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Why Can’t Stanley Tucci Stay Away From Restaurant Kitchens?

Stanley Tucci is far more knowledgeable about food than he used to be.

That makes sense given that he is now filming the second season of his Emmy-winning CNN series, “Stanley Tucci: Searching for Italy.” Tucci travels around Italy, learning about – and educating his audience on – the country’s food, people, and culture.

The lessons have come in useful for the Oscar nominee, who also enjoys cooking.

Tucci recently told CNN, “Now I know why something doesn’t work, and that’s a really essential thing to know.” “It may appear to be a negative thing, but it is not. “You think to yourself, ‘Oh, all these needs is this.'”

For example, on the day he spoke with CNN, he detailed a robust dish he had just made for himself in which he fried beans with onion and garlic, added carrots and celery, transformed it into a soup with chicken stock, and naturally served it over pasta.

Tucci appears to have discovered the proper recipe for a popular culinary show. He remembered a buddy telling him about a family member who works as a driver in Italy and gets requests for “the Stanley Tucci tour.”

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Tucci stated that the upcoming season of “Searching for Italy” will include videos filmed with a wider lens to better show the public the “relationship between the people, the food, and the space” in Italy.

It’s the kind of artistic change one would anticipate from a man who has spent decades delivering stories on film and television.

“The amazing thing about working on “Searching for Italy” was that we were continuously learning through discovering new things, but you were also discovering all these incredible people and all these new incredible places,” he remarked.

Stanley Tucci (1)

One of the first episodes of Season 2 places Tucci in a very poignant situation.

For an episode set in Calabria, the actor was accompanied by his parents, Stanley Tucci, Sr., and Joan (née Tropiano).

“It was fantastic,” Tucci remarked of walking the same streets as his forefathers with his parents. “It was very moving for me.”

Tucci’s family and food go hand in hand. He stated that he wishes to instill his passion and appreciation for food in his children.

“That they respect the effort that people put in to grow good food, raise good food, and then make good food,” he wants for his children. “That they end up having an appreciation for.” And then there’s the cooking and sharing and all the beautiful things that come from it.”

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Tucci told CNN that he has always been interested in eating intellectually.

“When we filmed [his 1996 film] ‘Big Night’ a long time ago, this movie we made over 30 years ago, I believed I would have gotten my fondness for food out of my system,” Tucci stated. “But, instead, the opposite happened, and I became increasingly fascinated with it.”

Tucci says it’s tough for him to go into a restaurant he likes and “not insinuate myself into the kitchen.”

Is this to say that chefs don’t invite Tucci, the best-selling author of “Taste: My Life Through Food,” to the back of the house?

Stanley Tucci (2)

“Well, they do,” Tucci laughed. “They almost always do.”

It’s an unusual situation for a man who was diagnosed with oral cancer in 2017 and had a tumor removed from his tongue.

He claims that his metabolism is even greater now that he has had radiation as part of his cancer treatment, and that this, together with working out, has enabled him not to gain weight while dining for business.

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Tucci stated that the show began filming a little more than a year after he finished therapy.

“I honestly don’t know how I accomplished it,” he admitted. “I think I was around 15 pounds lighter than I am now.” I could taste everything, but I couldn’t eat much of it. I had to be quite cautious.”

“Fortunately, I’m an actor, so I’d pretend I was swallowing something,” he continued, smiling.

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