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Made in Abyss Season 2: How Many Episodes Are There in Season 2?

Made in Abyss, an intriguing and surprisingly terrifying anime series has finally returned with its second season after keeping fans waiting for a whole five years. You were able to see the first season of this anime series on Prime Video; however, in order to watch the new episodes in English when they are broadcast in Japan on July 6, 2022, you will need to sign up for the anime streaming site HIDIVE.

Here is all you need to know before jumping into Made in Abyss: The Golden City of the Scorching Sun, also known as Season 2, whether this is your first time watching the series or you’ve happily forgotten everything that happened in Season 1.

Made in Abyss Season 2 Release Date

According to InvestRecords, The first episode of Made in Abyss’ second season is slated to debut on July 6, 2022, as part of the Summer anime season. The second season’s premiere will take place at 22:30 local time in Japan on AT-X. After that, new episodes of the show will always air each week at this time.

made in abyss season 2

Sentai Filmworks, the company that owns HIDIVE, has granted the title a license, and according to Anime News Network, it will be distributed “in digital and home video.” Frequently, HIDIVE will start simulcasting television shows an hour after they premiere in Japan. In light of this, the following is a list of the times that the new season is expected to premiere globally on July 6.

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Made in Abyss Season 2 Cast

The Japanese voice actors and significantly featured characters from the anime were made public during the Made in Abyss Season 2 special. The anime’s opening and closing themes, “Katachi” by Riko Azuna and “Endless Embrace,” respectively, were also made public during the presentation.

The voice cast for Made in Abyss Season 2 is listed below.

  • Brittany Lauda as Riko.
  • Luci Christian as Reg.
  • Brittney Karbowski as Nanachi.
  • Juliet Simmons as Meinya.
  • Cat Thomas as Faputa.
  • Kristen McGuire as Vueko.
  • Savana Menzel as Irumyuui.
  • Ry McKeand as Belaf.

Made in Abyss Season 2 Reviews

After Made In Abyss: Dawn of the Deep Soul, Season 2 had large shoes to fill. Masayuki Kojima, who helmed the 2004 anime Monster, returns to direct this project. Kinema Citrus animates and Kevin Penkin composes the music. This 12-episode sequel. The first 11 are 24 minutes, while the conclusion is 47. Like the sequel film, Made In Abyss season 2 focuses on one layer of the abyss.

made in abyss season 2

Akihito Tsukushi’s Made In Abyss is a great yet savage sequel. After surviving Idofront and Bondrewd, Riko and their companions arrive at the abyss’s sixth layer (Capital of the Unreturned) in season 2. Our heroes locate the Golden City ruins throughout their adventure. In this place lives a peculiar society of human-like Hollows. This leads to bloodshed, agony, and suspense around every corner. While crying, everyone discovers the key to going forward, surviving, and setting individual goals. Season two catches the same intensity as the first and its companion picture, but various obstacles prevent a faultless victory.

This season’s plot is the most gruesome and mind-boggling yet. You care about our current heroes and this season’s new characters. I was frightened about everyone’s safety and feared the worst. Despite just having one layer, this season has horror, mystery, and suspense. Made In Abyss’s second season has spectacular storyline twists, self-contained narratives, and ground-breaking facts about Reg’s history. Most of our new characters’ tale arcs have no plot flaws or manufactured conclusions.

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Despite the story’s flaws, I had a few complaints about this season’s cast. This wouldn’t be Made In Abyss without brutal body horror and disturbing visuals. The second season magnifies the first’s painful moments. These terrible sections make this anime a spectacle for all viewers. Seeing the characters fight will make your heart race and suffering will make you cry. Made In Abyss season 2 has a few CGI issues. Majikaja’s CGI looks fine, but Belaf and the turbinid dragons don’t. Their movements and structures are unsettling. Some 2D models weren’t as good as in prior episodes. Like its graphics, the music amps up the show’s fury and brutality, and I loved it.

The opening and closing theme songs helped me connect with the show’s world and characters. The voice actors and actresses were amazing throughout the entire episode. Mariya Ise and new employees like Misaki Kuno delivered amazing vocals this season. I sensed the characters’ statements whether they were casual or angry. Season 2 of Made In Abyss isn’t perfect, but it’s great. Tsukushi’s stunning visuals and well-written characters will impress any anime enthusiast. Season 2 is one of Made In Abyss’ golden chapters in its bundle of warmth and darkness.

What is This Show About?

Young explorer Riko explores the gorge known as the Abyss, which is getting increasingly perilous. Reg, a helpful robotic friend who has a strange power and deals with a mystery from his past, is with her. Everything seems to be pretty quaint or adorable until we gain a better idea of what precisely happens deep within the Abyss.

It is full of massive supernatural beings that are far more powerful than Riko and Reg and always presents a threat to them, frequently going to incredibly awful lengths. It is really challenging to watch sci-fi anime, which is a tour de force of madness.

How to Watch Made in Abyss Season 2

Season 2 hasn’t yet received the Adult Swim treatment, despite Season 1 receiving it. Currently, the only place to view Made in Abyss Season 2 is on HiDive, a streaming service that solely offers anime content. You ask, what is that? Do you not own HiDive? Not an issue. A subscription is rather easy to obtain. Currently, HiDive has two membership options.

You can access the service’s collection of anime and simulcast programs for $4.99 per month or $47.99 per year. The 14-day trial period for that membership is available, by the way. Tired of having to manage twenty subscriptions? By choosing to subscribe to HiDive through Amazon Channels, you may avoid the middleman. You can then incorporate the channel into your Prime Video plan in this manner. Along with Xbox One, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Android TV, Amazon Fire Tablet, and Roku, HiDive is also accessible on Android and iOS devices.

How Many Episodes Are in Made in Abyss Season 2?

Another slightly perplexing hiccup, this one. We already know that this next season will consist of 12 episodes. The Blu-ray and DVD information for Season 2 provided confirmation of the fact. New Season 2 episodes will air on HiDive once a week starting in the near future. You can now think of Wednesdays as your new Made in Abyss day.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Need to Watch the Movie Before Made in Abyss Season 2?

The first two films can be skipped if the first season has already been seen. Before watching Season 2, if one hasn’t seen the third film yet, they should.

Is It Hard to Watch in Abyss?

Until we take a closer look at what actually occurs down below the Abyss, everything seems a little twee or cutesy. It’s teeming with powerful supernatural entities that outclass and endanger Riko and Reg at every turn, frequently to terrifying degrees. It’s a difficult-to-bear sci-fi anime tour de force.

Why is Made in Abyss Rated M?

Occasionally, there is little fantasy carnage and violence when characters are engaged in battle with creatures of the Abyss. There is some depicted physical abuse of minors, which may disturb some viewers. A young girl receives a heavy slap across the face, causing blood to drip from it.

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