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The Cnn Probe Into Jim Sciutto’s ‘personal Situation’ Has Led to Him Taking a Leave of Absence From Work!

Jim Sciutto, a CNN anchor, has taken a leave of absence as the network investigates his behavior.

Sciutto had a “severe fall” earlier this year while waiting to return to the United States after an assignment in Ukraine. Even though CNN provided direct flights to the United States from Poland, the veteran anchor nonetheless reportedly flew through Amsterdam on his return journey, as revealed by Confider of The Daily Beast.

cnn anchor jim sciutto

According to The Daily Beast, CNN asked Sciutto to address a personal matter.”

Sciutto is the weekday morning host of CNN Newsroom from 9:00 to 11:00. After spending time at ABC News, he made the move to our network in 2013.

Bill Weir of Cnn is Unprepared for Hurricane Ian

Hurricane Ian devastated the southeast last week, and Bill Weir of CNN is looking back on the storm’s destructive path. Weir tells Deadline that he did not anticipate the severity of the storm on Tuesday night.

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Rapid intensification is the new buzzword. When I went to bed on Tuesday night, the storm had weakened to around Category 2. The call came in at 5 a.m. [on Wednesday]. “It’s now a Category 4,” the operator said. Everyone was taken aback by this development. Be prepared. The same event happened a week ago on the opposite side of the planet in the South China Sea, where Typhoon Noru surged from a Category 1 to a 5 in under 12 hours.

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People’s perceptions were completely altered. Those CNN meteorologists had never seen anything like it in all their years of experience. Again, when it comes to hurricanes, the more warning time there is, the more lives can be saved through evacuation and preparation.

Weather expert Ginger Zee of ABC News reflected on how Hurricane Ian’s route was different from those of other catastrophic hurricanes.

cnn anchor jim sciutto (2)

“Unlike Hurricane Laura or Ida in recent years, when the forecast was within a few miles of the actual track for a week in advance [from the National Hurricane Center], Ian’s trajectory fluctuated substantially because both long-term computer models that we rely on were extremely different. Due to the European model’s insistence that a significant hurricane will strike Fort Myers on that Wednesday, my producer and I felt confident in booking a trip there as early as the previous Saturday.

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The NHC started to show signs of being impacted by the American model, which was much further north, as Monday, the day of our departure, drew near. Our management is very adaptable, so they were able to assist us to make the necessary preparations and get us to a safe location well in advance of the storm, which validated our decision to leave Tampa and proceed south. For a full six hours, we were surrounded by Ian’s forbidding eye wall.

As a direct result of Ian’s rampage in Florida and South Carolina, at least one hundred individuals lost their lives, and more than forty thousand were forced to seek temporary refuge elsewhere.

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