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Days of Our Lives Actor James Lastovic Has Been Discovered After Going Missing in Hawaii!

After going missing in Hawaii alongside his roommate, Nevin Dizdari, the actor James Lastovic from the soap opera Days of Our Lives has been located and is in good health. Tuesday, Nevin’s sister shared on social media that her brother and his girlfriend got lost while hiking, but that they eventually found their way back to their car and are now on their way to the Hanalei Bay Resort in Kauai.

“They got lost on their hike but managed to find their way back to their car and are now on their way back to the resort where they were staying. My sister and James are safe. We are grateful to everyone who shared this and helped us get in touch with Nevin, “This was written by Nevin’s sister.

According to Lucienne, James’ parents, James and Nevin were vacationing at a resort in Kauai when they vanished on Sunday, and it was believed that they were there together. In a post that Lucienne published on Instagram on Monday, she stated that she and her companion had mentioned to a member of the Hanalei Bay Resort staff that they were on their way to Kokee State Park, where they intended to do some extensive trail hiking. Additionally, they inquired about the location of Shipwreck Beach.

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The actor, who is 27 years old, and his roommate were supposed to return to Los Angeles on Monday, but they never showed up. This information was provided by Lucienne, who ultimately traveled to Kauai in order to hunt for the duo.

After spending the day away from the resort, the couple did not come back on Sunday night and left all of their possessions behind. The items were later handed over to the authorities by the resort staff. She claims that at the time they became disoriented, they were traveling in a black Nissan.


“MY SON, James, AND Nevin, WHOM HE SHARED A ROOM WITH, HAVE GONE MISSING! These two young adults made their way to the Hanalei Bay Resort on Friday the 7th, Saturday the 8th, and yesterday the 9th of October to spend the night. They were supposed to fly back today, but they did not get on the plane and they did not bring the rental car back.

This is NOT how they behave! Both of them are considerate young people “At the time, Lucienne was writing. “They last texted their hostess, Carrie Flanders, at the Hanalei Bay Resort yesterday at 1:30 p.m. Hawaii time, which is yesterday, October 9th.

This was the last time anyone heard from them. Carrie Flanders was the last person to see them, and that was yesterday at eight in the morning. Carrie is originally from Brea, and she was kind enough to let them extend their stay here by three more days.”


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A post shared by Lucienne Lastovic (@llastovic)

She said, “They asked for information about KOKEE state PARK so that they could climb one of the longer trails there.” They were also interested in getting instructions to Shipwrecks Beach and the cliff diving location from her. Last night, they never made it back to the resort at any point. They took nothing with them when they departed, therefore the resort is now in control of all of their stuff.

They were leaving the airport in a rental automobile, which was a SIXT BLACK NISSAN SENTRA with the license plate number KEX 072. Your reservation number is 9023821261, thank you.

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I was told that there is a tracking company that can track GPS, but that they do not open in HW till the morning.

After then, Lucienne pleaded with anyone who might have information about the two people to get in touch with the authorities.

The Kauai police, who are in charge of the investigation, have been contacted by ET to provide more details.

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