‘bling Empire’s Kevin and Kelly Dish on Their New Relationships and Finding the One (Exclusive)


Fresh chapter, exciting new romantic adventures! Before the premiere of the third season of Bling Empire on Wednesday, stars Kelly Mi Li and Kevin Kreider told Entertainment Tonight that they have both recently entered into new romantic partnerships. The conclusion of Bling Empire season 2 saw the shocking appearance of Kelly’s former boyfriend, Andrew Gray, which left her romantic prospects uncertain.

On the other hand, it would appear that things are getting significantly less stressful for her now that her troubles with Andrew appear to have been finally resolved. In an interview with ET, Kelly said,I certainly found the one. I’m happy off the market.” Kelly referred to herself as “happily off the market.” When you find the one you’ve been looking for, you know without a doubt that “there are still truly wonderful guys out there.” She expressed her satisfaction with her new romantic partner by saying, “I can list and list, he is exactly everything I have ever desired.”

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Regarding the fact that Andrew showed up at a party that Anna threw, Anna stated that she was “startled” to see him. She stated, “I believe I was able to put that out of my memory.” “What exactly took place is what I want to know. Was he in attendance? I must admit that I became angry, and it’s possible that I became angry for no good reason.” She revealed that the exes were able to put the past behind them and move on.

“I think we got our closure not when the cameras were on, but rather when we were off-season,” she revealed. “I think that’s when we got our closure.” I am truly thankful for the relationship because it has taught me a great deal about who I am and I send my best wishes to the other person. “I mean, there was never a scarcity of love in our relationship before, but it was just that he, you know, I believe he’s a good person and I just don’t think we are suitable for each other,” she continued. “I mean, there was never a shortage of love in our relationship before.”

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Sometimes there are just two people that aren’t meant to be together, and when they are, they bring out the worst in each other. Kevin also chatted to ET about his new love after his turbulent romance with co-star Kim Lee came to an end. Of course, Kelly’s love life is not the only romantic drama that takes place in season 3, but it is one of the more prominent ones. Fans watched Kim candidly tell Kevin that he’s not her type in the teaser for the upcoming new episodes, which appeared to be the culmination of the couple’s drama after two seasons of going back and forth with each other.

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Kim has stated to ET that she “hates the way it was edited,” and despite the fact that she has been subjected to a lot of criticism for being too harsh on him, Kim has pointed out that Kevin also came with a lot of warning signs. For instance, he had previously expressed interest in Kelly before he chose to pursue her as a romantic interest.

She expressed her opinion by stating, “He kept pushing me, pushing me, and I’m like no, I don’t really want to go there.” “I had no choice,” she said, referring to her decision to let Kevin know that he wasn’t her type. “You absolutely have to be reminded of that at times.” In spite of the tension that exists right now, Kevin is currently in a new relationship, and his ex-girlfriend Kim claims that he has finally met his “true love.”

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