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Cast and Character Guide for’Grey’s Anatomy’ Season 19 Who Are the New Interns?

“We recruited you for your fight, not your grades,” someone said. In Grey’s Anatomy Season 19, a new group of residents is ready to begin their practicum at the Seattle Grace Hospital, as the official trailer indicates. Since Season 1, this is the first time the program has introduced a totally new main cast.

The interns are prepared to take up the reins now that Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo) has less screen time in this episode of the series. Fans of the show’s early seasons would recognize their interaction as the protagonist Izzie (Katherine Heigl), Christina (Sandra Oh), George (TR Knight), and Alex was always present (Justin Chambers). In August, James Pickens Jr. (who plays Dr. Richard Webber) posted on Instagram to let everyone know about the new cast members.

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These individuals, each with a unique past, are prepared to put on scrubs and save lives. Here is a helpful cast and character guide for the interns in the medical drama so you can stay up to date on the fresh faces you will get to see this season. Check out the official synopsis for “Everything Has Changed,” the Season 19 premiere, first:

Benson “Blue” Kwan is Played by Harry Shum Jr.

Blue is impatient and competitive, so it is no surprise that he has his sights set on distinguishing himself from the other residents in the group. The guy is driven, yet he does not hide the generous part of his personality from others. Harry Shum Jr. will take on the role of Blue in Season 19, and he has maintained a demanding schedule in the world of television for many years.

'Grey's Anatomy' Season 19

The actor’s career got off to a flying start when he played Mike Chang on Glee. Chang was a dancer who didn’t know how to sing correctly. After that, the actor went on to star in another teen blockbuster series, Shadowhunters.

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In the 2018 iteration of the awards show, the People’s Choice Award for Best Male TV Star went to the actor playing the latter role. Earlier in the year 2022, Shum Jr. appeared in the feature film Everything Everywhere All At Once, which was produced by A24.

Jules Millin is Played by Adelaide Kane

Because she is the only adult figure in her family, Ules takes the weight of being the sole mature figure, which means that she can be a bit demanding. While she is assisting in the emergency room and attempting to find her footing at Seattle Grace, the resident may be involved in a romantic relationship with Dr. Atticus Lincoln (played by Chris Carmack).

At least, that is what the official trailer seems to be implying when the doctor confesses to Meredith that he had mistakenly slept with one of the interns.

'Grey's Anatomy' Season 19 (1)

Meredith is shocked by the news. Even further, Dr. Grey makes a note about avoiding elevators, which, as the viewers are well aware, were a common meeting place for her and Derek in the early stages of their relationship.

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Just as Harry Shum Jr. has prior experience in the TV circle, Adelaide Kane has also had her fair share of experience on television. The actress has been in a number of popular television programs, including Teen Wolf and Once Upon a Time, in addition to her role as Mary, Queen of Scots in the CW period drama Reign, for which she is best known. Most recently, she appeared in the most recent season of This Is Us, which you might have seen.

Lucas Adams is Played by Niko Terho

The competition has begun, and Lucas is resolved to prove his value as a surgeon by displaying charisma and a willingness to learn from his superiors at the hospital. This intern is willing to work till late hours and will do all it takes to demonstrate that he is far more than his average grades indicate. In Season 19, Niko Terho will play the role of Lucas Adams, and this will be the second time that Jake Borelli will appear with him in a starring role.

'Grey's Anatomy' Season 19 (2)

The comedic film titled The Thing About Harry, which was released in 2020, marked the first time that the two actors collaborated on a project. This is the actor’s first significant job on television, and judging by the glimpse we got of him in the teaser, this performance has the potential to be his breakthrough role.

Simone Griffith is Played by Alexis Floyd

Simone is familiar with the hospital and feels comfortable there. Even though she just moved to Seattle Grace, she has spent her entire life in the city, and she is still struggling with the effects of the trauma that was caused by her job. It is not the first time that Alexis Floyd has been on one of the shows produced by Shondaland.

'Grey's Anatomy' Season 19 (3)

In the early months of 2018, the actress portrayed Neff, one of Anna Delvey’s closest friends, in the limited series Inventing Anna, which was broadcast on Netflix. Prior to that, she also had a recurring part on The Bold Type, which airs on Freeform, and in the series Dickinson, which airs on Apple TV Plus. It would be intriguing to see the actress as she becomes even more visible in the medical show because she will be a regular on the show.

Mika Yasuda is Played by Midori Francis

Mika is accustomed to being undermined at home as a result of her position as the middle child in a family with a total of eight children. She is also a prankster, and her goofy sense of humor has the potential to land her in some precarious situations during her residence. Throughout her time at the hospital, it will be fascinating to observe whether or not she demonstrates the capacity to be successful in the medical industry.

'Grey's Anatomy' Season 19 (4)

It’s possible that you’ll recognize Midori Francis from her role as Emma Hsueh, an Anders Prep Academy student, in the television show Gotham. Since then, she has starred in the Netflix Christmas romantic comedy Dash & Lily, for which she received a nomination for an Emmy Award.

In addition to these two shows, you might also recognize her from the HBO series The Sex Lives of College Girls, which is created and starred by Mindy Kaling.

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