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Is David Dobrik Dating: A Look Into David Dobrik’s Private Life!

David Dobrik waited a while to go back into the dating scene after his public relationship and separation with a fellow YouTuber. David Dobrik’s admirers were reportedly left wondering who he was dating after he teased them into believing he was dating his assistant.

Dobrik gained notoriety via uploading viral videos to the video-sharing software Vine during his high school years before its popularity began to decline. He completed college and then headed out to Los Angeles to pursue a career as a YouTuber.

His online popularity surged not long after, and when they didn’t star Kendall and Kylie Jenner, his Vlog Squad buddies were front and center in the clips.


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Dobrik’s estimated $15 million net worth comes from his YouTube channel, Clickbait clothing line, and numerous endorsement deals. Dobrik also co-hosted a podcast with Vlog Squad member Jason Nash.

His material centered on practical jokes, extravagant gifts to pals, and excessive spending. Dobrik used his newfound fame to hire Natalie Matiduena as an assistant. She knew Matiduena from high school, and he wasn’t a famous internet personality like Dobrik.

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As time went on, the YouTuber and his assistant became close friends, leading many to believe that she was secretly dating the star despite the fact that her duties mostly involved bringing him coffee and fielding phone calls. Fans’ excitement was piqued when Matiduena relocated from Chicago to be with her boyfriend.

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Dobrik gave Matiduena a car in December 2018, and the two of them posed with their arms around one another and enormous smiles in front of a white Mercedes-Benz with a big red ribbon. However, in a 2019 interview, Dobrik clarified the situation and said:

The close friends and coworkers were together during the pandemic, and Dobrik claimed that despite spending a lot of time “trapped inside” with each other, they never “hooked up.”


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Dobrik acknowledged having a crush on Matiduena in high school, despite denials to the contrary. In 2019, he admitted it and recounted how she had asked him to a high school dance his Freshman year.

After Matiduena inquired as to whether he had feelings for her, he became a nervous mess. Dobrik tried to tell Matiduena the day after the dance that he thought she looked lovely in her outfit but gave in to dread.

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He acknowledged that he was relieved he never got it off his chest because doing so would have strained their connection. He referred to his love for Matiduena as “stupid” and “dumb,” but as he grew older, their romance became “different.” In reference to his crush on Matiduena, he said:

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Dobrik and Charlotte D’Alessio appeared together in a perfume commercial in 2020, with the idea being that they were a couple out on a date. When the advertisement created rumors of a romance, Dorbrik jokingly stated that he was happy to learn he had a new girlfriend. However, when he texted D’Alessio, she responded that the conversations were untrue.

He acknowledged that he admired the model and believed that she shared his feelings, but they were still “not there.” Immediately following the end of his one and only romance with Liza Koshy, Dobrik was also connected to Lori Loughlin’s daughter, Olivia Jade.


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After videos of Jade spending time at his home surfaced, fans believed he was daring her. Madison Beer was the female in the video that many mistook for Jade, according to a Dobrik representative.

While Dobrik and Jade remained silent about their relationship, admirers once more conjectured that Dobrik had turned down Beer’s approaches. Dobrik clarified the situation and stated that he detested the accusations that he rejected Beer on his podcast, Views with Nash:


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Beer asked him whether he had ever turned her down, and he said, “No,” adding that it was “the only story” and that they had never dated. Dobrik wed in 2019 in a Vegas ceremony before his alleged relationship with Beer.

Dobrik, a popular YouTuber, flew to Nash’s house and wed his mother, Lorraine Nash after Nash predicted that he would never find love and get married. Shortly after, he posted on Instagram to reveal the news of their split, writing:

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Dobrik said that he spent over $30 000 on both the wedding and the divorce, which ended their month-long marriage. Despite his marriage and claimed relationships, Dorbrik had only ever had one. He dated Koshy from 2015 until 2018, when they made an emotional YouTube breakup video that, as of this writing, has received over 50 million views.


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Koshy started the breakup, but it was a mutual choice; they both acknowledged that there was work to be done. Dobrik acknowledged spending time with Koshy almost two years after their breakup and said they decided to stay “best friends.” In regards to their split, Dobrik said:

“We couldn’t stay together any longer because it was unhealthy. Because we’d been so busy, she felt like we’d been distant. I was also feeling it on my side, much to my chagrin.”

They made the decision to split up after becoming estranged as a result of their demanding work schedules; they lived different lives and found it difficult to accept the fact. Since they were “mad” that they had initially grown apart, they chose not to tell anyone the news.

David Dobrik declared following his divorce from Lorraine that he would wait before entering the dating world again. And even though he was taking his time with dating, Dobrik claimed to be very clear about what he was seeking:

“What’s most important to me is finding someone who is self-aware.”

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