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The Best Scariest Tv Series: Which Are Currently Streaming Now!

best scariest tv series

For years, there has been a strong connection between television and the horror genre, but it has gotten much stronger recently. This is the golden age of horror distribution, as there are more networks and streaming providers than ever before.

This opens the door to new horror series that were unthinkable just a few years ago, and it’s great to watch genre shows and independent filmmakers take over more and more of the medium.

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1. Ash vs Evil Dead

If you are a fan of the original Evil Dead trilogy but have not yet watched Ash vs. Evil Dead, what have you been doing with your leisure time? The events of this film take place 30 years after the Deadites were vanquished in the Army of Darkness.

The demon curse that was placed on the world by the Necronomicon has returned, and it is up to our skeezy hero Ash Williams (still played by Bruce Campbell) to destroy the possessed.

The revived series on Starz, which is now in its third and final season and was directed by Sam Raimi, maintains the same dark comedy and over-the-top gore that viewers have become accustomed to seeing in the original series.

2. Creepshow

Creepshow, Shudder’s first original series, has recently made the jump from the big screen to the small screen and has quickly established itself as the pinnacle of the network’s horror anthology offerings. The second and third seasons of Creepshow were released in 2021, and they contain some of the show’s best stuff to date.

As a result of its high level of coherence and dedication to the genre, it’s fair to say that it’s the best anthology horror show currently airing on television. Critics have given Creepshow an A+ for its amazing practical effects and classic B-movie/pulp style.

This series’ second and third seasons get more and more reflective, which should please die-hard horror lovers. Just like a Robert Zemeckis film, Night of the Living Late Show inserts Justin Long into the public domain horror classic, Horror Express. “Skeletons in the Closet” is Night at the Museum, but with horror props from some of the best-known franchises in the business.

A Dead Girl Named Sue” is a wonderful parody of mob mentality and toxic masculinity, set in the world of Night of the Living Dead. There is a lock on the Necronomicon’s cover in “Public Television of the Dead,” and the film serves as an in-canon companion piece to Raimi’s Evil Dead films, even if it’s a fake piece of public broadcasting.

3. Bates Motel

Are you curious about the activities that Norman Bates participated in before his spiral into madness in the film Psycho, directed by Alfred Hitchcock? In this riveting television series, it is demonstrated beyond a reasonable doubt that he existed as a juvenile psychopath who struggled significantly with serious mommy issues.

Throughout all five seasons of this series, there is never a dull moment when it comes to Norman (Freddie Highmore) and his demented mother, who is played by Vera Farmiga in a very unsettling manner.

Because of this, it is a horrifying experience to watch him become a legendary murderer in his own right, although you would wish for him to remain an outcast and lonely pariah.

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4. Slasher: Flesh & Blood

This is the fourth and bloodiest season of Slasher, which has appeared on three different networks. For every new season of Slasher, there is always a terrible masked killer at its heart.

Flesh & Blood, the first episode of Season 4, has a hook that evokes Survivor and Succession, but with far more dire implications. When a family fortune goes up in smoke, the straightforward process of determining who will receive it turns into a murderous rampage.

Even seasoned fans of the slasher genre will be shocked by the level of gore and bloodshed in this season’s Flesh & Blood. Some murders go all out, such as acid being injected into someone’s veins, a piano wire decapitation, and an incredi imaginative use of molten metal, which are all examples of terrible crimes.

For flesh & Blood to succeed, it needs to be treated with a grain of salt and an audience present to cheer at each of its spectacular, improbable deaths.

5. Brand New Cherry Flavor

Be aware that this miniseries adaptation of Todd Grimson’s novel by Nick Antosca (Channel Zero) is brilliantly designed, set in neon-lit Los Angeles in the 1990s when grunge chic was in style; nonetheless, it takes Cronenbergian horror to the limits. Nick Antosca is in charge of directing it (Channel Zero).

Be aware that there are multiple scenes in which people are seen throwing up live kittens; if you have a soft spot for feline companions, this may be upsetting to you. Lisa Nova (Rosa Salazar), the show’s protagonist, has those cats shoved down her throat as a result of the wrongdoings of producer Eric Lange, who has promised to expand her short film into a full-length feature film.

She seeks out a witch, played by Catherine Keener, in the hopes that she might exact her revenge on him through the use of a curse. It is a story of vengeance that is filled with dark magic, and it is a diamond that is overlooked due to its weirdness.

6. Hellbound

Hellbound, a terrifying South Korean horror series, made its premiere on Netflix at the perfect time this year. Hellbound paints a picture of a civilization that is in absolute chaos and completely helpless in the face of the wrath of God rather than concentrating on the progression of a disease.

The six-part series directed by Yeon Sang-ho analyses a set of edicts that condemn certain unclean humans to eternal suffering in Hell. It is one of the most riveting and terrifying series to come out of South Korea in a long time and is considered to be one of the best in recent memory.

Hellbound is successful in grabbing the audience’s attention thanks to the horrific attack sequences that occur throughout the film and the desperate tactics that people take to try to make sense of the catastrophes they are experiencing.

Hellbound is a standout of the year that is as likely to encourage thought in the viewer as it is to frighten, with its shifting views, clear ideas, and great visual effects. It’s like a cross between Drag Me to Hell and The Ring, and it won’t disappoint. ‘

7. Castle Rock

The Stephen King fanatics will enjoy this Hulu original. In homage to the imaginary Maine town of Castle Rock, where most of his work takes place, this series brings together some of his best-known characters for a new set of horror tales.

Henry Deaver (Andre Holland) returns to Shawshank State Penitentiary in the first chapter of the anthology when a mysterious figure called “The Kid” (Bill Skarsgard) Skarsgard in a cage and requests to see him.

To begin with, the story has the sense of a psychological suspense thriller but quickly turns into something else as these two unwittingly expose horrific facts about their city.

The backstory of Annie Wilkes, the Misery Nurse from Hell, is explored in greater depth in Season 2. (played by a stand-out Lizzy Caplan). Keep an eye out for one of the many creative Kingian Easter eggs that make Castle Rock so terrifying, but be sure not to stay under the covers for too long.

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8. Chucky

The “Child’s Play” franchise is doing better and better with each new installment Chucky, the notorious killer doll, has been a mainstay of the horror genre for many years, his most successful appearances have been on television.

It is a difficult task to make a film that is approachable for first-time viewers while also maintaining great continuity with a film series, but Chucky succeeds in doing so. In the realm of horror, there aren’t many movies that can rival Chucky’s viciousness, but this most recent outing showcases the killer doll at his most vicious.

The Chucky television series is more than just a show about a killer doll due to the passion of Don Mancini, the show’s creator, as well as Channel Zero’s Nick Antosca, Harley Peyton, and other people involved in the production.

Despite the thoughts will be adored without reservation by lovers of a more olderlation, it is also without a doubt the best horror series available to young adults. This is one of the few instances in which the final episode of a season features Chucky narrating a supercut of himself counting the number of people he has killed so that the viewers don’t have to. With any luck, Chucky will have many more seasons to add to his already impressive body count in the future. The next year will see the introduction of a second child.


Here are the best scariest tv series we have listed. As soon as we find something new we will notify you, until then stay up to date with us…

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