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Angela Black Season 2: When Will the Season 2 Be Available?

Angela Black,” directed by Harry and Jack Williams, is about a woman who is frequently abused by her violent husband, Olivier. Olivier is more than just a hardworking man who looks after his family. He also has a troubled past. The main character is approached by a man who claims to know everything about her husband in the following scene.

The lead, Joanne Froggatt, delivers a powerful performance that brings the story to life. Many fans of the show are eagerly awaiting the start of a new season. If you’re wondering the same thing, here’s everything we know about a potential second season!

Angela Black Season 2 Cast: Who Can Be in It?

If the series is renewed for a second season, Joanne Froggatt may return as the title character. Michiel Huisman, who plays Angela’s abusive husband, Olivier, could also return in the upcoming season.

Ed Harrison, played by Samuel Adewunmi, is revealed to be Theo Walters, Ed Harrison’s true identity. He could return to the show for a second season if it is renewed. In addition to the aforementioned cast members, Clement Stokes (Sam Meyer), Seth Stokes (Max Meyer), Ashley McGuire (Judy), and Pippa Nixon (PC Chappelhow) are all expected to return.

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Angela Black Season 2 Has a Plot, but What is It?

Season 1 shows a wealthy family who enjoys a calm lifestyle. Nevertheless, the opposite is true. The better half of Angela, Olivier, was constantly taking advantage of her. To make Angela’s life completely hopeless, a professional killer named Theo Walters was hired. To approach her and change the transactions of her significant other, the professional murderer poses as Ed.

Angela or Theo will ultimately succeed in their search for Olivier sooner or later. Thus, new enemies or problems can appear in Angela’s life at some point in the future. In the unlikely event that her partner is released from prison, he might try to carry out a perilous task. The main season depicts a wealthy family that enjoys luxury living.

But the reality is a really special thing. Angela’s significant other, Olivier, mistreats her often. The person then hires a hired gunman named Theo Walters to make Angela’s life as difficult as is reasonably possible at that point. The contract killer poses as Ed and tries to persuade her to look into her partner’s activities so she can be accused of interfering with his relationships.

In the end, Angela succeeds in getting Olivier locked up, while Theo is tormented by old adversaries. In the ensuing second season, Angela may encounter yet another significant foe or problem. Her companion is also anticipated to be released from custody and may write something.

In Season 1, What Happened to Angela Black?

Joanne’s husband beats her physically and verbally in the first season, leaving her with scars and missing teeth. Ed follows her to the park and approaches her, offering to assist her with the impending divorce from her husband. When Yuki disappears, Angela gets fixated on demonstrating that Olivier is a jerk who ought to be imprisoned.

Olivier dies as a result of Angela’s unsuccessful assassination attempt. We learn more about Edgewater’s past and Angela’s mental state as a result of her torment throughout the story. Angela and Theo beat Olivier at his own game, regaining her independence and custody of her kids.

When Will the Second Season of Angela Black Be Available?

According to NovaScotiaToday The complete first season of “Angela Black” premiered on Spectrum on February 7, 2022. Six episodes from the first season, each lasting roughly an hour, are present. Each one lasts for roughly an hour. Before the show’s release on the streaming service, it was initially broadcast on October 10, 2021, by a British television network called ITV.

Here is all we know thus far about season two. ITV, its home network, has not made any comments regarding it. Keep in mind that “Angela Black” is a six-part miniseries, indicating that it was created with a single season in mind.

If we take a look after the first season finale, Angela discovers Ed’s true identity and the reason for his actions. Even her spouse ultimately lacks the intelligence to get away with it. As a result, the first edition has a satisfying conclusion. The length of the series was always intended to be six episodes, according to Angela’s actor Joanne Froggatt.

The actress claimed that if a second season were to be produced, it would be a miniseries. She claimed that the psychological thriller’s last episode brings the story to a satisfactory conclusion. The conclusion contains a lot of surprises, shocks, and plot twists. This is why a second viewing of the show is probably not necessary.
We can’t be certain, though, because several short-form programs have had their seasons extended.

These programs include “Liar,” in which Froggatt plays Laura Nielson. The first season ends on a cliffhanger, yet the show continued to draw viewers who didn’t want to finish it. Therefore, ‘Angela Black’ may return if it succeeds and gains a large following. The show will air for two to three months if the network approves it. These factors lead us to believe that “Angela Black” season 2 will air in 2023.

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Trailer for Angela Black Season 2

Fans of Angela Black’s first season are anxiously awaiting the release of the season 2 trailer. On the other hand, fans are eagerly anticipating the release of the official trailer for ANGELA BLACK SEASON 2, which is scheduled to take place in the coming months.

Frequently Asked Question

Is Angela Black a True Story?

Writers Jack and Harry Williams, who also created the excellent Liar, did draw inspiration for the series’ plot from actual domestic violence instances, so it’s not just based on one account but rather a variety of real-life situations from women who have experienced abuse.

How Many Episodes of Angela Black Are They?

In the six-part Hitchcockian thriller series Angela Black on ITV, Joanne Froggatt plays a woman who sacrifices everything she values to retaliate against a man who has oppressed and tormented her for most of her adult life.


“Angela Black” could be renewed for a second season. Joanne Froggatt may return as the title character. Michiel Huisman, who plays her abusive husband, could also return. “Angela Black” is a six-part miniseries. The first season premiered on February 7, 2022.

In the first season, Angela’s significant other mistreated her often. Theo Walters hired a hired gunman to make Angela’s life as difficult as possible at that point. ‘Angela Black’ may return if it succeeds and gains a large following. The show will air for two to three months if the network approves it. The first season ends on a cliffhanger, yet the show continued to draw viewers who didn’t want to finish it.


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