Cursed Season 2 Release Date: Why Did Netflix Cancel Season 2?


Will there be a second season of Cursed? By basing its plot on the novel by Frank Miller and Tom Wheeler, Cursed, which sidelines Arthur in favor of concentrating mostly on Nimue, the show reinvented the mythology and turned the traditional story of King Arthur on its head. In previous legends, the Lady of the Lake was a minor figure; however, in this version, she is thrust into the spotlight, defying convention with a more modern interpretation of ancient English mythology.

Star Katherine Langford remarked to Popsugar that “these hero stories are typically told from the masculine perspective, from a lad or a man’s point of view.” “What was intriguing was writing that tale and approaching it from the perspective of a woman who is being portrayed as a heroine. You learn about the difficulties she would encounter as a woman rather than just seeing a woman in a hero story, which makes it contemporary and relevant today. What is her own particular journey, we wondered to ourselves.

What difficulties does she encounter? What causes her to get depressed? and “What is the stuff she can use?” She has a theory that girls and women grow up never believing or even imagining that they may hold a position of authority. This is one of the things that we have just been filming. You never imagine yourself as a ruler. Nimue doesn’t think about it when she initially receives the sword because of this. In an interview with Digital Spy and other media, Langford called the show a “fantastical and historical work” and predicted that it will “probably develop its own little genre.”

What is the Plot of Cursed Season 2?

Since Netflix hasn’t even given the series the go-ahead to restart production, it is safe to assume that plot specifics for the upcoming second season are quite limited. If our assumptions are correct and the order is issued, then we will have to wait for Wheeler to reorganize his forces and devise a strategy for how we may get back into the story. In light of the cliffhanger that the first season came to, it is highly likely that he already has some idea.

The first season’s conclusion episode raised a lot of questions but didn’t provide any answers. If the second season of Cursed does not swiftly take up with a conclusion to Nimue’s arrow-riddled fall from the bridge, then viewers are going to be rightly dissatisfied with the show. The cinematic adaptation of the graphic novel is relatively faithfully followed by the first season.

cursed season 2 release date

The scene where Nimue jumps off the cliff and into the waterfall to close the first season is lifted verbatim from the book that inspired the show (via Bustle). Following this event, Nimue is taken captive by lepers who are employed by the Leper King Rugen in the book. They dragged Nimue’s body into their damp leper tunnels, and that’s where Cursed the novel ends – just as abruptly as Cursed season 1 did.

Fans who were looking to glean any new clues from Miller and Wheeler’s graphic novel will be terribly disappointed. It’s possible that the leprosy problem may be resolved rather early on in the plot of season 2, but they won’t find any of those answers there. Fortuitously, Wheeler has committed to writing a sequel book to the first edition of Cursed, which means that there is at least a possibility that work will be published before the second season. In the event that this does not occur, Miller and Wheeler will be forced into the unpleasant situation of having to write a novel based on their own conception.

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Who is in the Cast of Cursed Season 2?

The good news is that almost all of the main characters have intriguing backstories at the conclusion of season 1, so we should recognize a lot of them in season 2. Even the possibility that Matt Stokoe’s character, the fallen Green Knight, could be magically revived, seems plausible.

After all, it would be canonical for his character to possess the ability of resurrection. Katherine Langford and Devon Terrell, who play Nimue and Arthur, respectively, are guaranteed to return. Additionally, it’s probable that we’ll see a lot more of Billy Jenkins Squirrel, Lily Newmark’s Pym, Sebastian Armesto’s Uther Pendragon, Daniel Sharman’s Weeping Monk, and Gustaf Skarsgrd’s Merlin (revealed at the end of season 1 to be none other than future Knight of the Round Table, Perceval).

Peter Mullan, who played the nasty Father Carden in season 1, was cruelly killed off in the season 1 conclusion, so we might not see him again in season 2. Father Carden can’t regenerate like the Green Knight, therefore any appearances throughout season 2 would have to be in a vision or a flashback, which is very possible on this show.

‘Cursed’ Season 2 Release Date

According to BestToppers Regarding the series’ renewal, neither Netflix nor the creators have yet to make a statement. This is a result of the epidemic, which might have interfered with production. Unfortunately, Cursed won’t return for a second season. Netflix has canceled the sweeping fantasy series Cursed without airing a second season.

cursed season 2 release date

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A 10-episode first season of Cursed debuted on Netflix in July 2020, but after a year passed without any further episodes, the show’s future was left in doubt. Following the recent cancellations of four original comedy shows, Netflix has now canceled Cursed. If it returns, viewers can anticipate the release of season 2 next summer or at the start of 2022.

‘Cursed’ Official Trailer

If you haven’t seen the show ‘Cursed’ yet, you might want to view this trailer to get a sense of why the audience was so outraged when it was canceled. On Netflix, you can still stream all of the episodes from the first season of ‘Cursed.’

Why Did Netflix Cancel Cursed Season 2?

many people believe that it was because there weren’t enough people watching the show during its second season. Despite the intriguing concept, Cursed was probably canceled because it fell short of expectations and did not garner as much attention as its other efforts. On Rotten Tomatoes, the series has received a 67 percent score based on critic reviews and a 53 percent score based on market evaluations, indicating mixed reviews.

In addition, Netflix has canceled a few previously renewed shows because of the global pandemic since they were not adequately put into production, rejecting the fact that there are always fresh seasons to make. Following the Cursed discovery, many ardent fans have taken to social media to demand that the show be picked up by a different social media site, using the hashtag #SavedCursed.

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Considering that the cast members are currently free to explore other endeavors, a comeback seems doubtful. While Wheeler teased that another book might be in the works in an Instagram post on July 9, some cast members have expressed their thankfulness for merely being a part of Cursed on social media.

Frequently Asked Question

Is Cursed Netflix Based on a Book?

The book was authored by Thomas Wheeler and Frank Miller did the illustrations, and it became an instant great seller.

How Many Books Are in the Cursed Series?

There are a total of four books included in this series.

How Does Cursed the Book End?

Nimue finds herself battling alongside the Fey in a war against the demonic Father Carden and his Red Paladins as the Cursed series draws to a close. Nimue abandons her flight with Morgan and Merlin in order to return to Arthur, who is engaged in combat with naval invaders, just as she is attempting to leave with them. That moment of hesitation is all that her adversaries require.


Will there be a second season of Cursed? Netflix hasn’t yet given the go-ahead for production to restart. Katherine Langford describes the show as a “fantastical and historical work”. The actress predicts that it will “probably develop its own little genre”. The graphic novel ends just as abruptly as the first season did.

Nimue is taken captive by lepers who are employed by the Leper King Rugen in the book. It’s possible that the leprosy problem may be resolved early on in season 2. Netflix has canceled the fantasy series Cursed without airing a second season. A 10-episode first season of Cursed debuted on Netflix in July 2020. After a year passed without any further episodes, the show’s future was left in doubt.

On Netflix, you can still stream all of the episodes from the first season. The show fell short of expectations and received mixed reviews. Some fans have taken to social media to demand that the show be picked up by another site.

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