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Mcdonald’s Happy Meals Will Feature a Spooky New Design for Halloween!

On October 18, McDonald’s announced the return of their Boo Bucket Happy Meals for a limited time. The chain reportedly stopped using boo buckets six years ago, as reported by Axios. The announcement comes after McDonald’s began offering “Happy Meals” for mature customers.

The Happy Meal buckets known as “Boo Buckets” are a staple of the chain’s Halloween packaging. According to All Recipes, “the Halloween pails will contain the original three figures from 1986: McBoo (a ghost), McPunk’n (a pumpkin), and McGoblin (a witch).”

According to CNET, there are three distinct color options for these buckets: white for the ghost, orange for the pumpkin, and green for the witch. It was also mentioned that the box appears to have a new, peculiar ornamental lid.

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You can only buy these buckets till Halloween.

From what we can gather from KSHB, there are nine distinct boo buckets, three of each hue, and three of each face design. You’ll need to consume a lot of Happy Meals if you intend to complete your collection.

Mcdonald (1)

Only available till Halloween, these buckets.

There are nine distinct boo buckets, each with three distinct faces and three different colors, according to KSHB. You will need to consume a lot of Happy Meals if you want to gather them all.

It appears that their requests received swift attention. From October 18 to Halloween, Boo Buckets will be offered.

Adult Happy Meals Are Anxiety-inducing for Mcdonald’s Staff 

Receive in line since it can take some time to get it, I mean that really. Unfortunately for the front-line McDonald’s staff, the meals—which come with toys created by the streetwear brand Cactus Plant Flea Market—have proven to be popular. It appears that we might be dealing with a Rick and Morty Szechuan sauce disaster.

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According to reports, the large number of customers queuing up to purchase the adult Happy Meals is stressful for the staff. According to Fortune, the staff “are pleading with customers to stop ordering adult Happy Meals.” Among his or her coworkers, the McD’s employee could “see the stress.”


You may choose between a Big Mac or a 10-piece nugget when you order the meal, which also comes with fries, a drink, the limited-edition packaging, and a toy from Cactus Plant Flea Market. It has become a real trend due to nostalgia.

People who work at McDonald’s have been expressing their annoyance with the customers that come in to eat on a subreddit dedicated to employees of the fast food restaurant. Read the following comment:

My level of tension at work reached an all-time high on the first day we got them. In addition to the five or six persons who had already called out, we lost three more people because of the huge storm. It wore me out completely. On the same night, we used up what we had, but we have more now. can hardly wait until my next shift begins.

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If there is one thing that has gone right for the employees at McDonald’s, it’s that they’ve almost completely run out of the adult versions of the Happy Meal. People took to the subreddit to express their delight at the fact that the local retailer had sold out of the boxes and toys they had been looking for.

It’s not uncommon to hear people say things like, “Everyone in my store was thrilled when we ran out of toys.” In addition to this, the subreddit claims that a significant number of stores have run out of stock.

Anecdotally, since I posted an article about the adult Happy Meal on Tuesday, I’ve been trying to get my hands on one so that I can test it out for Mashable. The McDonald’s near me has been closed during the entire incident. When I try to place an order for the Cactus Plant Flea Market lunch, the app on my phone looks like the following.

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