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Chucky Season 2 Opens With Major Character Death

The second season of Chucky starts off with a huge explosion and what appears to be a significant fatality. This is something that fans of the show have come to expect. In point of fact, there is a loud explosion. Fans may remember that the first season of the series saw the return of Alex Vincent as Andy Barclay.

Vincent was the actor who played Andy Barclay in the first two films of the Child’s Play movie franchise, and he reprised his role as Andy Barclay in the series. At the conclusion of the first season, Andy was driving a massive delivery truck that was stuffed with more than seventy Chucky dolls, all of which were possessed by the serial murderer portrayed by Brad Dourif.

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When that happens, things will inevitably turn out badly. The reveal is coming up! When we pick off right where we left off at the end of the first season, Andy is still at the wheel of the truck, and the Tiffany doll is still pointing a pistol at him. As he continues to travel, he comes to the realization that the Chucky dolls that are stored in the back of the truck do not remember him, and they are also unaware of who Tiffany is.

chucky season 2 episode 1

It’s hilarious that they have such a strong inclination to be attracted to Tiffany but such a strong repulsion to Andy. Andy is able to seize the gun that Doll Tiffany is carrying, turning it on her and shooting her head clean off. This is accomplished through some deception on Andy’s part. After this, however, something clicks, and all of the Chucky dolls remember Andy. This results in seventy Chucky dolls going rampant in an attempt to reach the front and kill their first friend till the end.

The Chucky dolls scale the truck’s roof in order to reach their target, but Andy has his eyes set on the neighboring Hackensack Gorge. Andy makes careful to add “This is for Kyle!” while they are heading for the enormous cliff drop. Kyle was Andy’s babysitter in Child’s Play 2 and she was thought to have died at the beginning of season one. It becomes abundantly evident that no one will survive this ordeal as the truck falls to the depths of the gorge and the numerous Chucky dolls scream for their life.

To drive the point home even further, the show shows a sight of a massive lit cross that rests above the gorge. The cross gets even brighter as the truck explodes at the bottom of the gorge. Later on in the episode, however, our main characters are confronted by at least one living Chucky doll, who informs them that Andy has passed away.

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However, according to the norm of horror films and television shows, we never saw a body; so, despite the fact that it seems certain that Andy Barclay has passed away for good, the possibility still exists for him to make a comeback wearing a wicked eye patch. The second season of Chucky has begun airing on USA Network and SYFY with new episodes debuting every Wednesday at 9 PM Eastern Time.

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