The Best Drama Movies on Hulu of 2022!


What better way to wind down after a long day at the office than to curl up with a good book? Movies on Hulu are a terrific way to burn off some steam. Whether you’re a fan of action movies or twisted psychological thrillers, there’s a film for you on Netflix.

To get the most out of your Hulu subscription if you’re bored with Netflix or Amazon, take a look at some of the top movies currently available. In no particular order, these are the top Hulu movies to watch right now in any genre: horror, science fiction, comedies, and dramas.

1. Fresh

Few romantic comedies set in the current day go as far off the rails as Fresh. First-time director Mimi Cave introduces us to Nora’s online dating woes before introducing us to the handsome and charming Steve at a supermarket meet-up (Sebastian Stan). When Steve’s true colors are revealed, the rom-com plot takes a turn for the worse.

best drama movies on hulu

This guy isn’t just a person who happened to run into a girl in the produce section; he’s a human flesh procurer. A cannibal who kidnaps women and keeps them alive while harvesting everything from breasts to a limb is a pleasurable experience for Stan.

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If you’re searching for a date night movie that’s out of the ordinary, check out Fresh. Just save the supper for after the movie.

2. Prisoners

Before Denis Villeneuve was seen trapezing with Timothée Chalamet and Zendaya in front of a brightly illuminated sand dune, he was building his reputation in the background of the film industry.

In this thriller from 2013 that mostly went undetected despite its evident genius, a father (Hugh Jackman) and a detective (Jake Gyllenhaal) work together to find an abducted girl. Hugh Jackman plays the father, while Jake Gyllenhaal plays the detective.

best drama movies on hulu

The gripping performances of Hugh Jackman, Maggie Gyllenhaal, and the ever-frightening Paul Dano are the main draws of the movie Prisoners, which eschews jump scares and special effects in favor of psychological tension and a superb pace.

If you’re looking for a movie that will keep you on the edge of your seat well after the final credits have rolled, Hulu has just the thing for you.

3. Nightmare Alley

While William Lindsay Gresham had written a novel based on Nightmare Alley in 1946, Edmund Goulding had created a cinematic version of the story in 1947.

Guillermo del Toro’s adaptation, a grim, gloomy, and frequently frightening look at life in a traveling carnival is anything but. Cooper is impressive as Stan Carlisle, a former circus performer who embarks on a solo career as a clairvoyant, only to fall victim to avarice, duplicity, and outright lying along the way.

Nightmare Alley, directed by Del Toro, with a stellar ensemble and a melancholy shine. When it comes to Nightmare Alley, Del Toro has found a new way to illustrate the demons that lurk in the hearts and minds of normal people.

4. Blue Streak

The 1990s were the best decade for criminal comedy, and the film that is now considered a cult classic was the best of the best. Miles Logan, played by Martin Lawrence, has been released from jail after serving time for a failed attempt to steal diamonds.

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best drama movies on hulu

For Miles to obtain the money he was imprisoned for, he is required to impersonate a new police officer who has just recently been transferred. Old friends of Mile’s, such as Tulley (played by Dave Chappelle), are put to the test almost immediately.

Mile manages to take down Tulley in a comedic manner while earning the adoration of his superiors. What caused you to wait such a long time to watch Blue Streak? Bumbling humor, appearances by a plethora of comic legends and celebrities, and a Martin Lawrence showcase that is widely considered to be one of his funniest works to date are all featured in the exhibition.

5. Spencer

The portrayal that Kristen Stewart does as Princess Diana is one of the highlights of the movie. In a sea of Princess Di interpretations, Spencer stands out thanks to Stewart’s heartbreaking performance as a woman who is trapped in a loveless marriage and whose in-laws are chilly.

best drama movies on hulu

While Diana stays in the frigid Balmoral Castle, where the locals are growing increasingly hostile toward her, she draws comparisons between herself and the murdered English queen Anne Boleyn. This causes Diana to become more and more alienated. Spencer takes a more relaxed stance about the accuracy of historical accounts.

