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Super 8 Movie Cast, Plot, Reviews and Many More!

super 8 movie cast

J. J. Abrams and Steven Spielberg produced and wrote the screenplay for and directed the 2011 sci-fi thriller Super 8. As a group of adolescents in 1979 create their own Super 8 movie about a train derailing, which releases a menacing presence into the town, Joel Courtney, Elle Fanning, and Kyle Chandler star in the film. The fictional Ohio town of Lillian was filmed on location in Weirton, West Virginia, and the surrounding area.

In the United States, Super 8 was released on June 10, 2011,[2] in both standard and IMAX cinemas. Many critics praised the film for its nostalgic elements, visual effects, and musical score, as well as for the acting of its cast, particularly Fanning and newcomer Courtney. It was also compared to films like E.T., Stand by Me, and The Goonies, but with a darker take on those classic premise stories.

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With a worldwide gross of $260 million against a production budget of under $50 million, the film Super 8 was a financial triumph as well. Numerous honors and accolades were bestowed upon the picture, especially in the areas of technical and special effects achievement, as well as for the work of composer Michael Giacchino and actors Emily Courtney and Elle Fanning.

The Cast of super 8

Here is the cast list see down below:

Actor Character
Joe Lamb Joel Courtney
Alice Dainard Elle Fanning 
Charles Kaznyk Riley Griffiths 
Cary McCarthy Ryan Lee
Martin Read Gabriel Basso
Preston Scott Zach Mills 
Deputy Jack Lamb Kyle Chandler 
Louis Dainard Ron Eldard
Jen Kaznyk AJ Michalka 
Mr. Kaznyk Joel McKinnon Miller 
Mrs. Kaznyk Jessica Tuck 
Sheriff Pruitt Brett Rice 
Deputy Crawford Michael Giacchino 
Deputy Rosko Michael Hitchcock 
Deputy Skadden Jay Scully
Colonel Nelec Noah Emmerich 
Overmyer Richard T. Jones 
The Alien Bruce Greenwood
Dr. Thomas Woodward Glynn Turman

And the rest of the others, who gave their contribution to make this movie.

The Plotline of super 8

An industrial tragedy claimed the lives of Deputy Sheriff Jack Lamb and his 14-year-old son Joe in 1979. When Louis Dainard arrived up intoxicated to cover her shift, Jack puts the responsibility on her. Joe wears a locket as a reminder of her.

Four months later, Charles, Joe’s friend, is working on a zombie picture for a Super 8 film fest. When he asks for Joe’s help along with the support of his buddies Preston and Martin and Cary as well as Dainard’s daughter Alice. Joe and Alice develop a bond over their dad’s opposition.

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Filming a railroad terminal at night, a pickup truck strikes the train, derailing and damaging the facility. Amid the chaos, the children have been separated. In the distance, Joe notices that the door of a train car has been forcibly tossed open. After the debris is cleared, the students find containers of unusual white cubes, which leads them to believe the driver of the truck was Dr.

Woodward, their biology teacher. He tells them at gunpoint to forget what they’ve witnessed as he is gravely injured. They are forced to evacuate by a convoy led by Col. Alec from the nearby Air Force facility. Nelec discovers a super 8 film canister that is unused.

Strange things begin to happen in the town over the next few days: dogs go missing, people go missing, the power fluctuates, and electronic items are stolen. Nelec detains Jack when he tries to approach him. As a pretext for evacuating the town, Alec orders the employment of flamethrowers to create a wildfire. When Joe and Charles review the CCTV from the derailment, they notice that a big creature has fled. To get knowledge of the beast, Alec confronts Woodward in a military hospital and has him killed when Woodward rebuffs him.

Joe is informed by Alice’s father that the thing has kidnapped Alice. To help them rescue Alice, Joe, Charles, Martin, and Cary convince Charles’ older sister Jen to have an affair with Donny. They locate documents and a DVD from Dr. Woodward’s stint as a government researcher when they break into his trailer.

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In 1958, an alien was apprehended by the Air Force after it landed in a field. The alien was experimented on as the extraterrestrial’s spacecraft, which was made of the white cubes, was held, hostage. Nelec sabotaged, discredited, and fired Woodward after he had formed a psychic link with the alien and convinced him to help it flee Earth. Nelec arrests the kids as the kids are watching, but the alien kills Nelec and the airmen, allowing the kids to escape. In order to save their children, Louis and Jack put their disagreements aside and flee.

Reviews of super 8

Spielberg’s best works, such as the uncertainty and wonder of adolescence, may be found in Abrams’ films, but without the accompanying commercialism. (The commercial breakthroughs of Lucas and Spielberg considerably outweigh their contributions to filmmaking.) For the most part, youngsters won’t be wearing Super 8 pyjamas while sipping orange juice from the collectible commemorative cups of its extraterrestrial.

To be released during a summer movie season where nearly every blockbuster is either a remake, an adaptation, or an updated sequel is refreshingly free of commercialism. What the film asks of its audience is curiosity, not cynicism; this is something viewers of all ages can relate to. Aside from R. Crumb’s “Keep on Truckin” and a cutaway design of a space shuttle, Joe (Joel Courtney) has his bedroom plastered with posters, which, before the Internet and Diamond’s Previews catalog, required a certain level of concentration to find.

There are adults in their 30s who had the same items meticulously taped to their walls. Is this an attempt to appeal to these people? As you may have guessed, Joe’s explanation of the dry brush technique to Alice (which mimics the movie itself) is no less genuine and shockingly heartfelt than this imitation (Elle Fanning).

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