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My Hero Academia Season 6 Claps Back at Doubters With a Animation Upgrade

Even longstanding fans of the series seemed to think that the animation studio Bones dropped the ball in terms of the series’ overall aesthetic quality, which resulted in the anime for My Hero Academia’s fifth season receiving a lot of harsh criticism (see the video above).

It wasn’t so much that fans were hating on My Hero Academia as it was that the series had set a high bar for itself in the first four seasons of its run, but Season 5 didn’t quite measure up to the standard it had established for itself in the first four seasons. This week was the premiere of My Hero Academia Season 6, and the show sure came out swinging (both literally and figuratively) to let fans know that the animation quality of Season 6 is going to be a completely different ballgame.

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Just from just one action scene in the debut of My Hero Academia Season 6, it is very evident that Bones is putting in a significant amount of effort into the craft of making this season. It is also an especially fitting scene to watch having such a big reaction, given it is a big action highlight debut for Rabbit Hero Mirko, who will be the title focus of Season 6 Episode 2.

It is also particularly fitting to see getting such a big reaction. Mirko has quickly established himself as a fan favorite among the cast of characters in the series due to the fact that the current anime arc has already been covered in the manga. Fans of anime are just now getting a beautiful taste of the reason why, and it’s true that the manga wasn’t able to capture the full force and fluidity of the Rabbit Hero’s motions until the anime did.

My Hero Academia Season 6 Claps Back at Doubters With a Animation Upgrade

It’s not hard to see why she’s considered a great Pro Hero! The fact that this visual improvement is taking place within the context of the series’ story arc which is currently the most difficult to pull off logistically is what makes the progression in My Hero Academia Season 6 all the more astounding. During the beginning of the new story arc, the pro heroes plan to mount a surprise attack against Dr. Garaki, who is a follower of All For One and a member of Tomura Shigaraki’s Paranormal Liberation Front group.

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In order to successfully carry out that scenario, it is necessary for a wide variety of characters to band together to become the greatest hero group that this series has ever seen in order to face off against the largest evil army that this series has ever seen. The animation of all of that needs a larger undertaking than Bones has ever been tasked with doing on the series, but it appears that the challenge is being fulfilled (so far).

During the course of the pandemic, the conversation around manga and anime and the amount of effort it necessitates from its authors have developed, much like it has in so many other fields. Concerns about the health of numerous creators, like Kohei Horikoshi of My Hero Academia, have been voiced with increasing regularity as the working logistics have become more difficult and the working circumstances have become more tedious.

Fans from all around the world are keeping their fingers crossed that things will return to a normal, or perhaps an improved, flow at the main studios starting with the fall season of anime, in particular. New episodes of My Hero Academia Season 6 are now available to view on Hulu and Crunchyroll on a weekly basis.

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