Even if Stewart’s imitation of Lady Diana isn’t spot-on, the actress gets pretty darn near, and her scenes with Sally Hawkins and Sean Harris are reason enough to see this movie.

6. Looper

Looper avoids going into the specifics of time travel theory in favor of a focus on the finer qualities of storytelling, acting, and action in a way that is both innovative and creative. In a dystopian future in which time travel has not yet been established, only a small minority of criminals are aware that it will eventually be created and used to the advantage of those who will be in charge of it.

The Looper, a hitman operating in the present day, is responsible for the deaths of people who have been brought back in time from the future. Even though Joe (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) is supposed to eliminate his future self, future Joe (Bruce Willis), the situation becomes complicated when he is unable to do so.

It is necessary for Joe in the present to go back in time and change things so that Joe in the future does not screw with the future. Joseph Gordon-Levitt turns this time-traveling narrative into an unforgettable sci-fi adventure with just a smidge of make-up and a secret knack for impersonating the actor himself, Bruce Willis. Joseph Gordon-natural Levitt’s ability to impersonate Bruce Willis allows him to do this with just a little bit of make-up.

7. The Fifth Element

In the film The Fifth Element, which belongs to a separate subgenre of science fiction, elements of comedy, drama, and action are intertwined inside a narrative that is both futuristic and set in space.

best drama movies on hulu

The vast majority of the time, all of these components do, in fact, land in an effective manner. This may be difficult to accept. Milla Jovovich’s character, who plays a human embodiment of ancient cosmic weaponry, stumbles into the taxi of 23rd-century taxi driver Korben Dallas for reasons that remain unclear (Bruce Willis).

The course of his life is altered irrevocably. It is a race against time for Dallas, Leeloo, and a motley crew to collect the remaining components of the weapon so that Leeloo can fuse with the alien technology and save the planet from an approaching threat that originates from beyond our solar system.

The visual tapestry of vivid images that filmmaker Luc Besson wove into The Fifth Element is still being re-watched today, although it has been almost 30 years since the film’s initial release.

8. Get Him to the Greek

Jonah Hill appeared to be the next Hollywood comedic has-been riding the Judd Apatow/Seth Rogan wave when the adult comedy revival waned and the jokes died. It became evident that Jonah Hill’s quips would never go out of style with the release of Get Him to the Greek.

best drama movies on hulu

For an anniversary concert in Los Angeles, Aaron Green (Jonah Hill) is allowed to accompany his idol, Aldous Snow (Russell Brand), from England to the Greek Theater. Snow’s Rock-God lifestyle proves to be more of a struggle than Green expected, as the two swiftly tumble into a rabbit hole of drugs, sex, and life-altering depravity.

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An all-star ensemble and a virtually show-stealing performance by Sean “Diddy” Combs in getting Him to the Greek offered us our first indication of Hill’s ability to merge drama with comedy, while also solidifying itself as a modern must-watch.

9. Alien

Alien is a claustrophobic horror film that dishes out scares in an intentionally subdued manner — that is until we get into the third act. One of the poster taglines for the film reads, “In space, no one can hear you scream,” and it is one of several taglines that appear on the film’s posters.

Our protagonists are the crew of a commercial spaceship called the Nostromo, who respond to a distress signal transmitted by an extraterrestrial vessel positioned on a nearby moon.

best drama movies on hulu

The crew has no choice but to explore any and all SOS beacons because this is a requirement of their task. The crew of the Nostromo discovers a chamber on the unidentified spacecraft that is packed with hundreds of eggs.

After one of the eggs hatches, it transforms into a monolithic Xenomorph. Alien is a well-known example of a movie that, while having a limited budget and effects budget, nonetheless manages to accomplish a great deal. But in the end, what you get is a sci-fi thriller that will stay with you and be difficult to forget.


Here are The Best Drama Movies on Hulu of 2022 which are streaming now. As soon as we find something new, until then stay with us…


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