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October Faction Season 2 Release Date Has Revealed?

October Faction Season 2

On Netflix, the second season of October Faction will feature ten episodes. On January 20, 2022, the pilot episode will air. James Thorpe is behind the show’s production. A new television series premiered on Netflix on January 23, 2020. The first season consists of ten episodes. Deloris Allen was played by Tamara Taylor on television. The foundation of the show is a comic.

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Season 2 of October Faction is slated to feature plenty of drama and intrigue in addition to the ongoing search for monsters. Even though the first season was a little boring on many fronts, we’ll offer you a thorough assessment of the forthcoming season and remain optimistic about the show overall.

Season 1 of October Factionending Explained.

One of the Allen family’s darkest secrets is revealed in the first season of Netflix’s supernatural drama October Faction, and one of the Allens is killed. October Faction takes place in the little upstate New York town of Barrington-on-Hudson, based on the Steve Niles and Damien Worm comics published by IDW Publishing. There are two sets of teenage twins, Viv (Aurora Burghart) and Geoff (Gabriel Darku), who are unaware that their parents are monster hunters (J.C. MacKenzie and Tamara Taylor).

One of the most shocking revelations in October Faction season 1 comes when an attack on the family estate reveals what their parents really do for a living. All magical creatures will be exterminated with relentless zeal by The Presidio Foundation, the clandestine global syndicate of which the Allens are pawns.

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It’s also worth noting that Fred and Deloris aren’t the biological parents of Geoff and Viv; they’re warlocks who were kidnapped as babies during Presidio’s invasion of the magical stronghold of Harlow. Alice Harlow (Maxim Roy), the children’s real mother, spends much of the first season of October Faction attempting to find them so she can tell them the truth.

Release Date of October Faction Season 2

According to the streaming service, the October Faction TV show has been canceled. It’s been announced that October Faction’s first season would be the final one. In theory, Netflix has no plans for the upcoming season, but it’s impossible to know. In June 2022, there is no word regarding a second season of the show.

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Plotline of October Faction Season 2

To round out season one, we witness Alice (Geoff and Viv’s birth mother) summoning a circle and raising the dead, only to be raided by the Presidio soon afterward. In the meantime, Fred and Geoff (Viv’s birth father) are in limbo as Edith tries to recruit Viv. Geoff, Viv, Alice, and Deloris form a team to take on Edith at the end. According to the story, Maggie Allen is also the new leader of the Presidio.

Season 2 of October Faction may explore Dante’s history, according to showrunner Damian Kindler. For the most part, we only glimpse his backstory in the first season. On the other hand, Kindler believes that he will play a significant role in season 2 of October Faction. Even though Dante is a fascinating character in the first season, he does not take center stage as he would in the second.

October Faction season 2 will feature Merle Cope, the comic’s villain, who will play a significant role, according to Kindler. Sadly, Netflix has decided to terminate the program, so we’ll have to wait for a new streaming network to pick it up for those scenarios to happen in October Faction season 2.

The Cast of October Faction Season 2

The performers’ parts played in the previous season will be returned for the following season. At this time, there is no information known regarding the cast.

Tamara Taylor, known for her roles on Bones and Lost, and JC MacKenzie, known for his role in The Wolf of Wall Street, star as Deloris and Fred, respectively, and lead the ensemble cast in their adventures of hunting beasts.
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Aurora Burghard (Sex Education) and Gabriel Darku (Impulse) star as Viv and Geoff, who become integral to the couple’s fascinating character development and coping with the unexpected upheaval of their “perfect” old neighborhood throws at them. Viv and Geoff are played by Aurora Burghard (Sex Education) and Gabriel Darku (Impulse), respectively. Also appearing in the first season were actors Wendy Crewson (from “Room”), Megan Follows (from “Reign”), and Stephen McHattie (from “Watchmen”).

Trailer: October Faction Season 2

As the second season of October Faction has arrived yet, so it is a easy guess that the trailer of October Faction season 2 is not available yet, Until you can watch season 1 trailer down below:


According to showrunner Damian Kindler, October Faction season 2 on Netflix will delve deeper into Dante’s intriguing history (Calvin Desautels). First-season critics have expressed hope that the second season will reclaim some previously unsubstantiated glory for a great cast that was hindered by an underdeveloped script in the first season.

As a side note, the program has the potential to be binge-worthy for a specific audience that is patient enough to allow the story to take them wherever it wants, but that’s typically tough to do.

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