He was correct that there was no way to confirm what was in those pills, not to mention the legal risk he and Vanessa were taking.
Will has always been someone who will go above and beyond to assist a patient. In Chicago Med Season 6 Episode 16, Natalie did something similar, and he even got the blame.

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He’s probably never been more adult than he is right now.

Will undoubtedly use that substance from the illegal market in the end. By giving it to Rose’s husband to administer, he attempted to get around it, but if he is discovered, that won’t help him.

It is almost certain that someone will find out after Will assured Vanessa that no one can ever find out. Since Will delivered the drugs to him, the husband is already aware, and if Rose subsequently develops new issues, it may be a problem.

And if the wrong person finds out, Will and Vanessa can be the target of a nasty blackmail scheme. Could Matt Cooper, for instance, use this against him in some way? Will allegedly testified already, but I wouldn’t rule out Cooper playing a little prank on him.

In the post-COVID era, these supply chain challenges are a part of medicine. Chicago Med does an outstanding job of highlighting how frustrating these issues are and how desperate doctors grow to assist their patients when meds aren’t available.


Will has had to take unusual action for the second week in a row since he was unable to obtain the necessary medications. Let’s hope this issue is fixed quickly so he can resume his appropriate medical practice!

Aside from that, I was delighted to learn from Sharon that Jay had left Chicago. Despite the fact that Jay and Will are brothers, Med and PD are frequently described as though they live in different worlds; that continuity was a welcome change of pace.

Kai had no choice but to collaborate with Choi and Archer since Marcel was stranded in the tunnels.

Kai: He shouldn’t even be inserting a chest tube in the tunnels. That’s not a sterile environment.
Archer: What did you want me to do? Send him a note saying that?

Kai appeared impressed with Choi’s homemade chest tubing system, but Archer promptly blasted down his typical pompous remarks.

Chicago Med Season 8 Episode 4 Review

Choi claimed that Marcel is a competent teacher as well, but Kai seems to match Choi better. At least thus far, Kai hasn’t engaged in the power battles Marcel has, and letting go of the attitude has done wonders for his character.

Even though Asher has been just as difficult, Archer has finally lost the attitude.

He doesn’t usually ask things of her since she takes everything he asks of her personally. He gave a fantastic example when he refused to concur that she needed to have a CT scan.

Look. I’m being squeezed all over by these shortages, including one on contrast dye. If the antibiotics don’t work, then she can have a CT scan.

Instead of Asher’s ability to make a diagnosis, the problem was a lack of availability to contrast dye. Asher had to rule out other possibilities before Archer could sanction a CT scan since he wanted to save the dye for important tests.

Although it wasn’t the best course of action, it was reasonable given the circumstances. Asher assumed that the reason for his hesitation was that he didn’t trust her since she was a recovered addict.

Thank God they moved on from that! Hopefully, without that obstacle, they can collaborate more successfully.

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