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Cleaning Lady Season 2 Reviews! 

The fourth episode of The Cleaning Lady Season 2 was a stunningly sinister episode that put an end to the motel owner’s quest to extort Fi.

He simply didn’t know when to stop, and this time he messed with the wrong woman, which led to his own demise.

Fi first made an effort to handle the situation on her own, but this just made matters worse. She didn’t kill him when she knocked him upside the head in self-defense, but it most certainly would have been much simpler in the long run. Instead, she enlisted Thony’s assistance in order to clean up the mess in the hopes that they would come up with an alternative to killing John.

Fi responded by blaming Thony for not prioritizing the family after Thony questioned why Fi didn’t just wait for her. This wasn’t fair. Particularly in this episode, she showed just how much she would sacrifice to safeguard the people she cares about. Fi obviously wanted to finish this quickly but starting too soon simply led to greater issues in the future.

Cleaning Lady Season 2

Since this was Fi’s first time getting her hands filthy, it was reasonable that she didn’t want any more blood to be shed, but they were only delaying the inevitable for too long. Fi was being hopeful that there was a method to deal with the problem that spared John. She eventually had to accept the fact that they couldn’t let John live if they desired to be free.

Extortion never ends until you put an end to it, as Arman said. John died as a result of his decisions. He probably could have continued living his terrible existence if he had followed his word about remaining silent and admitted to making further copies of the damaging film. John continued to lie, claiming that he didn’t create any copies, even after Thony threatened to auction off his organs one at a time.

It was difficult to feel sorry for him in any way because he was a sage ass who believed he could outsmart them and cling to some assurances. He merely wasn’t deserving of a second opportunity or of being let go.

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They had no choice but to leave him with Arman, who was pleased to help Thony defend her family when they realized that there was no way they could ever liberate him and stop him from speaking or calling the police. He’s nearly like family at this point!

It wasn’t shocking that John survived the episode because I didn’t think he would, but it was wonderful to see Arman and Thony back in action, and in a way we hadn’t seen them previously. They complemented one another, and their chemistry and electricity extended beyond the romantic elements of their work.

Fi had just met Arman for the first time, and her response was beyond appropriate. Along with forgetting my own name, if I met Arman. When Fi learned Arman was a nice man in a suit rather than some sleazy thug, she was a stumbling disaster! When she saw Arman standing there looking tall, dark, attractive, and fiercely protective, she now understood why she had been giving Thony so much grief over Arman.

Cleaning Lady Season 2

And the truth is that Arman and Thony have a mutual trust that may not make sense to anyone else, but it makes sense to them. They have loyalty because they can rely on one another. Whatever is happening, they are always there for each other whenever someone needs assistance.

Thony had no qualms about phoning Arman since she knew he wouldn’t hold Fi or her accountable for what happened, and he wouldn’t use it against them.

Fi had never seen Arman before, and she had never witnessed Thony working alongside him. Despite her dislike for it, she couldn’t deny that it was amazing.

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Thony felt confident enough with Arman around to attempt things her way, even if they didn’t turn out in the end, because she had learned a few things working with him, including tying a man up! Even though Arman has always recognized Thony’s ability, he was pleasantly startled by the way she took control of the situation and dared John to use the black market chop.

He was extremely into it, and she is frighteningly talented at this phase. There was a time when he was completely enamored of her and in awe of him! I’m willing to watch this show if all it ends up being is Thony and Arman working together to intimidate people.

Thony demonstrated that she could have handled this on her own even if she had called Arman in as backup.

Is their John problem finally resolved, or is it still there? The authorities will probably hunt for a culprit in his death, and when it comes to a dubious and dishonest motel proprietor who was covertly photographing his visitors, there won’t be a shortage of those. Maybe they can find a method to make it look like John is the one who killed Marco. Sincerely, that would resolve every issue.

However, I hope they keep Fi out of it going forward. I like seeing Fi gain a front-row seat to the action with Thony and Arman. She is too innocent for this criminal society.

Cleaning Lady Season 2 (3)

Thony keeps demonstrating why she is a great boss babe. She carried out the hit on John, gave Garrett the Maya-obtained cloned mobile phone, and then sprang into action to deliver Nina’s child without pausing to take a breather or even a water break. When the babysitter gave birth at their home, Luca was in capable hands.

Through the depiction of Thony welcoming a life after giving Arman permission to end one, the series did an excellent job of highlighting her strength. As one life ends, another one begins; some people refer to this as the natural cycle of things.

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Unexpectedly, Chris only needed a newborn to develop a fresh viewpoint; in a way, it was like his rebirth.

Since Marco’s passing, Chris has been quite hard on himself, which is terrible because, in the end, it was an accident. However, taking a life has a cost. The fact that Chris was having trouble accepting it is actually a positive indication that he is not a psychopath.

The best course of action for Chris would be to speak with someone and receive assistance, but since he is unable to disclose what happened to a therapist, this wasn’t really an option. He was limited to discussing it with his mother and aunt.

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