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In the “Likkle Miss (Remix)” Video, Skeng is Joined by Nicki Minaj!

Nicki Minaj released Queen Radio: Volume 1 last month, which includes both brand-new songs and notable singles from the discography of the Young Money artist. The outstanding track “Likkle Miss (Remix),” which features Skeng, a rising artist in Jamaica, as well as Minaj, was given a fresh video over the weekend.

The music, which was created by Droptop Records and DiTruth Records, is ideal for Minaj’s patois-infused rhymes about sex and street life. And I said, “Ayy, gunman, terrible b**ch, mi ah yuh Don?” Mi body is done up and dem Gyal dem ah mi fan, ah trigger man put ring deh pon mi hand,

mi put mi likkle tight up hole deh pon yuh john, boom-boom, dancehall need this, di whole place shakes it, that a** clappin’ on his d**k all night, he in Jamaica movin’ bricks all white, as soon as I see him, I’m an f**.

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The accompanying video, which was directed by Drevinci and GTown, features Skeng and Minaj in the midst of a crowded party. The duo has also been seen rapping while driving a luxurious convertible. Nicki Minaj criticized YouTube for putting an age restriction on the aforementioned video shortly after it hit the ground:

Nicki Minaj (1)

“Consider this. They blocked my f**king video, yet their bogus [f**king] platform has far worse conditions. They do this while running advertisements for other [people] and displaying FAKE [F**KING] STATS in an effort to prevent you from winning.

because the same individuals who operate YouTube have business relationships with a particular record label and [management] firm… LYOR IT BETTER NOT BE YOU, GO SUCK OUT YA MUDDA BIG PUM PUM.

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Lizzo Is Making History, Nicki Minaj Gets What She Wants, SZA Is A Rising Star In Times Next 100, and More!

Lizzo Is Making History, Nicki Minaj Gets What She Wants, SZA Is A Rising Star In Times Next 100, and More!

Nicki Minaj Obtains What She Desires!

Nicki Minaj got what she wanted when YouTube relaxed the restriction after she criticized the platform for placing age limits on her new music video, “Likkle Miss” Remix. The Barbz have since increased the number of views on the Caribbean-inspired images. We can see why The Queen was granted her wish after receiving over 1.5 million views to date!

Nicki Minaj, Baby Tate, FKA Twigs, and More New Music This Week

Happy Friday, everybody. It only seems fitting that we ring in October with a bang as we bid September farewell. Therefore, fresh music is released every month.

This week’s earlier releases include Ciara’s “Better Thangs,” a joint effort with Summer Walker of LVRN, and Nicki Minaj’s “Likkle Miss” remix music video. Today sees the release of three new mixtapes: Mani/Pedi by Baby Tate, Intergalactic by Kid Cudi in connection with his film of the same name, and Raw by Dess Dior.

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Our list also contains songs by DRAM, FKA twigs, Dess Dior, and others. It also includes Smino’s tune “90 Proof,” which features J. Cole.

Below is a list of today’s new music releases.

“Likkle Miss” by Nicki Minaj and Skeng (Remix)

Recently, Minaj debuted a new music video for “Likkle Miss (Remix)” in which she collaborates with emerging Jamaican musician Skeng to revamp his most recent song. View it here

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