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What Dose Day Shift Release Tells Date About the Movie?

Day Shift Release Date

Day Shift, starring Jamie Foxx, is one of the most anticipated films of the year. Every fresh piece of information about the movie has been tracked by us.

J.J. Perry directs this movie, making this his directorial debut. Prior to Shay Hatten’s edits, Tyler Tice created the original script. A collaboration between 87North Productions and Impossible Dream Entertainment brought this project to life on the big screen. Datari Turner and Peter Baxter will serve as executive producers.

On August 12, 2022, Day Shift will be available on Netflix.

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You’ll be even more excited to see the movie when you find out who else is in the cast. Everything you need to know about Day Shift may be found here.

Release Date of Day Shift

A few months ago, we projected that the action picture will be available on Netflix in the summer of 2015. Day Shift is coming to Netflix on August 12th, according to Netflix’s announcement.

Cast of Day Shift

Here are all cast & crew members of Day shift.

Plotline of Day shift

The story of Day Shift focuses on a father who puts in a lot of effort in order to create a happy life for his daughter. The fact that he cleans pools during the day is really a cover for his real profession as a vampire hunter who works the night shift.

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He is employed full-time in this capacity. The movie is an action flick, but since Jamie Foxx is starring in it, we may anticipate a significant amount of comedic moments.

Is There a Trailer of Day Shift?

As of this writing, there is no trailer available for Day Shift. We should see a trailer for the movie at least a month before it makes its debut, so it’s possible that Netflix may release the teaser at some point in the month of July. In the meantime, you may check out the following link to view trailers for upcoming films that will be available on Netflix in 2022:

Where to watch Day shift

Once it becomes available on Netflix on August 12, 2022, you will be able to watch this movie. This year, Netflix will add more movies to its library, including titles such as “The Mother,” “The Adam Project,” “The Gray Man,” and “Spiderhead.” In addition to that, we are keeping an eye out for upcoming original productions from Netflix such as Slumberland, Falling For Christmas, and Boo.

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With its interesting premise and star-studded ensemble, this movie is sure to provide a vampire movie that will stick with audiences long after they leave the theatre.

Age Rating of Day shift

It has received a rating of R due to the intense violence, gore, and language throughout the film. R for “Restricted” is the rating given. A programme with a R rating is intended to be viewed only by mature adults and is not appropriate for minors under the age of 17 in most cases. Includes material that is not appropriate for young audiences. Children under the age of 17 are required to have a parent or adult guardian accompany them.

Includes material that is not appropriate for young audiences. Children under the age of 17 are required to have a parent or adult guardian accompany them.

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