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” Make No Sense” Kylie Jenner’s Latest “Odd” Beauty Collaboration is Mocked by Kardashian Followers as the Star Debuts Her Newest Cosmetic Item!

Following the launching of her company’s most current Kris Jenner line on Friday, the 25-year-old founder of Kylie Cosmetics revealed the future partnership.

It has been made known to Kylie that Batman will be a part of her next cosmetics range.

The reality star shared a strange video on social media while announcing the news, in which she can be seen posing while wearing the iconic Batman mask.

A sinister soundtrack plays as Kylie is shown in a series of vintage TVs while dressed in a black catsuit.

Kylie Jenner (2)

The Hulu star’s well-known pouted lips can be seen on the TVs, and thick eyeliner has been used to deepen her eyes.

The Kylie Cosmetics x Batman collaboration does not have a release date announced in the video, but she did inform her 370 million Instagram followers that it is a “dream come true”

However, Kylie’s decision to collaborate with the DC Comics company left a lot of fans perplexed.

One person commented on TikTok, “Such a random cooperation.”

Another person said, “There are so many of these collections that I can’t even keep up with them.”

“Um, what’s up with all the collabs,” a third person interjected. “Sometimes it just feels recycled at this stage,” said one person.

One critic concurred, “Same colors, different packaging.”

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Sadly for Kylie, this isn’t the first time in recent memory that her admirers have made fun of her.

She received backlash for wearing a variety of outrageous clothes when attending Paris Fashion Week earlier this month, including a dramatic white Acne gown that admirers likened to a “fitting sheet” and a fluffy pink Balenciaga dress that reminded many of “Sesame Street.”


The cosmetics guru received mockery in August for a promotional photoshoot that included her posing as a scientist in her Kylie Cosmetics lab.

While posing in a white lab coat and announcing to her fans that she was “in the lab creating new magic,” Kylie was seen combining various components on a set of scales.


The Batman partnership was announced only a few short weeks after Kylie and her mother Kris, who is 66 years old, launched their own makeup collection.

At the beginning of this year, the celebrity also debuted fashion collections co-created with her sister Kendall and her best friend Stassie Karanikolaou.

Kylie Jenner (1)

Despite the arrival of her first child in February, Kylie has been keeping herself very busy this year.

It is her second child with Travis Scott, with whom she already shares custody of a daughter, Stormi, who is four years old. The unnamed son is their second child together.

In the most recent episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, she discussed how she is feeling about going back to work after giving birth to her baby.

The mother of two children expressed her sentiments as follows: “I feel like I’ve been incredibly spoiled these last few months simply being able to hang out with my daughter all day, and now I have my new baby.”

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