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Boris Becker Net Worth: How Old Was He When He Won Wimbledon?

Former German professional tennis player and current coach Boris Becker. Becker took the tennis world by storm in a remarkably short amount of time. He won Wimbledon in 1985 when he was only 17 years old. He continues to hold the record for being the tournament’s youngest winner. Nearly immediately after beginning his playing career, which would eventually result in six Grand Slam victories, he rose to the top of the global rankings.

Boris won the Australian Open twice, the U.S. Open once, and Wimbledon three times. Following his retirement from tennis in 1999, Becker went on to teach some of the sport’s most promising young players, including Novak Djokovic. Becker claimed during a bankruptcy hearing in 2022 that he made about $50 million in his professional tennis career. In today’s dollars, after accounting for inflation, that amounts to roughly $120 million.

Boris has experienced financial and legal problems in later life despite his huge financial fortune. In 2017, Boris started a protracted legal struggle that would run until 2022 against a British bankruptcy court. A London court condemned Boris to 2.5 years in prison on April 28, 2022, for concealing assets during his bankruptcy case. The article that follows has more information about this case.

Boris Becker Early Life

In the year 1967, on November 22, Boris Franz Becker was born in the West German city of Leimen. Boris was raised as a Catholic. Becker studied the game of tennis at his father’s Leimen tennis academy. He excelled at what he did from a very young age.

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Becker made his professional debut in 1984, the same year he also claimed his first doubles championship. In 1985, he became the first person to win the Wimbledon singles championship without being seeded. After winning several more games, Becker came back the following year to defend his Wimbledon title. Over time, his battle with Nofollow grew more intense.


His marital and financial issues had started to have an effect on his work by the middle of the 1990s. He opted to end his career in 1995 after failing to win the Monte Carlo Open. Becker won numerous singles and doubles championships while competing professionally, totaling 49 and 15, respectively. Becker is known for never succeeding on clay and favoring grass instead.


Boris married Barbara Feltus, a model, in 1993. In 1994, the couple brought their first child into the world while she was pregnant. They welcomed another child in 1999. In the year 2000, Boris requested a divorce. Becker was happily spared from a $2.5 million initial payout when Barbara chose not to abide by their prenuptial agreement.

She eventually brought him to court, though, and won a far bigger payment. He then admitted to having fathered another kid during this marriage, and when a DNA test established his paternity, he was granted shared custody of that child. Boris married Sharley Kerssenberg, another model, in 2009. Following that, they had a child together before divorcing in 2018. According to rumors, Becker dated another model in 2019.

Boris Becker’s Cars

Recently, Boris Becker spent $400,000 USD on an Audi RS Q8. Additionally, Boris Becker owns a Volvo XC90 that he paid $70,000 USD. Below is a list of some additional vehicles owned by Boris Becker.

Jaguar XE
Range Rover Evoque
Mercedes-Benz EqC

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How Old Was Becker When He Won Wimbledon?

Born in Leimen, close to Heidelberg, West Germany (now in Germany), on November 22, 1967, Boris Becker is a German tennis player who, at the age of 17, on July 7, 1985, became the youngest Wimbledon champion in men’s singles history.

Real Estate

Boris Becker acquired a vast 60-acre estate in Mallorca in the 1990s. The property had a peak value of 9.4 million pounds. He put the 31,000-square-foot house on the market in 2007 for 13 million pounds. Several squatters who came in in 2018 prevented Becker from selling his long abandoned Mallorcan estate, which he was seeking to do in order to pay off his obligations.

The squatters declared their intention to remain there for the foreseeable future; some even stated that they intended to transform the house into “Neverland” from Peter Pan. Tragically, ten years ago Becker’s property had great promise. It has 12 bedrooms, a tennis court, a basketball court, a swimming pool, a gym, and stables for horses. In a short period of time, the squatters had destroyed all of these amenities.

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In addition, they took all of the pricey furniture and anything else that wasn’t secured with a bolt. When one squatter attempted to power the pool with solar panels, the pool was seriously damaged. After allegations that the squatters were filming pornographic movies on the property arose in 2020, it was claimed that they had been expelled.

Boris gave his villa in Mallorca to the British private bank Arbuthnot Latham in November 2020 as payment for a debt.

Boris Becker’s Liabilities and Loans

For several years, Boris Becker borrowed $15,000 to aid in his tennis improvement. On the other side, Boris Becker has completely repaid this loan thanks to his tennis achievements. On the other side, Boris Becker borrowed $12 million a few years ago to grow his company and launch a media company. Because he still owes money to Citi Bank, Boris Becker’s net worth is determined by this.

You need to view this. The Unknown Wealth of the Rockefellers. He did not receive much money from his family, who also did not provide him much. It demonstrates that Boris Becker made all of his money on his own in this way. With wise investments in the stock market and real estate, Boris Becker is earning a sizable monthly income. With this cash, his wealth will continue to increase.

Frequently Asked Question

Is Boris Becker Rich?

Becker’s net worth was projected to be over £127 million at the height of his career, but due to his financial hardship, it is now assessed to be only £800,000.

Why Did Boris Becker Retire?

Becker was found guilty of hiding assets in Germany, failing to disclose debts totaling $866,500, and failing to disclose shares of a tech company. Mr. Becker claims that a pricey divorce from his first marriage, child maintenance obligations, and lifestyle commitments reduced his career savings by about $50 million.

Who Defeated Boris Becker?

Becker competed in the 1988 Wimbledon final, losing to Stefan Edberg in four sets. This match served as the catalyst for one of Wimbledon’s greatest rivalries.

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