The Best Horror Tv Series on Netflix 2022 Which Are Currently Streaming!


It is evident from the success of Squid Game that audiences appreciate watching television series that is beautifully produced. Throughout the past few years, one of the most common places for people to watch terrifying serials has been Netflix.

Netflix offers a wide variety of content that caters to fans of the spookiest of genres, including comedy that subvert the horror genre, animated horror films, and everything in between.

Because finding time to watch a movie these days is difficult, we’ve compiled a list of the top Netflix Horror Series now on the streaming service. Apart from rewatching all eleventy-thousand hours of The Walking Dead, there are programs from South Korea and Brazil.

There are plenty of foreign zombie ventures and mythical beasts to be found in Netflix’s frightening TV repertoire. Who doesn’t enjoy a good scare, regardless of language?

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The top of the list will be updated every month with new entries. In the meantime, check out our list of the greatest horror films ever made.

1. Wednesday

On Wednesday, the premiere date for a brand-new television show that combines horror and comedy was revealed. The character in this movie was modeled after Wednesday Addams, who appeared in the television show “The Addams Family.”

best horror tv series on Netflix 2022

The start date of the project was set for September 21st, 2021, and it had been publicized for quite some time.

The lives of a high school student who strives to keep her psychic abilities under control while also murdering the residents of her little hamlet will be the focus of Wednesday, a web series that will consist of eight episodes and follow the life of a character named Wednesday.

Wednesday’s family has been hunting for the solutions to a mystery for the past 25 years, and it is something that has troubled them ever since it first appeared.

2. iZombie

The narrative of zombie stories is shaken up interestingly by the CW show iZombie. Rose McIver plays the role of a recently retrained coroner’s assistant in Seattle who is portrayed as having the goal of bringing criminals to justice by swallowing the brains of victims and reusing their memories.

best horror tv series on Netflix 2022

McIver’s trusted advisor is none other than the fan-favorite thirst trap Rahul Kohli, who plays the zombie professional as he consumes brains to prevent himself from going insane. Even though it is not a horror show, the show has survived for a total of five seasons to support a worthy cause.

If you are seeking a less terrifying and more manageable horror binge on Netflix than some of the more dreadful or horrible options available on Netflix, this procedural may become your next obsession.

3. Cabinet of Curiosities

Just a few hours ago, the first teaser for the Cabinet of Curiosities movie was uploaded to the internet, and it looks really terrifying. Those who enjoy scary movies will be enthralled by not just the show’s score, but also its director and concept.

Mandy (The Empty Man), Splice (The Babadook), The Vigil (Twilight), and A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night are just some of the directors that have helmed individual episodes of this anthology series (A Girl Walks Home at Night).

Cabinet of Curiosities will feature cameos from some well-known actors, including Andrew Lincoln, Ben Barnes, Charlyne Yi, and Crispin Glover. Guillermo del Toro is the one responsible for creating the show.

4. Wynonna Earp

Melanie Scrofano gives the performance of Wynonna Earp, a descendant of Wyatt Earp who fights revenants in the Canadian Rockies. Wynonna Earp is portrayed by Scrofano. She has taken on the role of protector of Purgatory to protect it from the resurrected criminals that Wyatt killed in the past.

best horror tv series on Netflix 2022

Wynonna fights against a curse that was passed down to her from her ancestors in this upbeat science fiction western starring an immortal version of Doc Holliday played by Tim Rozon.

Scrofano takes on more of her quick-draw heroine persona with each adversary that she vanquishes. This is one of the more interesting depictions of younger generations taking on the responsibilities of their forebears.

5. The Midnight Club

Mike Flanagan is an established name in the horror film industry, and he recently debuted a new program on Netflix. The Midnight Club is based on the novel The Midnight Club by Christopher Pike, which also shares the same name. Even though the first teaser doesn’t provide a lot of information about the story, it appears to be a film that horror fans will enjoy seeing.

best horror tv series on Netflix 2022

The storyline of the show thus far states that a group of young people get together in a house to tell each other terrifying stories. After having a conversation with a demon, the group, on the other hand, finds itself in a difficult situation.

