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Here’s a Rundown of Christian Bale and Leonardo Dicaprio’s Rivalry!

Many fans are asking if Christian Bale and Leonardo DiCaprio are at odds after the American Psycho actor’s GQ interview.

Christian and Leonardo both gained popularity in the 1990s as up-and-coming leading men in a variety of movies, but their rivalry intensified as they were always vying for gigs. In a recent interview with GQ, Christian was frank in his responses regarding his extensive cinematic background.

The Thor: Love and Thunder actor said, “Oh, dude. In the 1990s, Leo was cast in movies five times more frequently than Christian. Not just me, either. Look, everybody who receives a part now only does so because he previously declined it.

No matter what anyone tells you, ignore it. How cordial you are with the directors is irrelevant. Everyone I’ve collaborated with more than once gave him the first option for each of those responsibilities. Right? One of those people actually said that to me. Leo gets to choose literally everything he does, so thank you for that. And congratulations to him; he is amazing.

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The casting decisions didn’t bother him. “Are you aware of how thankful I am for anything? Christian couldn’t do what he did. I wouldn’t want his exposure. And he’s great. I suppose practically everyone his age in Hollywood owes their careers to him passing on a project.

The Dark Knight star reportedly had a lengthy history of anger or rivalry with Leo. Christian Bale and Leonardo DiCaprio feuded?

Did Bale and Dicaprio Feud?

Do Leonardo DiCaprio and Christian Bale feud? Perhaps, but it’s one-sided. The Newsies star had problems competing with Ewan McGregor and Leo.

Christian Bale’s publicist Harrison Cheung wrote, “DiCaprio. The name scorched Christian. This Boy’s Life and What’s Eating Gilbert Grape were lost to DiCaprio. Christian had read for Mercutio in Romeo + Juliet, but an African-American was cast instead.


Christian auditioned for Titanic’s Jack Dawson but lost to Leo. Harrison stated, “Christian also auditioned for Jack Dawson in Titanic, but James Cameron didn’t want two British lead actors portraying the two American leads,” referring to Kate Winslet, who got the role of Rose.

Leo Almost Played American Psycho

After Titanic, Leo would have played Patrick Bateman in American Psycho. Christian’s famous character. Mary Harron wanted to cast Christian Bale but was sacked. Because of artistic issues, Oliver and Leo left the production. Mary and Christian rejoined the cult film.

Screenwriter Guinevere Turner said Christian’s stepmother Gloria Steinem (who married his father David Bale in 2000) may have pushed Leo to leave the project. Guinevere’s buddy reported Gloria Steinem escorted Leonardo DiCaprio to a Yankees game. “She said, ‘Don’t make this movie,'” A planet full of 13-year-old girls are waiting to see what you do after Titanic, and this movie will have awful violence against women. Who knows what occurred after Leo dropped out?

Leonardo Dicaprio

Christian “is obsessed” with becoming Patrick Bateman to obtain the job. “Creepy. He’d say “It’s Patrick” in a great American accent, a source informed Harrison.

Christian went up to GQ about American Psycho’s financial troubles. He answered, “They paid me the legal minimum.” “Makeup artists laughed at me since I was paid less than them,” Bale said “nobody wanted me to do” American Psycho except director Mary Harron, which lowered his pay. Bale explained that they indicated they’d only make it if they paid him. “I prepared while others played the role. Preparations continued. It progressed. I’m crazy. I reclaimed it.”

Leo and Christian have never worked together yet have had successful Hollywood careers. Leo’s net worth is $260 million to Christian’s $120 million (Celebrity Net Worth), however, Christian won an Oscar first for his supporting part in The Fighter. Leo didn’t win his first Oscar until 2016 for Revenant, and he had to fight a bear to earn it. Who knows who’s better?

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