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How Did Nikki Glaser Miss Earning $1 Million from Episode 4 of Season 3 of Celebrity Wheel of Fortune?

On Sunday, September 9, three new celebrities competed in an all-new episode of ABC’s Celebrity Wheel of Fortune to win cash for a charity of their choice. Nikki Glaser came so close to earning $1 million this week.

Nikki Glaser, Tig Notaro, and Thomas Lennon competed on Celebrity Wheel of Fortune’s season three episode four to see who could raise the most money for their respective charities. Tig, Thomas, and Nikki all participated in charity games for the World Resources Institute, the Ocean Conservancy, and Dogs Without Borders.

Episode 4 of Season 3 of Celebrity Wheel of Fortune (1)

During this week’s bonus round, Nikki came very close to winning $1 million. Despite solving the challenge, she only received $100,000. Despite coming close to losing, the reality TV star managed to raise a sizable sum of money for the Ocean Conservancy.

Continue reading to discover Nikki Glaser’s wasted opportunity to win $1 million on Celebrity Wheel of Fortune.

How Nikki Glaser Nearly Won $1 Million for Her Charitable Organisation on Celebrity Wheel of Fortune!

The Fortune Wheel. In comparison to the other two celebrities on the show, she raised the most money for her charity, $49,000, by solving some of the most challenging questions. She gained the advantage and advanced to the bonus round as a result.

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Nikki selected Show Biz from the three options and made the decision to complete the puzzle. The comedian first had to spin the wheel to see if she would receive a prize of $1 million or less. The sum wasn’t made clear until she finished the puzzle once the pointer rested on the letter I.

Despite having a few letters on the board to assist her to get started, Nikki was able to select three additional consonants and one additional vowel to aid her in solving the puzzle. She went with C, G, and D. She picked the letter A as her preferred vowel.

Episode 4 of Season 3 of Celebrity Wheel of Fortune (2)

With only 10 seconds remaining, Nikki had to finish the puzzle and managed to do it toward the end. Funny Monologue was the name of the solved puzzle. When she won, host Pat Sajak revealed that the amount written behind the letter was $100,000 and she narrowly missed winning $1 million. The million dollars was located under the letter N, just a few letters away.

Nikki was happy that she won $100,000 for her charity during the bonus round, bringing her total to $149,100, even though she didn’t take home the $1 million prize.

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Aside from the bonus round, Nikki also had a chance to win a million dollars when spinning the wheel. However, the Celebrity Wheel of Fortune actress was unfortunate to miss her turn when she chose the incorrect alphabet.

Nikki and Tig didn’t earn much money for their charity during the second half of the renowned reality TV show, but Thomas Lennon was able to win over $50,000 and ended up competing in the second bonus round.

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In the end, the well-known actor figured out the riddle, but, like Nikki, she didn’t win the $1 million. He raised about $150,000 in total after winning $100,000 for his charity.

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