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Honest Thief Netflix: Will This Famous Robbery Movie Available on Netflix?

Honest Thief Netflix

Mark Williams is directing Honest Thief, an American action thriller film. Williams and Steve Allrich wrote the screenplay. It stars Liam Neeson, Kate Walsh, Jai Courtney, Jeffrey Donovan, Anthony Ramos, and Robert Patrick and follows a bank robber who decides to turn himself in to the FBI, only to be set up by corrupt officials.

Open Road Films and Briarcliff Entertainment will distribute Honest Thief in the United States on October 16, 2020, in both IMAX and regular theatres. Critics complimented Neeson’s performance but criticized the film for being too familiar.

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The Cast of Honest Theif

The Plotline of Honest Thief

Tom Dolan (Liam Neeson), a former US Marine and demolitions expert who has been skulking around Boston for years, has earned the nickname “In-and-Out Bandit” for his smooth ways when it comes to stealing large amounts of money that he never spends because Tom is in it for the thrill the robberies give him.

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When he meets and falls in love with Annie Wilkins (Kate Walsh), a psychology graduate student working at a storage facility, he transforms his life.
A short prison sentence in exchange for his cooperation with the FBI is part of Tom’s plan to clear his criminal record. John Nivens and Ramon Hall are sent to interrogate him by FBI Agent Sam Baker, who dismisses him because he has previously given false statements to the agency.

Tom leads them to the storage facility where his money is concealed, but Nivens persuades Hall to steal it. With the help of guns drawn, Nivens and Hall compel Tom to reveal the whereabouts of the remaining money, which they plan to use as a bargaining chip. But Baker shows up just as Nivens is about to kill Baker, forcing him to flee with Annie, who has just arrived at the hotel.
Tom tells Annie everything and orders her to leave, fearing for her safety. Even though Nivens and Hall were caught on camera stealing the money, she goes back to the storage unit to collect video proof for her case.

An increasingly reluctant Hall convinces Nivens into believing that Annie is dead, and he takes the proof, which he is unaware of. A hasty trip to the hospital is all it takes for Tom once he locates Annie. His partner Sean Meyers (Jeffrey Donovan) is beaten up by him in a fistfight before he gets away from the cops.

After that, he confesses his story to Baker. Nivens tries to assassinate Annie in the hospital, but Meyers is sitting in her room. Later, after discovering Nivens’ narrative doesn’t add up and returning the revolver Tom had handed to Meyers, unloaded, as proof during their argument, Meyers understands that Tom is speaking the truth and accepts it.

Is there a Netflix version of Honest Thief?

To hear whether or not Netflix will be streaming Honest Thief is like receiving a beating from Liam Neeson’s badass character in the movie. Popular streaming service Netflix does not offer the action-packed thrill experience.

There is an abundance of high-octane, suspenseful crime thrillers available to watch on Netflix. Anyone who did not get a chance to watch Honest Thief can still watch a number of the streaming service’s other critically acclaimed films, including Triple Frontier, Point Blank, Extraction, The Take, and Polar.

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Because the performances are so “honest,” this action/revenge film may be forgiven for its foolishness. It’s a simple and effective film that speeds along on the most basic, primitive impulses. This time around, Neeson can use his unique combination of likable everyman and deadly tough guy that has made him an action star, perhaps not unlike Charles Bronson’s early days.

There are few things cuter than a snarling line reading of “I’m coming for you” by Tom. For him, Walsh is a perfect fit, both witty and lively (her character is the film’s only blemish).

Additionally, Ramos is charming as an FBI agent whose conscience eventually catches up to him, and Robert Patrick is a likable senior FBI guy. Even though Courtney’s one-note evil guy is in a weak place, he still manages to pull it off in a brutal, brick-hard way.

It’s Jeffrey Donovan’s performance as an unflappable FBI agent who receives his ex-puppy wife as part of their divorce settlement that gives the film its greatest touch. For 99 minutes, director Mark Williams maintains a steady pace, and Honest Thief doesn’t take itself too seriously. Among Neeson’s best work, it’s one of the funniest and most unapologetically entertaining.


Here you can watch the trailer of Honest Thief

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