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Daniel Davis Net Worth: How Much He Earn in 2022?

Actor Daniel Davis, born in the United States on November 26, 1945, is best known for his roles as Niles the butler on the hit sitcom The Nanny and as Professor Moriarty in two episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Both of these roles required Davis to adopt a fake, upper-class British accent. He also lends his voice to the Big Pick cartoons on Cartoon Network, where he plays the role of the shrewd Cro Magnon, Longhair.

Daniel Davis

Daniel Davis Net Worth

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1945-11-26 (76 years old)

Place of Birth

Gurdon, Arkansas, USA

Past Life and Schooling

Davis was born in Gurdon, AR, but spent much of his childhood in Little Rock. He grew up in the entertainment business, started by his parents. At age 11, he landed his first acting role on a local TV show called Betty’s Little Rascals.

Davis completed his high school education at the Hall of Little Rock and graduated in 1963. After receiving a BFA from the Arkansas Arts Center, he worked at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, the Stratford Shakespeare Festival, and the American Conservatory Theater for a total of six years (ACT). He was an instructor of acting during his tenure at ACT.

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From October 1980 through December 1981, Davis starred opposite Beverlee McKinsey in the Another World spin-off Texas as Elliot Carrington, Iris Cory’s ex-husband who was thought to have died. In the 1985 episode “The Doctor is Out” from season 4 of The A-Team, he played a rebel soldier.

Davis’ breakout role came on The Nanny, where he played Niles the Butler, from 1993 through 1999 (and again in a 2004 reunion special) (in cameo flashbacks only). Niles often delivered nasty one-liners in a deadpan manner, usually directed towards C. C. Babcock, whom he finally fell in love with and married in the last season of the show.

Daniel Davis Net Worth

His portrayal of Niles’s English accent was so convincing that many viewers mistakenly believed he was a native speaker of the language. In the Star Trek: The Next Generation episodes “Elementary, Dear Data” and “Ship in a Bottle,” he dubbed over his American voice with an English accent to play Professor Moriarty.

However, Davis used his natural American accent when playing the captain of the USS Enterprise in the 1990 film The Hunt for Red October. Davis gave the Longhair character in the animation a British accent with his voice acting.

Davis’s performance in the Broadway play Wrong Mountain by David Hirson earned him a nomination for a Tony Award for Best Actor in 2000. He had an appearance in the Alan Bennett drama Talking Heads in 2003. He played George Bernard Shaw in the 2004 production of The Frogs by Stephen Sondheim.

He played alongside Gary Beach in La Cage Aux Folles from November 2004 to March 2005. (He was said to have regular disagreements with Beach and others. Later, Robert Goulet took over for him. Davis made a guest appearance as Dr. Shafer on the TV show Frasier in the episode “Rooms with a View” from Season 10 in 2002.

Davis was one of the celebrities who lip synced to Stayin’ Alive by the Bee Gees on the April 25, 2007 episode of American Idol titled “Idol Gives Back.” Shortly after, he made a cameo in Christopher Nolan and Tom Hooper’s 2006 thriller The Prestige.


In 2006, Daniel wed Kelly Murkey, and they have a son and a daughter. Although they had been married for a long time, in 2013 they decided to end their marriage due to irreconcilable disagreements.


Both of Daniel’s parents were there for his birth, and his family is around the size of a normal American household. His interest in acting was sparked by the fact that his parents ran a movie theatre. His family also supported his decision to pursue acting professionally. Diane Davis is Davis’s sister.

Daniel Davis’s Net Worth

Daniel’s work in the film and entertainment industry spans half a century. Working as an actor has allowed him to amass comfortable wealth. It is speculated that Davis is worth $5 million.

Frequently Asked Question

Who is Daniel Davis?

In his role as Niles the butler on the American sitcom The Nanny, Daniel Davis rose to fame as an actor.

What is Daniel Davis’s Height?

Daniel’s height is 1.8 meters.

How About Daniel Davis, Is He Married?

Actually, Daniel has two kids with her life partner Kelly Murkey and they were married for a while. But in 2013, the pair finally called it quits and divorced.


Daniel Davis played Niles the butler in The Nanny and Professor Moriarty in Star Trek: The Next Generation. Both roles required Davis to adopt a fake, upper-class British accent. He also lends his voice to the Big Pick cartoons on Cartoon Network. Daniel Davis was nominated for a Tony Award for his performance in Wrong Mountain. He played Dr. Shafer on the TV show, Frasier, in the episode “Rooms with a View” from Season 10 in 2002. In 2007 he lip-synced to Stayin’ Alive by the Bee Gees on American Idol.

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