Seis Manos season 2: What Will Be the Release Date of This Season?


Brad Graeber and lvaro Rodrguez produced the adult cartoon streaming television series Seis Manos (Six Hands). The story takes place in the fictional hamlet of San Simon in 1970s Mexico and focuses around three orphans who have been taught Chinese martial arts. When their mentor is murdered, they get up with an American DEA agent and a policewoman to revenge on him.

Review of Seis Manos season 1

Despite not being heavily dependent on its wacky events, Seis Manos Season 1 is well-paced. The present-day enjoyment of its conflicting influences and cultures is more significant.

The many battle scenes and stylized violence that unites it all make it work better than you may anticipate.

As with a lot of Netflix’s original anime content, the major attraction is the action, and it is rather impressive. Although the roughness won’t appeal to everyone, those in the market will benefit greatly from it.

Can We Expect the Seis Manos season 2?

Anime’s first season was launched through Netflix on October 3, 2019. As of December 19, 2021, when this article was published, the show had not yet been renewed for a second season.

Seis Manos season 2

Anime-related organizations such as Netflix, Powerhouse Animation, Viz, and others were not mentioned. However, the event has not been canceled as of yet. Fans have started a petition on to seek a second season of the show.

Seis Manos is an original animated series because it isn’t based on a cartoon or manga. As a result, the second season’s source material is no longer available, and the new season’s source material is no longer required.

The firm’s and the writers’ principal emphasis appears to be the Blood of Zeus. In comparison to the studio’s most recent picture, Seis Manos, “Master of the Universe: Revelation” is likewise a major smash. We are skeptical about the third season of Seis Manos.

When Will Be the Release Date of Seis Manos Season 2?

Normally, Netflix confirms the continuance of an original series two to three months after it premieres. They utilize this time to assess the success and viewership of the series.

Even though it has been over a year and a half, the creators have yet to say whether or not this one will be revived. The sequel to this anime series has been teased several times.

Blood of Zeus, made by the same animation company and at least ten times more successful than Seis Manos, is the best equivalent.

Blood of Zeus was renewed for a second season when both programs were made accessible on Netflix. Blood of Zeus, on the other hand, was released exactly one year before Seis Manos and received no such approval.

The developer and company appear to be concentrating their efforts on the more well-known Blood of Zeus. When compared to the studio’s most recent output, Seis Manos, “Masters of the Universe: Revelation” is also quite popular.

Seis Manos season 2

To be honest, we doubt Seis Manos will receive a second-season renewal. However, because the program has not yet been canceled, there is still hope.

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What Will Be the Plotline of  Seis Manos Season 2?

The greatest way to enjoy vengeance is cold. On the other hand, Seis Manos might be able to refute this assertion. As a result, following the first season, it seems as though personal conflicts are the main focus. The competitions will also be brief and straightforward. Balde’s passing left a lasting impression.

The two biggest changes of the season will be the orphans’ uprising and the town’s retaking. In Season 2, the effects of Balde’s madness will endure.

To clean up the mess that Balde has left behind, Larry, Brister’s boss, will keep working. The dojo was Larry’s final destination. How long it will take to go back to the Dojo in season 2 is uncertain, though.

There is a good chance that Isabela and Jesus’ efforts to save Silencio will work. Garcia has big intentions to revitalize the community. When Silencio recovers and realizes he is at Lo’s Temple, the story will take a different turn.

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Orphans will be a key component of the action in Seis Manos’ second season. The protagonists will be caught up in a significant global battle.

Every choice you make in the second season will matter greatly. The enemies of Silencio will gain strength and stature. Season 2 will be greatly impacted by Silencio’s past decisions.


The trailer for Seis Manos season 2 is not available. when the trailer will available we will update, till then you can enjoy the available trailer of season 1.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it called Seis Manos?

Brad Graeber and lvaro Rodrguez are the creators of the American adult animation streaming television series Seis Manos (Six Hands). Three orphans who have received Chinese martial arts training are the center of the story, which is set in the fictional Mexican town of San Simon in the 1970s.

Is Seis Manos an anime?

The Seis Manos anime series is very brilliant since it successfully combines the best elements of all those different genres. The martial arts are quite good. Anime with a harsh tone and a multicultural blend.

Is Seis Manos in English?

In actuality, there is no Japanese cast since there is no Japanese sub/dub. The audio and subtitle options for the TV show include English, French, German, Italian, and even Chinese, but not Japanese. Aislinn Derbez (La Casa de las Flores) plays Isabela in the core Seis Manos cast.

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