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How Many Parts of Andor Season 1 Are Still Available?

ANDOR DIFFERS FROM ALL PRIOR Star Wars programming. Compared to the previous series, this one feels more mature. The characters have a genuine human quality. Political intrigue is intricate and grounded in reality. There are no lightsabers to be seen, yet the action is nonetheless intense and gripping.

You might be asking how much Andor we still have in view of that. The Star Wars television series still has a lot of episodes yet to air. But exactly how many episodes of Andor Season 1 and later are left? What you should know is as follows.’

How Many More Episodes of Andor Season 1 Are There?

With 12 episodes in all, Andor Season 1 is officially halfway through with six episodes left following Episode 6.

It’s also important to note how the 12 episodes of Andor Season 1 are divided. We’re not just receiving one tale over the course of a television season, unlike most serialized shows. Andor is instead divided into three-episode clusters that essentially function as movies.

_Andor Season 1 (2)

While episodes 3-6 described Cassian’s first operation as a soldier-for-hire inside a rebel cell as they carry out a risky heist, episodes 1-3 depicted Cassian abandoning his home and joining the resistance. We are probably approximately six months into Cassian Andor’s crucial year because Season 1 is designed to chronicle one year in his life chronologically.

The Andor Trailer Returns Rogue One’s Most Amazing Trick

Andor, Disney+’s most recent live-action Star Wars adventure, will debut in JUST OVER A MONTH. The much-awaited series will follow Cassian Andor (Diego Luna) as he becomes one of the galaxy’s most formidable Rebel agents. It will take place about five years before the events of 2016’s Rogue One.

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The series promises to provide a valuable Star Wars story even though Andor doesn’t seem to be quite as noteworthy as Obi-Wan Kenobi. Andor appears to be Lucasfilm’s most visually stunning Disney+ series to yet if the show’s most recent trailer is any indicator.


– The new Andor trailer begins with images of numerous people on a verdant planet turning to look up in terror as an Imperial Star Destroyer approaches. It’s a moment that intentionally evokes the way Imperial ships and armaments are depicted throughout Rogue One, particularly during one of the film’s best visual moments: When the camera of filmmaker Gareth Edwards begins on the ground and then pans up to reveal a huge Imperial Star Destroyer circling Jedha City.

The vibe of the teaser remains grim throughout, even if the rest of the Andor trailer concentrates on Mon Mothma (Genevieve O’Reilly), Luthen (Stellan Skarsgrd), and Cassian’s attempts to infiltrate the Empire. In fact, it appears that Andor will be able to match Rogue One’s stunning visual design.


_Andor Season 1 (1)

Rogue One has its own share of narrative flaws, just like many of Disney’s Star Wars movies.

The prequel, however, is still one of the most visually appealing Star Wars films to date. Greig Fraser, who also photographed The Batman and Dune, gave the movie an intimate yet grandiose look that sets it apart from past Star Wars motion pictures and television programs by putting our eyes on the ground.

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Edwards and Fraser based the action in Rogue One’s Jedha and Scarif sequences on the viewpoints of the rebel troops. The filmmakers do this by using a number of clever visual decisions, such as using low-angle shots to show how tall the Empire’s AT-ACT walkers are while still putting them in the same frame as the film’s frail human actors.

Throughout the entire film, Edwards makes use of his sense of scale and breadth. Rogue One frequently walks the line between intimate and expansive, fusing Fraser’s on-the-ground photography with the expansive landscape shots Star Wars fans have come to expect from the franchise, from the film’s memorable prologue to its tense final act.

_Andor Season 1 (3)

Rogue One thus has scenes where it feels like the most aesthetically grandiose yet personally intense Star Wars movie. That Andor would be able to meet the graphic standards set by its predecessor with its streaming budget has always seemed a little improbable. Even while it’s unclear how successfully Andor will truly be able to match Rogue One’s vastness, the teaser gives the impression that an attempt will be made.


The most recent teaser for Andor gives the impression that the film will revive the grungy aesthetic that Rogue One pioneered. The video incorporates the expansive, planet-establishing views from Rogue One and connects the vast galactic influence of the Empire to the viewpoint of people who are imprisoned by the system.

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The remaining scenes in the video stick to the same low-key aesthetic that worked well in Rogue One. Additionally, the series appears to genuinely be well-lit from top to bottom, unlike Obi-Wan Kenobi.

While the effectiveness of Andor’s tale is still up in the air, it seems more and more likely that people who see it will get to witness a visually stunning Star Wars journey.

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