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Siesta Key Season 6: When Will This Season Come Out?

siesta key season 6

Siesta Key is a reality television show created by Entertainment One Television. Mark Ford and Warren Skeels created the show. The show’s first episode aired on MTV on July 31, 2017, and the show currently has four seasons and 67 episodes. The show’s action takes place on a barrier island in the Gulf of Mexico near Sarasota, Florida, hence the show’s name. It’s also made by the same team who brought you Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County.

This reality show follows a group of young adults navigating love, life, class, breakups, and the fast-coming reality of adulthood in their sunny hometown of Siesta Key, Florida, on the Gulf of Mexico.

Release Date of Previous Seasons

Season Release Date
Siesta Key Season 1 July 31, 2017
Siesta Key Season 2 January 22, 2019
Siesta Key Season 3 January 7, 2020
Siesta Key Season 4 May 12, 2021
Siesta Key Season 5 March 10, 2022

Recap of Siesta Key Season 4

The 15-episode fourth season opens with a troubled friendship between Juliette and Kelsey, Madison’s recent engagement, some realizations, Brandon adjusting to fatherhood, and Chloe trying something new by reinventing herself. The second episode features Brandon wanting Camilla, Kelsey damaging Juliette’s friendship by creating a rumor, Chloe attempting to make things right, and Juliette being envious.

The critical events of episodes 3, 4, and 5 were the beginning of Brandon and Camilla’s relationship, Jordana endangering Juliette and Sam’s vacation, and Kelsey surprising Juliette by organizing a photo session for her bikini line. Sam and Juliette learn important relationship lessons from their time on the island, and Kelsey’s picture session doesn’t go as she had hoped.

Joe and Stef cope with Joe’s aversion to commitment in episode 7, as Juliette and Kelsey’s animosity reaches a breaking point. Cara reconciles with Garett and Kelsey in the upcoming episode, and Amanda and Tate become closer.

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Brandon has to deal with his obligations and a new relationship with Jordana in episode 9. Madison tells her family about a fantastic wedding at the same time. Jump to episode 12, where Brandon wants to pursue Camilla once more, and Amanda is puzzled about her relationship with Tate after he abused her trust. Juliette wants to reconcile with Kelsey but finds her uninteresting.

In the season finale, Sam and Juliette’s marriage hits its breaking point. Juliette considers leaving Sam’s house in episode 13, while Chloe meets a new guy. Brandon is considering spending time with the group again, which would be unsettling if Jordana is present. Madison has a lot of work to do for the wedding.

Expected Cast of Siesta Key Season 6

Season 4’s cast will return, including Juliette Porter, Sam Logan, Kelsey Owens, Madison Hausburg, Chloe Trautman, Garrett Miller, Brandon Gomes, and Amanda Miller. There will also be some new faces on Siesta Key who have yet to be identified.

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The Plotline of Siesta Key Season 6

Several things were alluded to in the teaser, including Kelsey Owen’s troubles, Madison Hausburg’s attempts to organize a wedding, Juliette and Sam’s breakup, and Chloe Trautman’s brief courting of her new spouse.

The surprise pregnancy announcement by Madison and the potential conflict between Juliette and Kelsey over their rival swimsuit lines would also be newsworthy events for this season.

We’ll have to wait until Season 5 to learn how Juliette and Sam cope on their own, how Chloe and Jordana’s friendship functions, and whether Brandon is finally at ease with everyone.

This season will feature plenty of tensions, romance, new characters, and partying, much like the previous seasons.

Release Date of Siesta Key Season 6

Season 5 of Siesta Key will premiere on MTV on March 10, 2022. After a long wait, fans of this show were thrilled when a promo video advertising the fifth season was released last month. There was no uncertainty about the renewal for a new season because the program has been doing well since season 1 and has its own fan base. Season 6’s release is anticipated to occur in January 2023.

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Trailer of Siesta Key Season 6

The official trailer for season 6 is not available. You can enjoy the available trailer of season 4.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Is Alex Cut Out of Siesta Key?

Alex participated in Siesta Key before his termination due to racist social media posts over the first few seasons. Here’s what Alex has been up to after getting dismissed from the hit MTV reality show Siesta Key, from dealing with the fallout to the state of his connection with his former co-stars.

Is Siesta Key Scripted?

Similar to most reality shows, Siesta Key blurs the lines between what is scripted and what is actually happening. Alex Kompothecras was one of the main protagonists of Siesta Key’s first three seasons.

What Does Sam in Siesta Key Do for a Living?

Sam Logan is a reputedly successful businessman and entrepreneur. He concentrates solely on his business before leaving for Siesta Key. Our investigation indicates that Sam owns a 10% share in the E.W. Scripps Co., the family business.

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