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Big Sky Season 3 Reviews: How Many Episodes Will Season 3 Have?

Big Sky is an excellent choice to watch if you want a program that will keep you guessing and will also provide you with a lot of unexpected turns and twists in the plot. Cassie Dewell (Burbury) and Cody Hoyt (Winnick), the protagonists of the crime drama shown on ABC and premiering in November 2020, work together to investigate a series of puzzling incidents that have been plaguing a rural community in Montana.

The show is adapted from C.J. Box’s bestselling novel series The Highway. In contrast to the first season, which focused on the ex-cop and private detective navigating the perilous terrain surrounding a baffling highway kidnapping, the second season dealt with the duo investigating a car accident, which led to shocking revelations from their past. Each season of the show focuses on a different story arc, and while one of those arcs will often wrap up around the middle of the season, another will begin shortly after the break in the middle of the season.

big sky season 3 reviews

An additional, far more significant overarching storyline or mystery runs the length of the full season. Big Sky swiftly became a fan favorite after the series debuted in November 2020, and it has proven a streaming winner for ABC throughout the show’s first two seasons. The premiere of the series took place in November 2020. The series attracted a total of 11.1 million viewers, with digital platforms accounting for over 31% of the total audience and more than 50% of those aged 18 to 49. Big Sky: Deadly Trails is the new name given to the third season of the David E.

Kelley’s detective drama and will undoubtedly attract more viewers thanks to the arrival of Reba McEntire, a legend of the country music industry. Here is everything that we know about the upcoming third season of Big Sky, including the latest casting information and announcements regarding the show’s renewal.

Big Sky Season 3 Cast

Kylie Bunbury and Katheryn Winnick will presumably reprise their roles as the private investigator Cassie Dewell and the deputy Jenny Hoyt, respectively. Jamie-Lynn Sigler from “The Sopranos” and J. Anthony Pena from “The Oath,” who plays Tonya and Mo, respectively, are both being considered for series regular roles.

big sky season 3 reviews

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Other new cast members for Season 3 include Henry Ian Cusick as Avery, Luke Mitchell as Sonny’s son Cormac Brick, Anirudh Pisharody (9-1-1), Madalyn Horcher as New Yorkers Luke and Paige, and Seth Gabel as Walter, the loner who lives in the wilderness.

Will There Be New Cast Members?

On May 16, it was disclosed that Reba McEntire would be contributing regularly to the ABC drama series as a series regular. According to the official character description, the country diva will take on the role of Sunny Brick, who is described as the “mercurial matriarch of the Brick Family,” which is a successful backcountry outfitter with a mysterious history of missing clientele.

Big Sky Season 3 Reviews

Big Sky living after Ronald Pergman is still entertaining. Big Sky is transitioning us into a more procedural style of crime show now that everything with Ronald, Wolf, and the syndicate is behind us (at least for the time being). That’s excellent news, too! There is a lot of promise in sprinkling in instances of the week alongside a long-form story. And that’s exactly what Big Sky Season 3 Episode 1 is all about as we get to know our season villain, work with the cops to solve a different case and have a great time doing it.

Big Sky has generally excelled at telling expansive, multi-part stories that require many episodes to complete. After all, it’s their main source of income. But they’ve always had trouble deciding when to stop telling those stories. We can probably focus on a single example that dominates each hour for no more than a half-season. However, if they’re going to stick with long-form storytelling, they did well to break up the episodes by including additional cases of the week. It helps everyone fit together in a way that makes more sense and enables them to gradually unravel the deeper enigma.

big sky season 3 reviews

Because they still work together in many instances, it can be simple to forget that Jenny and Cassie no longer share a workplace. However, it seems as though Jenny and Beau will be working together, with Cassie and Denise acting as the only remaining members of Dewell and Hoyt. I’m sure the foursome will still work together on the bigger case as needed. On Big Sky Season 2 Episode 18, Beau was a pleasant addition, and he is still a great addition here. With a gap of several months between seasons, Beau has become more comfortable in his position as sheriff and his place within the relationship between Cassie and Jenny. Because this show mostly relies on the chemistry between the women, it’s no wonder that Jensen Ackles fits in so well there.

