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Big Sky Season 3 Debut Date, Channel, and Live Stream Information!

Reba McEntire has been cast as Sunny Barnes, whose property has experienced several disappearances and possible killings. Jensen Ackles, who played the Sheriff in the second season, will now be a full-time cast member. Rosanna Arquette, a new cast member, joins the show as Jenny’s adulterous mother.

Cassie Dewell and Jenny Hoyt’s Mountain Secret Uncovered in ‘Deadly Tails’ Season 3 Episode 1: “Do You Love Apples?”

Helena’s relative tranquility is disturbed when the Barnes arrange for out-of-town excursions on a sunny day. When they arrive, everything begins to go wrong. Cassie must investigate the disappearance of the backpacker and collaborate with the town’s new Sheriff, Beau, and Jenny to solve the crime.

Big Sky Season 3 (1)

The danger is hidden between every gnarled tree and gravel. Detective Cassie Dewell, Deputy Sheriff Jenny Hoyt, and new Sheriff Beau Arlen keep the peace in Helena, Montana, using their unrivaled investigative skills. Sunny Barnes’ local retreat goes wrong, and the three are presented with the most terrifying mystery of their lives.


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A Synopsis of Criminal History Story:

While researching a scam with Beau, Jenny learns a connection to the crime that leaves her speechless. Additionally, a camper at Sunny Day Excursions has vanished, and Emily, Beau’s similarly obstinate daughter, is determined to solve the case. Sunny, however, is adamant about tying up any loose ends, so she may wind up with more as a result of her investigation.

Big Sky Season 3 (4)

In the midst of all of this and the ongoing search for the missing backpacker, Cassie and Denise come across a peculiar man on the side of the road who might be able to point them in a new direction.

Description of Big Sky Season 3, Courtesy of Abc:

With their unmatched investigative abilities, private investigator Cassie Dewell, deputy sheriff Jenny Hoyt, and newly elected sheriff Beau Arlen uphold law and order in Helena, Montana. The group, however, tackles their most difficult puzzle yet when a local wilderness excursion organized by charming outfitter Sunny Barnes goes horribly wrong. In this case, no camper can be trusted, and danger lurks around every jagged rock and gnarled tree.


1. Is it possible to watch Big Sky for free?

Yes, you can watch the show for free on FuboTV, which offers a 30-day free trial to new customers.

2. In Big Sky 3, who portrays Jenny’s adulterous mother?

Rosanna Arquette is the answer.

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