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Bishop Lamor Whitehead Networth: Who is the Wife of whitehead?

Bishop Lamor Miller Whitehead is a well-known politician and leader in the community in the borough of Brooklyn. At the moment, he serves as the bishop of the Leader of Tomorrow organization, which he also established. Because he was taken during a live webcast, he has all of a sudden become a topic of conversation on the internet.

Because of his reputation for leading an active life, three thieves chose him as their target in order to steal his assets. After coming forward, the bishop has now issued a public statement regarding the robbery that took place. In light of the horrible event, the New York Police Department is giving its whole efforts to the investigation of the case.

Full Name Lamor Miller-Whitehead
Birthday/Age 1978/44 years
Birthplace Brooklyn, New York
Profession Pastor
Relationship Status Married
Net Worth $2 million

Early life

Lamor Miller-Whitehead was born in 1978 in the United States, in the borough of Brooklyn. His father, Arthur Miller, was very involved in the community and held political office. In the streets, sixteen police officers carried out the slaying of Lamor’s father.

bishop lamor whitehead net worth

His father had been killed by the police officers after being battered and strangled to death. Lamor and his siblings all received their upbringing from their mother.

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Bishop Lamor Miller Whitehead is a prominent politician, an activist in the community, and the bishop of his organization, Leaders of Tomorrow International Ministries. Bishop Whitehead is also a community activist. He must have amassed considerable wealth during the course of his career as a politician. However, because Lamor Miller prefers to keep his situation private, his profits throughout his career are currently a closely guarded secret.

Despite this, he is the owner of Leaders of Tomorrow International Ministries, an organization that appears to obtain funding from the general public. The general populace holds him in high regard due to his position as a bishop, as well as his ideas and recommendations. Throughout his career, he must have earned millions of dollars, as his net worth is in the millions.

Who is the Wife of Bishop Lamor Miller-whitehead?

Bishop Lamor, on the other hand, is married and has a wife whose name is Asia K DosReis. Asia K DosReis is a devout Christian just like her husband, and the two of them regularly attend church together. Asia K DosReis is a self-sufficient woman who works for the UaReAChampion Empowerment Network, which she founded, and serves as a bishop at Leaders of Tomorrow International Ministries.

She also has her own business, Asia K DosReis Designs. In an effort to assist contemporary women in recognizing the victor that lies dormant within them, her network frequently organizes mentoring programs, seminars, workshops, conferences, and other activities for professional and spiritual development. The fact that they are both active members of their community and do what they can to help others has earned them the reputation of being a power couple among those who back them. Soriah Whitehead and Jaidyn Miller are two lovely girls that their father, Bishop Whitehead.

Bishop Lamor Whitehead’s Net Worth

According to NewsBreak, The ESTIMATED net worth of Bishop Lamor Whitehead is $2 million dollars. A flamboyant bishop from Brooklyn, who had $1 million worth of jewelry stolen from him during a ceremony that was broadcast live on television, has come under fire for being a target. He is defending himself against allegations that his high-profile lifestyle made him an easy target.

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Where Does Bishop Whitehead Get His Money?

On Sunday, while preaching at church, Bishop Whitehead called Ms. Anderson a liar and said the following from the pulpit: “That is what the enemy wants you to believe.” In a later interview, when asked about the various sources of his income, Bishop Whitehead answered evasively. He explained, “I work in real estate investment, and I’m also a pastor.”

Bishop Lamor Whitehead Mid-sermon News

According to security footage released by the New York City Police Department, the three masked gunmen entered the church in staggered order as they approached it from various angles. On Sunday, they barged into the Leaders of Tomorrow International Ministry on Remsen Avenue while wearing nothing but black clothing and masks over their faces. During a live transmission of the service, they were seen on video approaching the pulpit and robbing Bishop Lamor Whitehead and his wife of more than a million dollars worth of jewelry.

The bishop, who on Monday spoke exclusively to the Daily News, claimed that one of the assailants pointed his gun at Whitehead’s 8-month-old child during the robbery. When he saw those men enter, Whitehead recalled, “I said, ‘Oh no.'” Oh crap, they’ve got me, I thought to myself. “I can’t stop it,” you say. Whitehead, clad in the robes of the clergy, moved from the lectern to the floor, assuring his captors that he had no desire to resist. They knew exactly what they wanted, he said, according to Whitehead.

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Everything was taken from me, including my rings, watch, and other jewelry. He could see the extra jewels I had hidden behind my robe and questioned, “Where’s everything else?” before patting my neck and back. “Where’s the rest of it?” The shooter located the bishop’s other chains and started to pull, removing his clerical collar. Whitehead commanded, “Take it off, take it off.

The chains were not disengaging. Another shooter asked for his wife’s jewelry at the same time. She still felt terrified, the pastor attested. She will age one year on Saturday. I’m just trying to figure out what I can do to protect her, you know. However, in the long run, this will be decided.

Frequently Asked Question

Who is Bishop Lamor Whitehead’s Wife?

Whitehead is a father to three children; their names are Jaidyn Lamor, Soriah, and Heaven. Whitehead is married to Bishop Asia DosReis-Whitehead.

Are There Bishops in the Mormon Church?

A bishop is the leader of the LDS Church in a ward. Because the bishop is accountable for the activities of the ward, which are designed to assist the members of the church in their walk toward Christ and eternal life, holding this position is considered to be an awesome responsibility. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is comprised of about 18,000 bishops at this time.

How Much Does It Cost to Become a Bishop in the Mormon Church?

The bishop does not receive compensation for the time that he spends serving in his role. In the LDS Church, all of the local callings function as lay ministries, and members give their free time to carry out the responsibilities associated with each call. A bishop serves with two counselors, and the three of them collectively make up a bishopric.


Bishop Lamor Miller-Whitehead was taken during a live webcast. He is a well-known politician and leader in the community in Brooklyn, New York. His father, Arthur Miller, was killed by police officers after being beaten and strangled to death. Bishop Lamor Whitehead and his wife, Asia K DosReis, have two lovely daughters. They are active members of their community and do what they can to help others.

Bishop Whitehead had $1 million worth of jewelry stolen from him during a ceremony. Lamor Whitehead is a bishop in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The bishop is the leader of the LDS Church in a ward. A bishop is accountable for the activities of the ward, which are designed to assist the members of the church.

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