6. Sweet Home

If you are willing to forgive the game’s haphazard nature, Sweet Home features a crazy Korean monster series that is worth an excursion. When the zombie apocalypse takes place, our main character, who has just moved into the Green Home complex, is already feeling miserable.

The majority of the terrifying foes in this terrifying video game are represented by undead beings with names like “Zombie” and “Vampire,” as well as others with names like “Glutton” and “Vampire.”

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Residents of Green Home defend the community from angry, snarling threats coming from the outside while conflicting internal moral compass readings begin to wreak havoc on the community. This novel approach to a horror survival situation is sure to be a lot of fun, especially if you enjoy it when supernatural beasts suddenly materialize to fit the context of a given scene.

7. School Tales

The new Thai horror series School Tales on Netflix was inspired by a comic book series with the same name that was quite successful. As was the case with the Cabinet of Curiosities, each episode of the eight-part series School Tales was directed by a different filmmaking team. However, the setting of each story will take place in a school in some way.

best horror tv series on Netflix 2022

The first three episodes of the show are titled, respectively, A Walk in School, Vengeful Spell, and Lunch. There are quite a few people involved in the production, including Panisara Rikulsurakan, Jennis Oprasert, Kay Lertsittichai, and Nutchapan Paramacharoenroj.

8. Reality Z

The film Dead Set: Reality Z, a remake that was made in Brazil, was released. Olympus, a program that is very similar to Big Brother, will now take its place. It’s much the same concept, but this time it takes place in Rio de Janeiro, where a zombie virus is rapidly spreading outside of a realistic set castle.

best horror tv series on Netflix 2022

My preference goes to Dead Set over Olympus, even though Olympus features some amazing Greek costumes and concepts. If you like the band Dead Set, you should check out Reality Z.

 9. Resident Evil

This year will see the premiere of a brand new television series based on the popular survival horror video game series Resident Evil. The only people who should even consider watching this show are those who aren’t bothered by a significant amount of violence and gore.

The first episode of the series is titled “Welcome to New Racoon City,” and the total number of episodes in the series is eight. After the T-virus pandemic, the shadowy dealings of the Umbrella organization are brought into the light, thirty years after its initial discovery. In the planned television series, the lead characters will be played by Ella Balinska, Tetiana Gaidar, and Lance Reddick, respectively.

10. The Walking Dead

My love-hate relationship with the show The Walking Dead came to an end when it reached Season 7. Although there were a lot of cliffhangers and easy ways for characters to die, which sacrificed depth for shock effect, it is impossible to deny the show’s enormous popularity.

best horror tv series on Netflix 2022

Fans who can exercise more patience than I can rejoin the fact that all ten seasons of the highest-rated program on AMC are now available to stream on Netflix. Reading the Walking Dead comics will provide you with the most immersive experience possible with the show.

You can also choose to rewatch the full series in one sitting if you are interested in the spin-offs of the show as well as the planned feature films based on the show. Who am I to argue that there is no demand for additional Rick and Daryl goods on the market when top CEOs are swimming in pools full of cash?

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11. Black Summer

Black Summer, a prequel to Z Nation that is currently streaming on Netflix, has proven to be an unexpected success and will come back for a second season in June of 2021. The Asylum, a company that has worked closely with Syfy for a long time, is the brains behind the series, which follows a special forces team as they fight an ongoing zombie outbreak.

best horror tv series on Netflix 2022

Jaime King plays a woman who is looking for her missing child in this reimagining of The Walking Dead’s central idea, which is that human beings are more terrifying than zombies. Even though you are aware of what to anticipate, it nonetheless manages to take you by surprise by being yet another zombie procedural that does not always require zombies to represent horror.


Here are the best horror tv series on Netflix 2022. As soon as we find something new we will let you know until then stay up to date with us…

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