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Say I Love You Season 2 Release Date: is Season 3 Going to Be Released or Canceled? 

You should check out the first season of ‘Say I Love You if you’re a fan of emotionally-charged, dramatic anime. Say I Love You Season 2 is probably what you’re looking for if the first season is already over. The television show is an adaptation of the manga of the same name that was written by Kanae Hazuki and published in Japan.

The title of the series alludes to the fact that it is a love story between a high school student and a young child named Mei. The plot of most contemporary anime shows revolves around a high school setting, and such is the case with this program as well. Nevertheless, it serves as a separate plot, which assists in tying the story to the old pound currency.

Say I Love You Season 2 Release Date: Is Season 3 Going to Be Released or Canceled?

The first season of ‘Say I Love You’ premiered on October 7, 2012, and it ran for a total of 12 episodes before being canceled on December 12, 2012. After this, a one-episode OVA aired on July 24, 2013, and it was the next thing that happened. Since then, the show has gained a significant amount of popularity, and a growing number of fans have been calling for a second season to be produced.

say i love you season 2 release date

When we compare anime to manga, we see that the anime barely covers any of the volumes that have previously been released. This indicates that there is a significant amount of source material that has not yet been covered by the anime. The likelihood of getting a second season of the show appeared to be quite high a few years ago; however, now that almost seven years have passed since the show’s initial broadcast and the fact that we haven’t heard anything from the production company about it, it makes me wonder if we’ll ever get a new season of the show.

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It is my sincere hope that “Say I Love You” will not be one of those shows that only lasts for one season, but based on how things are currently shaping up, it appears like this might be the case. Nevertheless, in the extremely unlikely event that the show is, in fact, renewed, this section will be updated as soon as we find out when ‘Say I Love You season 2 will be made available on Netflix.

What is the Plot of Say I Love You?

At this moment, the piece has not been given the go-light for publication. Nevertheless, in the event that the plot is continued into the second season of Say I Love You, we have a few ideas about what to anticipate from that installment. Mei Tachibana and Yamato Kurosawa are two of the characters that are presented to the reader when the narrative first begins.

Mei Tachibana, an understudy at a high school, is perpetually unsure about her deficiencies. Regardless of the circumstances, Yamato defends her on the basis that he has a soft spot in his heart for her. After all of the tension and worry, Mei is eventually able to confront her feelings for him, and the narrative comes to a satisfying end as a result. Despite this, there are still a variety of concerns that need to be addressed.

In what course of action do they anticipate taking the next step? If there is a season beyond this one, we will get to witness what the future holds for the couple. On top of that, due to the fact that the narrative is so easy to deduce, there will be a great deal more tense and complications this time around.

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Say I Love You Season 2 Cast

The show’s two main characters, who gained widespread notoriety in the previous season, will make a return appearance in the upcoming second season. It is planned to present Yamato Kurosawa, the well-known high school student who was Mei’s support system throughout the entirety of the book. Mei Tachibana, who was Yamato’s prior flame, will also make an appearance. As the plot develops, it’s feasible that a couple of new characters will be presented for our consideration.

say i love you season 2 release date

Mei Tachibana Ai Kayano
Yamato Kurosawa Takahiro Sakurai
Megumi Kitagawa Minako Kotobuki
Kenji Nakanishi Nobunaga Shimazaki

Say I Love You Season 2 Trailer

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Frequently Asked Question

What Happens at the End of Say I Love You?

Even if Mei arrives late and the fireworks are over, Yamato did not care as he kissed her at the temple, which was now deserted because the fireworks had ended. (This means “I love you” in Japanese.) During the credits, Mei can be heard stating, “I love you,” which neatly wraps up the series while also satisfying the title… At Mei’s residence, Aiko, Asami, and Nagi are currently working on a batch of cookies.

Does Say I Love You Have an Ova?

The listing of all Say “I love you” anime episodes that have been broadcast, in addition to any OVAs, can be found down below.

How Many Episodes Will Be in You Season 2?

There will be a total of ten episodes included in the second season. This is in keeping with the format of the first series, which consisted of a total of ten episodes. Because all of the shows will be made available at the same time, there will be no need to check back weekly for a new episode.

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