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Is 12 Years a Slave Available on Netflix?

is 12 years a slave on netflix

Critics and fans alike were impressed by the film’s devastating depiction of slavery in the pre-Civil War South. The film won the BAFTA Award, the Academy Award, and the Golden Globe Award for best drama. Following Solomon Northup’s autobiography, the film depicts slavery and its degrading consequences for all those who were enslaved.

In New York, Northup was born a freeman. As a talented violinist, he also has a young family. In Washington, D.C., two men (Scoot McNairy and Taran Killam) convince him to take a job playing music in a circus. A slave dealer (Paul Giamatti) transports him to New Orleans and sells him as Platt, a runaway slave, to Ford, the plantation owner, who buys him for a pittance (Benedict Cumberbatch). Tibeats, Ford’s slave handler, resents Northup (Paul Dano).

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Despite Tibeats’ efforts, Chapin (J.D. Evermore), Ford’s overseer, saves Northup’s life just before he is hanged. As a result of the animosity of Tibeats, Ford sells Northup to Epps, an especially violent and intoxicated plantation owner.

The Cast of 12 years a slave

The Plotline 0f 12 years a slave

Saratoga Springs, New York, is home to Solomon Northup, a free African-American violinist and father of two, in 1841. He is offered a job as a musician in Washington, D.C. by two white men named Brown and Hamilton, but instead, they drug Northup and take him to a slave plantation. After proclaiming his release, Northup was viciously thrashed.

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Other enslaved people are being transported to New Orleans, including Northup. In order to make it in the South, everyone tells him he must change his ways. Slave broker Theophilus Freeman gives Northup the name “Platt” and sells him to plantation owner William Ford as a runaway slave from Georgia. Ford is fond of Northup and presents him with a violin as a token of his affection. Northup whips plantation carpenter John Tibeats with his own whip in an effort to defend himself from the growing hostility between the two.

As Tibeats and his henchmen prepare to lynch Northup, the plantation manager steps forward to stop them. Ford arrives and kills Northup after hours of waiting on tiptoe with the noose around his neck. Ford sells Northup to Edwin Epps in order to save his own life. Northup tries to explain his predicament to Ford, but he receives no assistance. Epps is a vicious and wicked individual. Patsey, a favourite slave and Epps’ top cotton picker, is introduced to Northup.

Epps rapes Regularly basis as his jealous wife beats and humiliates her. Eventually, cotton worms damage Epps‘ harvests so he hires off his slaves to a nearby plantation. For his efforts, Judge Turner allows Northup to perform at a neighbor’s anniversary celebration and to keep the money he earned from the performance.

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Epps laborerbourer and ex-supervisor Armsby is hired by Northup to mail a letter to his friends in the Big Apple on his behalf. Although Armsby receives the money saved by Northup and agrees to use it, he betrays him right away. Northup narrowly persuades Epps that Armsby is a liar, and Epps agrees to let Northup go after a knifepoint interrogation. To keep Epps from discovering the letter, Northup disposes of it on a pyre of sorrow.

It is sometime after Patsey was caught by Epps on his way out of town for some soap, since his wife, Mrs. Epps, would not let her. Then Epps gives Northup the order to beat Patsey as payback for what she has done. Northup concedes, but Epps demands that he strike her even harder, and finally takes the whip from Northup and nearly whips Patsey to death.. Northup is so enraged that he destroys his violin in an act of self-defense.

Is 12 years available on Netflix?

The American film “12 Years a Slave” focuses on the suffering and brutality that was inflicted upon Africans who were forced to work in the United States. Netflix does make it possible to watch “12 Years a Slave,” but only in select countries and areas.

If you are located in the United Kingdom, you can view “12 Years a Slave” on Netflix. However, if you are located outside the United Kingdom, you will need to use a virtual private network (VPN) in order to access the film.


Slave Solomon Northup (Chiwetel Ejiofor) is introduced in a sugarcane field with his fellow slaves, and the story of Northup’s enslavement is then told in a series of flashbacks in the movie of 12 years a slave yes it is available on Netflix but some chosen regions.

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