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He probably has chemistry with the door to my laundry room. They are the main attraction, therefore adding someone who might sabotage their bond would have been fatal. Even though Jenny is still Jenny and always follows her own path, Beau and Jenny work well together. It was enjoyable and didn’t come out as flirtatious, as I had anticipated it could. I think a good working relationship would be nice to witness, even if the powers that be chose against going there. Speaking of Cassie, I enjoy how they get along and how more pleased she seems than we have seen her in a while.

I was a major admirer of Mark and Cassie, so it was really disappointing to hear that they had split up off-screen so that Mark could go off chasing bad men with Jerrie. They put a lot of work into the love triangle and had Mark make a decision, but then they changed their minds and left town? It’s all very chaotic, and I have a feeling Jerrie and Mark will eventually return to Montana. It will be interesting to see where Cassie is at that point. Big Sky enjoys a good love triangle, so perhaps they’ll push Cassie and Jenny against one another for Beau’s devotion before Mark returns and further muddles things. A lot of soapy goodness is simply waiting to be discovered here.

Big Sky Season 3 Release Date

According to ThereViewGeek  On September 21 at 10 o’clock in the evening, the first episode of Big Sky Season 3 will be made available online (ET). On the other hand, there is currently no official release date for this one anywhere in the world, including the United Kingdom.

It is recommended that Big Sky be released with subtitling options for viewers who are catching up. It is anticipated that Episode 1 would run for approximately 43 minutes, which is comparable to the running time of the remainder of the episodes in the series. Ross Fineman, the executive producer of the program, made the following statement at the Paleyfest L.A. panel in March 2021: “I’ve been with this project since the beginning, and we kept playing with ‘When does Cody die?'”

Where Can I Watch Big Sky Season 3?

Big Sky can be viewed on the ABC network as well as streamed online. Both options are available to viewers. Although Disney+ and Hotstar are now streaming the first two seasons of the show in some locations, including the UK, this particular original series is only available on one streaming service. If you live in the United States and you are interested in seeing this but you were unable to catch the official release on Wednesday nights, you will be able to stream it on both and Hulu the following day.

How Many Episodes Will Big Sky Season 3 Have?

We are making this assumption based on the fact that the previous season was extended to a total of 18 episodes and the fact that ABC has not yet made an official announcement on the number of episodes for this season. Keeping this in mind, you should prepare yourself for the airing of 16 additional episodes after this one. However, once ABC has made its official statement, we will make sure to bring this section up to speed.

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Is There a Trailer for Big Sky Season 3?

In point of fact, there is! You can check out the enticing trailer that CBS has released ahead of the show’s premiere by following the link below:

Frequently Asked Question

Where is Big Sky Filmed Season 3?

Big Sky is shot in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, despite the fact that it takes place in the state of Montana.

What Happened to Cassie’s Son on Big Sky?

Following the funeral, Cassie took her son and traveled to be with one of her aunts. Despite this, Kai stayed with the relative until she was ready to go back to work out of an abundance of caution. When the third season of Big Sky comes to ABC in September, fans will hopefully be privy to additional information regarding Jenny’s son and Cassie’s son.

What Happened to Grace and Danielle on Big Sky?

When she tried to get around him, he veered into her lane and came dangerously close to driving them off the road. Danielle was more determined than she had ever been, and she finally overtook him. As she did so, she yelled insults at him and called him a loser. After he was passed by them while they were on a hill, he was unable to keep up with them and fell behind. After that, they arrived at their destination and disembarked.


Big Sky: Deadly Trails is the new name given to the third season of the David E. Kelley drama. The third season will premiere on ABC in November 2020. Kylie Bunbury and Katheryn Winnick will presumably reprise their roles. Jamie-Lynn Sigler from “The Sopranos” is being considered for a series regular role. Reba McEntire will take on the role of Sunny Brick.

Jenny and Beau seem to be working together on Big Sky. Cassie and Denise are the only remaining members of Dewell and Hoyt. I was a major admirer of Mark and Cassie, so it was disappointing to hear they had split up off-screen. The first episode of Big Sky Season 3 will be made available online in September. There is no official release date for this one anywhere in the world, including the UK.

It is recommended that Big Sky be released with subtitling options for viewers who are catching up. The third season of Big Sky comes to ABC in September. The show is shot in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, despite the fact that it takes place in Montana. There will be 16 additional episodes after this one, but ABC has yet to make an official announcement.

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