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Pablo Escobar Net Worth: What happened to his money after he passed away?

One of the richest and most powerful guys in history was Pablo Escobar. He was a drug lord who daily earned absurd sums of money. He was the leader of The Medellin Drug Cartel, one of the bloodiest organizations in history. The whereabouts of Pablo Escobar’s money following his death have piqued the interest of many individuals.

Some people engage in unlawful acts to make quick money, such as selling drugs and laundering money. However, it is a perilous endeavor because governments are constantly looking for such individuals. Drug lords and the government have been engaged in the ongoing conflict in Colombia. To this day, more and more of Pablo Escobar’s money from this deal is being uncovered.

Early Life

On December 1, 1949, Pablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria was born in Rionegro, Colombia. Escobar, the third of his family’s seven children, was born to teacher Hilda de Los Dolores Gaviria Berrio and farmer Abel de Jesus Dari Escobar Echeverri.

He was raised in Medellin, where it’s believed he began his criminal life as a young man. He is accused of selling fake degrees as well as gravestones to local muggers for resale. Escobar briefly attended the Autonoma Latinoamericana University but did not complete his studies there.

With his companion Oscar Benel Aguirre, Escobar increased his criminal activity in the early 1970s. They ran little con games and sold illegal goods including bogus lottery tickets and cigarettes. During this time, he received $100,000 for kidnapping and holding a Medellin executive hostage.

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Personal Life

In March 1976, at the age of 26, Escobar wed Maria Victoria Henao, a 15-year-old. Naturally, her family disapproved of the romance, so the couple eloped covertly. Son Juan Pablo, later known as Sebastian Marroquin, and daughter Manuela were their two offspring. According to reports, Pablo had numerous indiscretions while the couple was still married.

Criminal Career

Pablo started the Medellin Cartel, a sizable cocaine enterprise, in 1975. He had approximately twenty aircraft, including a Learjet and six helicopters, which he used to transport drugs across the United States and between Colombia and Panama. Escobar would purchase cocaine paste in Peru, refine it in a lab, and then smuggle it into the tires of aircraft.

For smuggling the drugs, a pilot may earn up to $500,000 USD per flight. The Medellin Cartel controlled 80% of the cocaine smuggled into the United States by the middle of the 1980s, making over $420 million per week off of the huge demand for cocaine there. Over 15 tonnes were smuggled in each day by the Cartel. Escobar was one of the ten richest persons in the world and already had a net worth of $30 billion.

The underprivileged people of Medellin viewed him as a hero at the height of his illicit career, but the U.S. and Colombian governments were now actively looking for him. By portraying himself as a “superhero,” he was able to gain the support of the people of Medellin by constructing houses, supporting youth football teams, and establishing sports grounds. By acting as lookouts and lying to the police, many citizens assisted Pablo in avoiding capture.

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Pablo Escobar Rusted Car Collection

His collection included vintage Porsche 356s, 1930s Cadillacs, Mercedes 300SLs, and Renault 4Ls. These spectacular automobiles were kept in his opulent Hacienda Napoles property, which is today a popular tourist destination.

Pablo Escobar Net Worth

According to celebritynetworth Drug lord Pablo Escobar, who was born in Colombia, had a lifetime high net worth of $30 billion. When he was alive, Pablo Escobar was the leader of The Medellin Drug Cartel, one of the most notorious and brutal drug organizations in history.

The Medellin cartel controlled 80% of the global cocaine market at the height of its dominance. Along the way, Pablo and his cartel were accountable for tens of thousands, if not more, of homicides. Numerous victims of these murders were unarmed citizens.

What happened to his money after he passed away?

American authorities seized Pablo Escobar’s wealth, including $2 billion in cash stashed in various banks around the world.

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Frequently Asked Question

Did Pablo Escobar’s Family Inherit the Money?

Also, Pablo Escobar did not save a large sum of money for his family. Because Pablo did not leave an inheritance to his son or daughter, they do not have their own category.

What Happened to Pablo Escobar’s Daughter?

Both have written books and spoken freely to the press about their personal lives with Pablo Escobar by this point. Manuela, on the other hand, has refused to take part at all. Despite never committing a crime, she remains in hiding to this day. Manuela Escobar is now one of the world’s most famous recluses.

How Much is Pablo Escobar’s Family Worth?

Escobar, dubbed “the king of cocaine,” is the wealthiest criminal in history, with an estimated net worth of US$30 billion at the time of his death—equivalent to $70 billion in 2022—during the 1980s and early 1990s, when his drug cartel monopolized the cocaine trade into the United States.

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