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The Mario Movie Teaser is Just as Evil as We Had Feared It Would Be!

The Mario Movie Teaser (2)

Nintendo has released the first trailer for the much anticipated “The Super Mario Bros. Movie,” an animated adventure that features some casting choices that are extremely meme-worthy. Fans were looking forward to seeing how off-kilter this movie could become with Chris Pratt playing Mario and Jack Black portraying Bowser.

The video was also simultaneously streamed at New York Comic Con, where it was viewed by almost 600,000 people at the same time it was released on Nintendo of America’s YouTube Channel.

The teaser was enjoyable despite the fact that it was only a few minutes long. The moment finally arrived in which we were able to hear Chris Pratt’s voice coming out of Mario’s animated form, and it was deliciously strange.

In addition to that, Keegan-Michael Key is already doing a fantastic job in the role of Toad, chastising Mario for mistaking him for a mushroom. Are you a toad with an attitude? Oh, hell yes.

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The beginning of the trailer shows Bowser acting like he’s back on his old tricks, trying to take our stars away like we’re playing “Mario Party.

The Koopa Troopas, who are soldiers in every sense of the word and live up to their name, accompany Bowser to his fortress in the snow, where he orders them to unlock the doors. In an effort to defend their territory, a few penguins have tried to attack him with snowballs, but their efforts have been in vain.

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To this point, it appears that Black has completely immersed himself in the character of the fearsome Mario antagonist.

“Are you at all aware of how much time it took for me to master the ability to breathe fire?” A previously filmed video with Black performing a deadpan appeared concurrently with the trailer. “Gene Simmons of Kiss was the one I needed to learn from!”

According to one of our very own staff members, Greg Kumparak, “Bowser looks terrible!” Mario is a stand-in for Chris Pratt.”

He has a valid point. Mario is shown to us as he emerges through a warp pipe into a mushroom-filled fantasy country; yet, he lands on the field all by himself, which is not a particularly impressive introduction.
To this point, Chris Pratt’s portrayal of Mario has more in common with Andy Dwyer than it does with Star-Lord, and we adore that about him.

Before the trailer was shown, Pratt was quoted as saying, “Becoming Mario has been a fantasy of mine for my entire life.” He can still vividly recall the countless hours he spent in his neighborhood laundromat playing the original Mario arcade game and stomping on Koopas.

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We did not get the opportunity to see any of the other performances from the star-studded cast, including Anya Taylor-Joy as Princess Peach, Charlie Day as Luigi, and Seth Rogen as Donkey Kong, who was a previous speaker at TechCrunch Disrupt. Maybe we’ll get a glimpse of them in the second trailer!

On April 7, 2023, “The Super Mario Bros. Movie” is scheduled to make its debut in theatres.

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