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YEEZY SEASON 9’S CRAYeezy Season 9’s Craziest Moments, From “White Lives Matter” to Yzy BootsZIEST MOMENTS, FROM “WHITE LIVES MATTER” TO YZY BOOTS

Kanye West sure does inspire a lot of people to write a lot of words for a guy whose official name is only two letters. It’s difficult to disagree that Ye’s YEEZY SEASON 9 fashion show was unquestionably the highlight of Paris Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2023. There were numerous happenings during Fashion Month SS23 that could have easily gone viral. It’s difficult to pinpoint exactly what broke the internet the most, from Coperni’s Bella Hadid clothing trick to the tumbling models at AVAVAV.

With a highly anticipated surprise event that was probably even crazier than the Balenciaga show the day before, which Kanye himself starred in while donning a huge cargo-pocketed jacket, Ye and Oliver didn’t come to play. Anyway, there’s a lot to unpack with only YEEZY SEASON 9. So let’s go through the highlights from Kanye’s YZY SZN performance in decreasing the order of craziness from craziest to, well, somewhat less craziest.

This is the turning point in YEEZY SEASON 9, turning it from an anomaly to an absolute spectacle. Kanye emerged to deliver a protracted rant after keeping the audience waiting for close to 30 minutes, apparently while he waited for a few celebs to show up. But after they saw the enormous “WHITE LIVES MATTER” printed on the back of his black T-shirt, I doubt anyone was paying much attention. Ye, who wore a MAGA hat recently and a confederate flag patch over ten years ago, is likely to spin the offensive image as being about reclaiming the racist slogan.

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However, they are all related. Ye brought up the iconic YEEZY SEASON 4 fashion show from 2016, where models melted in the scorching weather, as one of his first arguments. Some passed out from exhaustion and dehydration. “We created innumerable swimsuit and athletic styles, and the result was a $4 billion brand. If anyone remembers the show, there were a number of people who fell over, and the media reported on it “Ye spoke while ignoring the anguish of the models. “The show is now starting after schedule.

yeezy season 9

My YEEZY SEASON 4 show started late, and the media obliterated us.” Kanye would not begin the show until he made it obvious that he was upset that these talking points were detracting from what he is trying to accomplish with the YEEZY SEASON shows. To be fair, he didn’t just complain. Ye talked about the closed-off nature of the fashion industry, his irritation at people bringing up that one famous Tommy Ton shot, and his anger at GAP.

When you’re having a 50-person VIP-only fashion show attended only by CEOs, famous people, and editors like Anna Wintour and John Galliano, it feels a little hollow to criticize the fashion gatekeepers, but to his credit, Ye did admit the contradictory messages (kinda). The finest part, though, was when Kanye proudly declared that LVMH CEO Bernard Arnault “is my new Drake,” calling him out by name. But Kanye is definitely the best person to pursue the third-richest man in the world.

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The YEEZY SEASON 9 runway featured a wide variety of unique shoe designs, from odd sock-shoes that encircle the foot to boots that are almost as puffy as the outerwear. The YZY boot, a custom shoe created by Ye and his crew in collaboration with the 3D printing business Zellerfeld, is the star of the show. Kanye’s anti-Adidas objective can be realized with Zellerfeld, who is renowned for creating cutting-edge shapes with designers like Heron Preston and Kidsuper.

In a press release, Zellerfeld said that its unique manufacturing and supply-chain bypassing methods enabled “companies like YZY to develop and launch new footwear in weeks, rather than months or years.” The YZY boot is conclusive evidence. The sneaker was created and built, according to Zellerfeld, the weekend before the YEEZY SEASON 9 event. Talk about hurried There were ragged sweaters tied around the torso, tight bodysuits with holes in them, puffy bomber jackets, balaclavas, billowing capes, and narrow trousers tucked into towering YZY boots, emulating Kanye West’s signature look.

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YEEZY SEASON 9 has a YEEZY GAP vibe about it. Designed with Balenciaga sensibilities, which is advantageous for those who liked the post-industrial dystopia of that collection. In actuality, it’s probably better to view YZY SZN 9 as what it is: a line of apparel that may or may not is created for mass consumption but serves as a useful indicator of where Kanye’s thinking is in terms of clothing design.

In the future, will we all be sporting YZY SZN? It’s difficult to say for the general populace, but the students at Kanye West’s school most certainly will. Otherwise, it’s difficult to characterize YZY SZN 9 as anything other than an overwhelming success, especially in light of the fact that it dominated the news cycle right after everything happened.

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