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Hbo’s ‘the White Lotus’ Season 2: Official Teaser, Release Date, and Cast Details

HBO has just unveiled the teaser for the upcoming second season. In addition to returning cast member Jennifer Coolidge, newcomers Meghann Fahy, Aubrey Plaza, and F. Murray Abraham have been added to the ensemble.

Put on a smile that will persuade people. It won’t be long before we say hello to a brand-new season of The White Lotus.

It’s been a little over a year since the critically acclaimed series on HBO brought viewers on a trip to Hawaii that they will never forget. At the Emmys in September, the satirical show that depicts entitled guests at a wealthy resort won a total of nine honors, including the award for best limited or anthology series.

the White Lotus' Season 2 (1)

During the same month, The White Lotus sent out a long-awaited postcard, which announced that the second part would be released on October 30.

Thursday saw the release of the official teaser for the upcoming season of Westworld on HBO, and it appears like more turmoil is on the way. You are welcome to examine it in the following.

Mike White, who previously competed on the CBS show Survivor and was the creator of the comedy-drama series Enlightened on HBO, is responsible for writing and directing the second season. The majority of the story takes place at a resort in Sicily, and it focuses on a new cast of characters.

Jennifer Coolidge will reprise her role as the affluent and self-absorbed resort guest Tanya McQuoid, while comedian and actress Aubrey Plaza will be joining the cast. Both of these developments are sure to pique your interest. Everything you need to know about the second season of The White Lotus is provided here.

Who is Going to Be in Italy?

This season at the White Lotus, the cast is almost entirely comprised of newcomers. The following are some generic character descriptions, courtesy of HBO, along with the actors who are portraying those roles in the show.

This piece of news is as relaxing as a massage at a luxury resort spa: Jennifer Coolidge will reprise her role as Tanya for the upcoming season after earning an Emmy for her performance in the previous one.

Tanya will be accompanied in Sicily by Greg (Jon Gries), whom she first met in Hawaii during the first season, and a new character named Portia, who will serve as her assistant (Haley Lu Richardson). Greg, who is now married to Tanya, is not happy that Portia is accompanying him and Tanya on their trip of a lifetime together as a couple.

the White Lotus' Season 2 (2)

Bert is getting older and more fragile, yet he still considers himself to be strong and capable. Dominic, a successful Hollywood producer, is taking his family on a trip to investigate their lineage in their ancient homeland. Sweet Albie, who recently graduated from college, is usually the one to maintain harmony.


The trip is being shared by two different couples. First, there’s Daphne, a stay-at-home mom played by Meghann Fahy, and Cameron, a successful businessman (Theo James). The other pair is comprised of Cameron’s college roommate Ethan (Will Sharpe), who has just achieved professional success, and Cameron’s college roommate Ethan’s wife Harper (Aubrey Plaza).

the White Lotus' Season 2 (1)

The English ex-pat Quentin, played by Tom Hollander, is having a catch-up conversation with his nephew Jack (Leo Woodall). You should also be familiar with two people who live in Sicily: the gifted singer Mia (played by Beatrice Grann), and Lucia (played by Simona Tabasco), who often visits the White Lotus resort in the hopes of finding a job.

Last but not least, Valentina, played by Sabrina Impacciatore, is the resort’s hardworking manager and is in control.

When Will the Second Season of the White Lotus Begin Airing?

HBO will air the premiere of the second season of The White Lotus on October 30 at 9 p.m. ET/PT, and it will also be available to stream on HBO Max.

How Many Episodes Are There Going to Be in Total?

The second season of The White Lotus consists of seven individual episodes. Similar to the first season, this one also takes place over the course of a single week at a resort.

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