The Release Date of Baka and Test Season 3 Is Out Now!


Fans have been waiting almost 10 years since the final episode of Baka to Testo to Shkanj, and they are still looking forward to the release of Baka And Test Season 3. The audience members have patiently waited for a considerable time to witness additional episodes of the anime series. On the other hand, they are somewhat dismayed because the people who made it have not responded to their concerns.

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As a result of the fact that it is one of the best comedy shows of the preceding decade, there is an ever-increasing desire for additional footage to be made available. Continue reading to find out if it will ever be shown on television or in theatres.

Baka and Test Season 3

Baka And Test, also known as Baka to Testo to Shkanj, is a romantic comedy anime series produced in Japan. The story is based on Kenji Inoue’s comedy light novel series of the same name, which serves as its inspiration. This light novel series was translated by Silver Link into two anime series, each consisting of 13 episodes.

On January 6, 2010, the audience saw the show’s first episode. After an absence of one year, the show’s second season debuted, and it ran through the 30th of September, 2011.

The Cast of Baka and Test Season 3

  • Akihisa Yoshii (Shimono Hiro, who also played as Dabi in My Hero Academia)
  • Yuuji Sakamoto (Tatsuhisa Suzuki, who also played Ban in The Seven Deadly Sins)
  • Mizuki Himeji is portrayed by Hitomi Harada, who was previously seen in The Cinderella Girls playing the role of Airi Totoki.
  • Minami Shimada (Kaori Mizhuhashi, who also played as Ougi Oshino in the Monogatari series)
  • Hideyoshi Kinoshita (Emiri Katou, who also played as Kyuubey in Puella Magi Madoka Magica)
  • Miyata Kouki, better known as Kouta Tsuchiya, also appeared in Free! in the role of Aiichirou Bitoni.

The Plot of Baka and Test Season 3

The plot centers on the main character, Akihisa Yoshii, a senior at Fumizuki Academy, when the novel’s events took place. The placement of students in classes at Fumizuki Academy is determined by the results of a test they take after their first academic year, which is in contrast to the practices of other educational institutions.

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Students with the highest grade are assigned to the A-class, while those with the lowest rate are given to the F class. The classes are sorted so that the students with the highest grade are placed in the A-class. The quality of the school facilities you have access to is also determined by your class, with students in the F class having the least desirable access to things like broken tables and worn-out furniture.

Baka and Test Season 3

Akihisa is motivated, along with other members of the F class, to capture more excellent facilities by conquering the higher classes using the Examinations Summon Battle system at their school.

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Students can conjure a chibi version of themselves using this method. The abilities of this version are based on the students’ performance in several examinations. Since they had nothing to lose, students in the F class started challenging students in other courses to fight throughout the year.

Release Date of Baka and Test Season 3

Fans are growing antsy as they await the release of Baka and Test Season 3, as they have been doing so for more than a decade. The production firm has been silent about whether they would continue making episodes of the show. It is most likely that the source material is the primary issue.

Even though the light novels and the manga have been concluded, the first two seasons of the anime have already utilized the vast majority of the story contained in the main storyline.

Baka and Test Season 3

Some side stories still haven’t been adapted yet, but given how little there is to work with, it seems unlikely they’ll be incorporated into Baka and test season 3.

Because the conclusion of season 2 was rather definitive, it is much less likely that viewers will be able to watch Baka and Test Season 3 in the future. Baka and Test Season 3 are still on the table thanks to the fact that the studio Silver Link, who produced Bofuri Season 2, has not announced the series’ cancellation.

Trailer: Baka and Test Season 3

The narrative’s protagonist is Akihisa Yoshii, a student who has a reputation for being a stupid boy due to his poor academic performance. He is a student at the unusual Fumizuki Academy, which organizes its classes according to the student’s overall academic performance.

The higher your overall result is on a test or examination, the higher your class and the better your advantages will be. You may probably predict that Akihisa is currently held in Class F, the lowest and most deplorable class.

Akihisa, who is unhappy with the setting in which he studies, is attempting, with the assistance of his performance, to a more advanced level. However, he will have to compete in the Examinations Summon Battle at Fumizuki Academy to accomplish his objective.

The student’s overall performance on the test determines the level of power that can be granted to the fantasy character that can be summoned by the student for this particular test. This marks the beginning of Akihisa and Class F’s struggle to reach the pinnacle of their field.


In the end, Akihisa decided that Himeji would be the best person to pursue a romantic relationship with;. However, Minami and the two were on the verge of tying the knot; the series ended with the ultimate Baka and Test conclusion, which provided us and Test conclusion, which provided us all with a nice laugh as the show came to a close.

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