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Review of Episode 6 of Queen Sugar Season 7: a Comforting Electric Vibration!

In Queen Sugar Season 7 Episode 6, there were many parties, but the only ones worth going to were the ones that Sandy and Prosper threw for one other.

Parthena, Violet, and Sandy’s stories about how they are seizing the day and finding love and independence in their golden years provided just the kind of amusement we didn’t realize we were missing.

The tale of how Parthena went nude in public, which she later admitted to, should have been told. Sandy and Violet were both open about having fulfilling and frequent sexual relationships.

As for Billie’s love life, Violet was quick to reassure her that it could be for the best to wait.

As a Younger, Naive Me, I Never Would Have Understood or Appreciated a Man Like Hollywood.

Hollywood may not have been overjoyed by the ladies’ intrusion into Prosper’s bachelor party, but they certainly made things more lively. Before the boys even entered the room, Sandy and Violet were already busting a move to liven up the atmosphere.

The distance between Nova and Dominic, though, seemed to become larger after the celebration.

Although he was just in Sudan for an extra week, Nova seemed to be done with their long-distance relationship. It’s unclear to me if Nova’s absence of Dominic has made her miss him more or merely made her more irritable.

Episode 6 of Queen Sugar Season 7 (1)

Nova is attracted to Dominic, but I doubt she feels deeply about him to keep dating if he doesn’t return home soon.

Nova’s insightful and original presentation on the history of music at school was a highlight. Unfortunately, some people in society automatically identify anything that presents history from a black perspective as Critical Race Theory and try to suppress it.

Also, the term “enslaved people” that Nova used instead of “slaves” shed some light on the situation. I had never considered it that way before, but she was absolutely right. Saying someone is a slave is a dehumanizing way to talk about them. Calling them “enslaved people” serves as a reminder that they were actual people who had been taken against their will and held in captivity.

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Personally, I think it’s more accurate to refer to our forebears as enslaved people rather than slaves. The dehumanizing label of “slave” persists. These weren’t things; they were human beings. And certainly not any kind of animal.

Micah was having far too much of a good time at a pool party in Los Angeles. Micah sipped his drink with Zane and Kai, aware that he owed his success and popularity to revisiting the darkest days of his parent’s lives.

Before this, I never would have given Micah such a low opinion.

Micah should have listened to Keke, because she was right when she said that Zane was slick. With the promise of increased wealth and notoriety, he knows just how to make Micah feel better about his transgression.

As for Micah’s assumption that Zane or Kai shares his appreciation for the arts, he is living in a fantasy world. At least, as this comment from Queen Sugar shows, Zane can talk the talk.

The purpose of creating artwork is to spark discussion. It’s impossible to please everyone, and if you do, you’re probably not making any meaningful points.

Kai questioned Micah outright if he still had anything from when Charley “paid off that side piece.” Micah, at least, recoiled by Kai’s open desire for a crass and lurid NFT. Unfortunately, he lacked the courage to simply leave.

Micah enjoyed the adulation so much that he offered to purchase drinks for everyone at the party.

The media circus that would have ensued if Davis had shown up to haul his son’s behind out of there was more than I could bear.

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In her place, Lorna showed up, looking angry. We may now safely assume that we know Charley’s source of inspiration.

Micah, though, tried to make excuses for his actions by claiming he was “reclaiming our sorrow” rather than using the situation for financial gain and then running away from the individuals he had wronged.

It’s unfortunate that Micah considers his current situation to be a rough patch. He doesn’t know what he wants to do with his life or his profession. He has developed a sense of self-pity and entitlement.

But if he wants to know what tough is, he should ask Hollywood and Vi’s foster kids Dante and Joaquin, who have lost their parents (we hope temporarily) and who would likely be separated and put into foster care if not for Hollywood and Vi.

What bothers me is that we probably won’t get to see or hear Micah’s interaction with Charley and Davis, but we should.

Episode 6 of Queen Sugar Season 7 (3)

At long last, Darla has arrived.

Chase seems like a complete moron to me. Is it possible that giving Darla unwanted nondisclosure forms could instead validate any tale she could give to the press?

I was extremely proud of Darla that she made it to a meeting after her outburst nearly caused her to relapse. She must maintain a consistent schedule.

However, Darla requires a confidant. Someone who won’t pass judgment but will make helpful suggestions.’

We’ve worked really hard to get to where we’re at, and where we’re at is shaky at best. It’s already been so hard. I can’t risk one more thing.

That person is correct. If you’re looking for that individual, it isn’t Ralph Angel. He’ll have feelings for her, but his rage and poor judgment will put them in danger.

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Awkward as it was to hear Darla describe her marriage as “shaky at best,” she wasn’t wrong. Ralph Angel hid information from her, lied to her, nearly went back to jail, and nearly lost the family farm.

Despite Darla’s efforts to carry on the Angel name, only a few weeks ago, Ralph Angel was moaning to his ex-wife that she didn’t appreciate the significance of doing so.

It’s understandable that she feels that she’s not completely stable in her relationship.

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